Being alone is a woman“s best luxury

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The smarter a woman is, the more she understands that being alone is the best luxury for a woman. 01 My friend Xia Hua complained to me that since I g

The smarter a woman is, the more she understands that being alone is the best luxury for a woman.


My friend Xia Hua complained to me that since I got married and had children, my whole life seemed to be tied up with my husband and children.

I said this is not good, you are originally a family.

Xia Hua shook his head: "Every day I wish to live like a war. In the morning, I have to set up a family’s breakfast, wash the clothes, and put dinner in the rice cooker. Make an appointment here, send the child to the kindergarten, work non-stop during the day, and have dinner, children, and housework in the evening. From opening your eyes in the morning to closing your eyes at night, it seems that you are not busy working for yourself."

She looks tired, her eyes are blank, and she doesn't know where to look.

How many women are like summerLike Hua, willingly exhausted all his energy for the family. For 24 hours a day, except for 8 hours of sleep, how much time do you really allocate to yourself?

I told her, try to be alone for an hour, put aside family and work, have It’s completely your own time to do something you like to do, even if it’s only an hour, you can relax your tired spirit.

Some people say that in a lively life, learning to be alone is a kind of wisdom.

When a woman has a family, her life becomes lively. But often, the more lively, the more empty you feel, the more lively, the less you can find yourself.

Schopenhauer once said: "Only when a person is alone can he Be yourself completely."

The human spirit has a desire for "freedom". The more you grow up, the more this desire becomes. Being alone can best release this "freedom".

Women need to have that moment of leisure, staying alone, drinking tea, reading books, admiring flowers, Listen to the sound, in the time when no one is disturbed, slowly think and realize slowly, and become the real you, not just a mother, wife, employee, daughter, daughter-in-law...

Being alone is a woman“s best luxury


Many people think that when we are young, we are afraid of loneliness and darkness. When we are old, we are still afraid of loneliness and loneliness, as if this life , You have to have a partner to be at ease.

"Why do you eat alone?"

"Will no one accompany you to watch a movie alone?"

"It's embarrassing to go shopping alone!"


The argument like this is what women hear Always the most.

When in school, girls like to go to the bathroom together and become adults. Women like to meet friends for dinner, see a doctor, and go shopping.

If these activities are all one person every time, there will be people talking: this woman is not gregarious.

A female reader told me: "I like someone very much and I rarely go out Socially, I always find that some gatherings are really boring. I might as well read more books at home during that time. butPeople around me always think that I'm not good, and I seem too lonely and unsocial. "

I asked her, do you have a true friend?

She said, yes, there are 2 lifelong friends.

I said, that’s enough.

Being a woman doesn’t have to be gregarious. One or two friends in life will not be alone.

Some people, even if they call friends and acquaintances, make various invitations every day Constantly, faced with difficulties, but there was no one to help.

This kind of social spam is not as good as being alone.

Don’t go to dinners you don’t want to go, don’t approach people you don’t want to socialize, and don’t cling together if you don’t want to join in.

Even if someone says "not gregarious", it won’t hurt you a bit. Besides, the more gregarious a woman is, the more her uniqueness will be lost.

On the contrary, women who know how to be alone, seize all the time available to them to become stronger. Reading , Attending classes, learning...every time high-quality aloneness is the best spiritual gift for yourself.

There are so many things in life that are more important than being hypocritical about whether you are alone.

The more you experience, the more you will know that loneliness is the norm in life. Everyone Struggling with my loneliness.

But when you are no longer afraid of a person, you begin to face the division and integration of life calmly When we meet, get together and leave, and learn how to live a good life even alone, Loneliness will not be so difficult.

Being alone is the best luxury for women.

Being alone is a woman“s best luxury


I read a passage from the author Zhang Fangyu:

The more superior people prefer to be alone, because everything is clear. The more inferior, the more I want to mix with others, when everything becomes unclearNot sure, they have a chance to start.

Indeed, truly outstanding women don’t meet aimlessly, and they don’t want to be in groups And gregariousness does not spend all time on others, leaving no space for oneself.

Women who like being alone and know how to be alone , The more it can shine under the flow of time.

Because they clearly know that only when a woman knows herself clearly, her life will not fall into the embarrassment of manic depression over and over again.

And only when a woman is willing to set aside some time for herself, can she truly Understand how happiness in life can be achieved more easily.

I wish you the rest of your life, with the best luxury of being alone. Live clearly, no longer confused, no longer anxious, no longer sighing.