“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure

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It means: in the face of other people's denials, the crit of life, the most important thing to do is to forget it. I know that being a human being is

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“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure

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About ten years ago, I learned about the concept of "insensitivity" and used it as a panacea for relief from injury. It means: facing the negation of others, the crit of life, the most What should be done is-forget it. Too sensitive, it will only waste time.

I know myself, I am a manBeing in the world is my shortcoming. Therefore, in front of strangers, my rule is to not speak, not to speak. In extreme silence, I am always afraid of saying something wrong and making people annoying.

“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure

It is easy to change the nature It’s difficult to change the withdrawn personality that I have developed since childhood. But I also know that I should be more easy-going in dealing with people, so I always suppress myself unconsciously, to cater to others, just to make the communication more pleasant. This is a bit like a pleasing type Personality. But blindly catering to others and losing myself has made me understand that flattering may not be treated with kindness. If not flattened, it may be respected. Although, I often think about being myself and living out of myself, but my personality is still unavoidable. discussGood others.

In the eyes of others, I have a good temper. In the eyes of students, I am very gentle. In the eyes of my husband, I have no idea. The me in their eyes is the real me. It is what I hope to be flat in such a struggle: because I follow people, others will not give me wrongs.

However, things are often unexpected. At the age of thirty-five, I was still deeply hurt.

“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure

People are confused Time, but, this should not be the reason for being attacked. People are different from people, but this should not be an excuse for being attacked.

Adults, being attacked, there is a little bit of humiliation in it. Right.

After the incident, I wanted to explain immediately, but I changed my mind and explained what would change. There are wicked people who complain first, so I don’t explain, and I never have to explain.

Because of this interpersonal problem, I shed a lot of tears. I am sad that I have not been able to protect myself and I have fallen into an awkward situation.

I often wonder why I became the target of the attack?

“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure

Of course I am not simple Believing Wei Yingluo's approach in "Strategy of Yanxi Palace", she said: "I, Wei Yingluo, is naturally tempered and difficult to provoke. If anyone chirps, I have a way to deal with her. "IThere are also friendly people around. They are kind to others and live very well. No one dares to abuse mentally.

Although insensitivity is good, but I can't just believe in it. Because it is only for the temporary comfort of the heart, but it is useless.

No matter how good the insensitivity is, it does not mean weakness or lack of memory. At least in the face of intentional harm, it does not work.

“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure

When facing blindly Forbearance and retreat, the damage will only get worse. If you stop it at the beginning, it won’t get worse!

I don’t hurt others, but no one can hurt me on purpose. Isn’t this justified?


—— The End ——

Qiu Shui middle school language teacher.

“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure“Sentiment“ Qiushui丨The insensitive power of failure

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