“For friends in Moments like this, I really don“t want to like your WeChat“

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There are always people who want to "like", which also shows a person's character. Friends can trouble their friends for a while, but if they always t

“For friends in Moments like this, I really don“t want to like your WeChat“

Like is a happy thing, click Likes are also sent from the heart, but there are several kinds of friends. I don't want to like them on WeChat, because the things they post are boring and even offensive.

The first is those who often send me a private message, saying that a friend’s store is open and help me like it. Many people don’t contact you once a year, Or never take the initiative to contact me, but always let me like her friends, we don't know each other, not like it may be regarded as not meaningful, like it, but it is a like without soul.

I won’t lose my mind. I don’t even want to see what shop her friend has opened. If she is a very good friend, she must help. How can it be justified if you don’t help, but I think this Likes are too boring, what does this mean, and what does this represent? There are so many "likes" every day, and it affects my life.

Like should come from the heart. Asking friends to like it should also be taken seriously. Some people don’t contact for a few years. In turn, you will let you give him favor. It’s a good thing to have more friends. There is nothing wrong with friends helping friends, but this is not only a small compliment, it is also a proof of affection.

“For friends in Moments like this, I really don“t want to like your WeChat“

Some people say, "Anyone who likes me is a friend", but this really doesn’t prove anything, maybe someone I don’t play WeChat very much. Maybe people think it’s meaningless. Likes are mutual, not just asking. There are always people who want to “like”. This also shows a person’s personality. Friends are okay if they bother them. If you trouble others to continue your friendship, your friends will be tired.

Others always like to ask their friends to order something for her childYes, I still don’t understand, is this really good for the child? Some children have a thousand or eight hundred likes, but they are all manifestations of vanity. The child's heart should be pure, and the likes of friends should be sincere.

Some people don’t even know what their children have done, and they just give a thumbs up. Some people don’t have too many friends, and the children’s thumbs are a little less. Maybe the children will be very disappointed.

In addition to giving likes to my own children, I also have to give likes to my relatives and friends. It’s not interesting enough if I don’t like them, but sometimes I really don’t like to like them when I’m busy. I don’t even know what the child’s name is, and I don’t know whether her art performance is amazing or not, but my relatives reminded me of a friend and I had to give a soulless compliment.

“For friends in Moments like this, I really don“t want to like your WeChat“

Sometimes I feel that a period of mood is really good, and it has some effect on my life, so I can’t help but like it. Sometimes I see a friend sent a photo of a trip. The sky is wide, the clouds are light and the wind is light, and the backhand is just a like.

Most of us will not be stingy with such a like. A simple effort also represents a sense of love and a heart, but there are many boring requests. Now, why do I feel that those likes are so boring, it makes my life boring.

"Like" itself is something to appreciateA kind of sincere compliment, there are so many new things at the end of the day, how can there be so many surprises that make people stunned, and there are too many praises, but they occupy the truly beautiful space and deprive the essence of real life.

There is another kind of people who send dozens of WeChat messages a day, especially afraid that their friends will not see them. He opens WeChat and she opens WeChat. They have a busy day, but they are actually like this. WeChat has already caused visual fatigue to friends. The beautiful girl is not beautiful, and the delicious food is not greedy, and even a little offensive. What do they want to do?

Some friends post a circle of friends and get a lot of likes, some friends send WeChat every day, but very few likes, sincere and beautiful things will naturally get likes, but it is boring and insistent It’s inevitable that dozens of posts a day are getting more and more disgusting. I really don’t want to give you likes on WeChat like this...