Life is a kind of practice, the real master in the world is practice everywhere

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All kinds of illusions are created around us, and we are unable to extricate ourselves from them. There are two main illusions: First: your envy of ot


​Life is a practice.

In order for us to practice, God creates various illusions around us, and makes us fall into it. There are two main illusions:

First: Your envy of others, always look forward to their lives.

Second: Compliments from others to you always live in the eyes of others.

Life is a kind of practice, the real master in the world is practice everywhere

Most people spend their entire lives in the practice, so they can only feel it at the moment of death.Wake up and find that I have lived my entire life in admiration of others, and I have been expecting others to compliment myself all my life, but I have never lived my true self.

They only find that the true meaning of life is to live well every moment when they are dying, and every day that they never dance is a betrayal of life, but At this time their lives have also ended.

The world is like a huge cage, and life is like a huge chain. We are like the criminals in it. Everyone seems to be born free, but the chain is nowhere Not here.

No one’s life is not bitter, no matter the rich or the poor, the power or the powerless, you can see and can’t see groundFang, every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite, and everyone has unspeakable suffering, but everyone is at a different stage and in a different way.

Life is a kind of practice, the real master in the world is practice everywhere

Many people think that as long as they succeed, they will be able to break away from the entire huge shackles, but in fact, the so-called success is just another kind of practice Try another kind of suffering: before you succeed, you suffer from the torture of trivial life, and after success you suffer from the torture of loneliness.

Life is alive, the only The way to be liberated is to treat life as a kind of practice, to understand that everything we experience (good or bad) and everyone we meet (good or bad) is here to save us and we experience Every surprise, every pain we suffer is what makes us realize. Good or bad, pain or happiness, are just references for our practice.

Seeing through the price of success is a coup to keep success; discovering the meaning of suffering is the only way to face it.


True spiritual practice does not require hiding in the mountains and forests, nor in temples. If you can really see through life, you can see it the moment you close your eyes. See the Pure Land.

Therefore, the best practice site is the Hongchen Secular World, and the best way to practice is to practice your mind in the Hongchen. A common thing, every layman, as a tool for your practice.

When you encounter difficultiesWhen you encounter a surprise, you have to deal with it calmly. When you encounter a surprise, you can handle it calmly, sharpen yourself with suffering, and forge yourself with temptation. This is: Red dust refines your heart.

Practice, right now!

Life is a kind of practice, the real master in the world is practice everywhere

Practice It is not an escape from real problems. On the contrary, every real problem is the best entrance to your practice and your dojo:

If you Entrepreneurship is difficult and dangerous. Entrepreneurship is your dojo;

If there is a gap between your lovers, husband and wife relationship is your dojo;

If your child has communication problems, education isYour dojo;

If your body has a problem, life and death is your dojo.

Every trouble is a dojo, every emotion is a dojo, and every fear is a dojo.

For example: Many people can handle all kinds of work relationships well, that is, they can’t handle the relationship between husband and wife. Every time they talk to their lover, they will quarrel without a few words. .

If from now on, when you want to get angry, you can think about the problem from the other side’s perspective, understand the difficulty of the other side, and then communicate calmly. If you can have 10 such experiences, youYou will find that the relationship between husband and wife will be much more harmonious, and you don't have to keep yourself emotionally excited.

Life is a kind of practice, the real master in the world is practice everywhere

More importantly, you will become more tolerant over time, because you have seen the suffering of others, learned to look at problems from the perspective of others, and learn to This is practice.

This method is not only applicable to husbands and wives, but also widely applicable to relationships between colleagues, father and son, and so on.

The dojo of practice is in every painful place in your life, every time you want to be impulsive, every time you are impatient.

Don't try to skip the various problems of reality, talk about spiritual practice and all kinds of nobility, it must be empty talk. Work issues, marriage issues, education issues, life and death issues, wherever there is a problem, it is our dojo.

3 The present is practice, and closing the eyes is the pure land.

When we can face the gains and losses, we can feel free from others;

Until we can face life and death, we can have a spirit of seeing death as home, and we will realize it.

The purpose of practice is not to be isolated from the world and go away, but for a kind of freedom in life. , Because you will have the ability to see through things, be able to take a look at the world and the human heart, see through the human heart at a glance, and reach the essence of things, so you will see the most real world.

Life is a kind of practice, the real master in the world is practice everywhere

Everything is in front of you, as if watching the fire, you can always put the worldly world out of it This is a kind of ability cultivated.

This ability is called "Tao" by the Chinese, "Brahma" in Yoga, "Benevolence" in Confucianism, and "Buddha Nature" in Buddhism.

Once you have this ability, you can melt everything and live in harmony with everything, without increasingUnabated.

Once you have this ability, you will have a kind of creativity, which can start from nothing, from 0 to 1.

Before possessing this ability, it was "I am alive", after possessing this ability, it was "I watched I am alive";

It was like playing a game, one day You suddenly realize that you are not the protagonist in the game at all, but the person playing the game.

This is the light of life, which can be self-illuminated or human.

Life is a kind of practice, the real master in the world is practice everywhere