It’s better to let the dog go first instead of competing with a dog.

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Struggling with fame and fortune, desire will expand; struggling with fate will add to the burden; struggling with family members will inevitably be a

A broad heart is a cure for everything. When you encounter an annoying thing, just laugh it off; when you meet a garbage man, treat it aloof. If you care about everything and quarrel, there will be no happiness in life.

The greatest cultivation in life is tolerance, and the top wisdom is not to quarrel or to show off.

It’s better to let the dog go first instead of competing with a dog.

Don’t fight, it’s the unique wisdom of middle-aged people

In a short life, what is worth fighting for?

Competing with fame and fortune, desire will expand;

Competing with fate, Add to the burden;

Competing with your loved ones will inevitably be alienated, and the gain will not be worth the loss;

Competing with your lover can only make life more trivial and less peaceful;

Competing with friends can only make the feelings become weaker and weaker.

What is fighting is reason, what is losing is love, and the one who is injured is still himself.

Yang Jiang said: "A person is like this for a lifetime. I don't fight with anyone, and I don't bother with anyone."

No one can estimate how long the rest of my life is. It’s not bad to live in the moment and look at the losses and gains of life indifferently.

In the Kangxi period, a letter from Zhang Ying, a scholar, made a beautiful talk in Liuchixiang

"Why do you want him three feet to repair books for a thousand miles? The Great Wall is still here today. , Did not see the Qin Shihuang back then." Each letting three feet, there is today's Liuchixiang; each step back, there will be a bright sea and sky.

It’s better to let the dog go first instead of competing with a dog.

It’s not noisy, it’s the quietness of the heart

There are two strokes of herringbone: one stroke of persistence, and one stroke to let go.

A person with a heart as wide as the sea can get all kinds of opportunities no matter what kind of storms he encounters. He maintains a heart that is not demanding or delusional.

One day, Foyin and Su Shi were tired of playing, they walked into a restaurant.

The guy in the shop "watches people order dishes" and is busy showing courtesy to the distinguished guests.The dusty Buddha seal and Su Shi are very cold.

After dinner, when Su Shi and the others left, Foyin paid the guy respectfully. Out of the restaurant, Su Shi said angrily: "This guy is really annoying."

Fu Yin also said: "He is a snob."

Su Shi was puzzled. Asked: "Then why do you treat him so respectfully?"

Fu Yin replied: "Why should I let him change my behavior?"

Like Lincoln said: "Rather than fighting with a dog, let the dog go first. If you get a bite by a dog, even if you kill the dog, you won't be able to heal your wound."

So, instead of arguing and arguing about everything, it is better to "he is strong, he is strong, and the breeze is blowing the mountains; he is horizontal, and the moon shines on the river". The unpleasant things that pass the ears but not the heart are the attitude that a wise man should have.

Recognize thisAt one point, people can live easily and happily without being dragged down by the environment.

It’s better to let the dog go first instead of competing with a dog.

Don’t show off, love yourself more than anyone else

There is a saying, "Happiness is not in the eyes of others, but in your own heart. "

There is no standard answer to happiness, and there is more than one road to happiness. As long as we have time, we have unlimited possibilities to make ourselves happy. So instead of showing off, it's better to make yourself better.

Don’t show off, it’s your own recognition of yourselfAvailable and loved. The more a person lacks, the more he shows off.

At a certain age, we will understand that the most beautiful scenery in life is nothing but the smoke and fire.

When people reach middle age, there are only a handful of life, kindness to life, kindness to others, kindness to oneself, kindness to everything around him, being quiet and not chaotic, being quiet and not fighting, is also a kind of rare wisdom.