I heard that these will be the 20 most popular sentences in today’s headlines

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1. I wish you love to the Civil Affairs Bureau, to the obstetrics and gynecology department, to the milk powder shop, and to the nursing home for a lo

I don’t know what I like when I first listen to it.

  • 1. I wish you all the love to the Civil Affairs Bureau, the obstetrics and gynecology department, the milk powder shop, and the nursing home for a long time.

2. Everyone says that my temperament is very slow. In fact, I can also be fast. For example, a dog is chasing me behind, or you are waiting for me in front.

3. Later, I don’t know who I’ll talk to.

4. Like a person like a fire, burning heart and lungs. You are the pain, the heat I long for, and the one I fear.

5. The best state of a person is that his eyes are full of stories, but there is no wind and frost on his face.

6. I want to be your little sun, either to warm you or to kill you.

7. Drinking lonely wine and blowing lonely wind, waiting for someone who has no return date.

8. Many things are as gorgeous as fireworks, but fleeting.

9. You are my obsession, only I know it.

10. You see that the days are high and the waters are long, but whoever and who has a long day.

11. I remember that I used to talk to you very late and very late, and now we don’t talk anymore, I still stay up late. But I think it's better to go to bed earlier today.

12. I have never owned you for a moment, but I feel that I have lost you millions of times.

13. You only lived once, so why should I say that the life I chose was wrong?

14. The shelf life of the canned yellow peaches is 15 months. The coke should be drunk 24 hours after opening, and the hickey will disappear in about a week. Two people have spent three months togetherIt seems that everything has a deadline. It's so boring, I still like everything that has no rules to follow. For example, when I lay on a tree and watch the stars, you suddenly fell and hit me in my arms.

15. Is Meng Po soup divided into six mouths, one mouth is born sweet, two rebellious and spicy, three cherish the acid, four mouths are blamed, and five mouths are physically and mentally numb, but the last mouth is white water, which fades the mouth Taste, forget the past, lost love and enmity, and relieved Chuan's eyebrows. "Love in a lifetime"

16. "The true feelings can't be suppressed."

"Don't talk about the humble secret love, the paradoxical ambiguity, the lover is not satisfied with the words. "

"If the mouth is blocked, the eyes will leak, and the eyes will leak when the heartbeat is closed. The heartbeat will hide the small movements and the horse's feet will be exposed." "Can't help it.

"This kind of Things are too hard to resist.

"The ones that can't be expressed are not happy enoughHuan is not loving enough. ”

17. If the grades are not good, I can work hard, study questions and attend classes to improve my grades; if the physical education is not good, I can run and squat to exercise; if I don’t look good, I can delve into dressing and matching Make-up and retouch the picture, and even move a knife. Almost everything, I can achieve a better result through my own efforts. But you don't like me. This is the only thing that I don’t even have the qualification to work hard.

18. "What is loneliness?" "Cool breeze, bright sun, no smile. "

"Can you be specific?" "

"Can you be more specific?" "No you. "

"What is no medicine?" "Elixir, magic medicine, no emergency." "

"Can you be specific?" "Hua Tuo, Zhong Jing, shook his head and said nothing." "

"Can you be more specific?" "Thinking about your illness."

19.When the wind comes, it is better to chase the wind. There is always someone who comes to you in a season with the right scenery and understands you all.

20. A person who smokes can never smell his own body. Just like a loved one, he never knows how hard it is for a person who loves you. I heard that these will be the 20 most popular sentences in today’s headlines