Character is always greater than ability

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A person can be poor, but he can't do nothing all day long, and he can't be aggressive. A person can look ordinary, but he can't be evil. A person's e

A person can be poor, but he can't do nothing all day long, and he can't be aggressive. A person's eternal wealth is not gold and silver mountains, but a person's character. A person's best capital is not ability, but character.

Being a man, the most admirable success is not about high power, not how strong you are. It is a good character, loved and respected by others. There is no gossip, no comments, humility, not high-profile, frank and open, no handle to let others stare.

What is ability? Ability is a technique, and it is also a person's innate or acquired ability. It can only show that the person has strength, but it does not mean that the character is necessarily good. There is no inevitable relationship between character and ability. No matter how strong the ability is, a bad character is just a mediocre person. Such a person is still spurned.

Character is always greater than ability

Ability can help you complete your work smoothly, and character can help you gain popularity. Ability is a job, but character is better than gold. As the saying goes, "You can win the world". People with good character are welcome even if they have insufficient ability. In case of trouble, there are people to help, and some people can help them when they fall.

A person’s success is not measured by ability, but by character as a standard. A person with good character is generous and tolerant. Everyone likes to get along with him and will not lieWords are true and trustworthy. You have noble people to help you in everything, and you are convinced in everything you say.

Abilities can be gradually improved by their own efforts, and the accumulation of character takes many years, many years, or even a lifetime. Ability cannot get you praise, but character can help you in exchange for respect. No matter what environment you are in, no matter where you are, no matter what you encounter. As long as the character is good, things can be solved easily.

Character is always greater than ability

What is good character? The real good character is to be one's own duty, not to be deceived, not to opportunistic, to be down-to-earth, and not to play tricks. Simple and honest, don't hurt people. Be upright, don't deceive people, don't lose conscience, or betray relatives and friends for profit.

Personality is always greater than ability, and personality is always the first. With good character, success is well-deserved! Being a good person in your life is the strongest ability. The better the character, the more blessings you will get.

Character is always greater than ability