Stupid (good text)

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Ran Ranchu's heart: There are always some words that touch the soul, and there are always some love words, beautiful to suffocation, and there is alwa

Ran Ranchu's heart: There are always some words that touch the soul, there are always some love words, beautiful to suffocation, there is always a heart sentence that makes you unconsciously cry . Beautiful text, beautiful music, carefully presented for you here!

Stupid (good text)

Stupid (good text)

Stupid, is a kind of character,

is also a kind of kindness.

Stupid, is not a low IQ,

but choose not to care.

Stupid (good text)

Stupid, not cowardly,

But people are open-minded.

Stupid, is not dull and stupid,

but smart choice.

Stupid (good text)

, Take shortcuts,

Stupid, is to be a person without tricks.

Stupid, is the wise point of life.

Stupid, is the wisdom of life.

Stupid (good text)


Do things down-to-earth and don’t be clever.

I won’t be scammed or slippery, I won’t be tricked by sweet words,

I know that there are a lot of people who work hard,

Understand that being down to earth is the most stable.

Stupid (good text)


Be kind to others, don’t take advantage.

Don’t worry about other people’s things,

Other people’s interests don’t count.

No harm,

Be tolerant and kind to others.

Stupid (good text)


Simple life, don’t care about gains and losses.

No comparison, no jealousy,

Satisfaction with yourselfLife, cherish everything around me,

If you get, you will treat with your heart,

If you lose, you will quickly let go.

Stupid (good text)


Straight-hearted, without rhetoric.

There is no talkative mouth,

There is no heart to act on the spot.

Don’t change what you recognize,

Don’t flatter people who hate it.

Stupid (good text)

Be stupid,

In order to have peace with friends,

In order to work in harmony with colleagues ,

To be happy with your family.

Stupid (good text)

Be stupid,

Only the big things can be turned into small things, and the small things can be all right,

Only can we forget the troubles and remember the happy things,


Only by eliminating grievances and thinking about happiness.

Stupid (good text)

Being a man,

Too smart, but to be mistaken by cleverness p>

Being stupid is good fortune.

It can reduce contradictions and stay away from disasters.

In this real society,

There are shrewd people everywhere, the more shrewd, the more tired you are.

Be stupid, so what!