I’m a pig, this year happens to be my birth year

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Some memories are unforgettable in the bottom of my heart, like old wine, you can't smell its fragrance without opening the lid, but once it is poured

Some memories are unforgettable in my heart, like old wine, you can't smell its fragrance without opening the lid, but once it is poured out, it is so strong and long.

My zodiac sign is "pig", this year happens to be my birth year. Because of this, I don't know if I am out of Yaxing, or because of some other factors, I improvised the pen and wrote the word "pig" in different ways. Facing these different versions of the words, instantly opened the floodgates in my memory and plunged me into the memories of the past.

I’m a pig, this year happens to be my birth year

Frankly speaking, pig There is a special emotion in my heart. When I write this word, I will think of ZengOver time, I think of my elderly mother and the pigs in my hometown pigsty.

Remember that in the 1960s and 1970s, the family was very poor and depended only on planting crops to make ends meet. This was obviously not making ends meet. Thus, pig raising has become the main source of income for our family. Of course, this has naturally become one of my mother's top jobs.

The pigs in the pigpen are related to the expenses of our family and are the main source of tuition for our brothers and sisters. In addition, raising pigs is enough for us to have a good year. This is what we are most cheering about.

Because of this, parents dare not neglect every pig in the family and will do their best to feed it and feed it well. Although pigs are the best served, they are also the easiest livestock. However, in an age when people can’t eat enough, it’s really not easy to feed the pigs! Didn't hurt in the long nightThose who have cried are not qualified to talk about life. I think that people who have not cleaned pig manure in the pigpen will not experience the hardships of life under the heavy burden.

Every Sunday, my parents always urge our sisters and brothers to carry bamboo baskets to pick hogweed. Therefore, the purslane, wrong bastards, and thin leaves on the roadside have become our important goals. After the bamboo basket is filled, a wooden board is placed on the ground, and the hogweed is chopped and put in the pot, and cooked with water for washing the pot, dishwashing water, and a scoop of rice bran. After being cooked, pour it into the pig wooden trough, and the pig can enjoy it. If you add some more salt, those humming pigs will be more willing to eat...

I’m a pig, this year happens to be my birth year

Pig is springCome, raise in summer, grow in autumn, fat in winter, kill in twelfth lunar month, bacon is fragrant, eat for a year, raise a family, it is a dragon-like law of pig raising, leaving a beautiful memory that will never be forgotten. Over the years, whenever the evening came, I would think of my mother carrying pig food to feed the pigs in the pigpen. Nostalgic for the mother's figure in my memory, those passing times remind me a lot and miss a lot. Today, I feel that I have done too little for my family and my parents.

So with such experiences and emotions, how can these "pig" characters replace the true feelings when raising pigs? How can it be compared with the feelings between me and my parents? Therefore, if you think of some things, you must say them; if you think of some things, you must continue to do them. If you have love in your heart, you must say them quickly.

I’m a pig, this year happens to be my birth year

I am a pig, and I am also the most beloved child in my mother’s heart. The love of a mother cannot be clearly stated in a few words Yes, I just want to use this article to express my deep love for my mother and the feeling of guilt in my heart. I know that time has never failed us, we have failed that time. Mother’s love is like a spring night. The known drizzle, like the evening breeze passing through the forest at dusk, like every ray of sunshine in the morning, will accompany you every inch of your time at all times. In fact, maternal love is such a repeated betrayal and betrayed People, but never regret or regret.

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