Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

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For a long time, realistic military dramas have played an important role in the Chinese film and television drama market. It can be said that no matte

For a long time, reality-themed military dramas have played an important role in the Chinese film and television drama market. For example, "Outstanding Encirclement", "Soldiers Assault", and "I Am a Special Force" have set off a high popularity after the broadcast.

It can be said that no matter how the film and television drama market changes, contemporary military reality-themed film and television dramas have always maintained a unique style. Even in the case of IP dramas, fantasy dramas, etc., gaining high ratings and earning enough audience attention, contemporary military dramas still maintain a relatively stable audience group in the fiercely competitive film and television drama market through their unique connotation and artistic charm. .

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

The military theme has increased significantly, and the modern theme is mainly inspired by


Q1 Contemporary theme Quantity, the overall trend also fluctuates. In March, only 62 contemporary drama series appeared in the filing announcement, but the proportion showed a continuous increase, from 65.85% to 66.32%, and in March to 72.58%. This is also related to the fact that contemporary themes have always been the main field of drama creation. The decrease in the total number of

was mainly manifested in the decrease in the number of urban dramas and youth themes. The former dropped by 40.6% from the previous month, and the latter dropped by 50%. In contrast, there has been a substantial increase in military subjects and a steady rise in the subject matter involved. Military themes have shown a continuous growth posture since January. The increase from February to March reached 75%, while the subjects involved have steadily increased.

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

From the content point of view, these two types of themes mostly focus on the stories of "little people" and are more "down-to-earth". For example, the contemporary military theme "Strong Brigade" tells the growth process of two young men born in 1995, from problem soldiers to excellent soldiers.

And this situation is also consistent with the overall situation of the entire Q1. In the first quarter of 2019Q1, there are 162 archived contemporary themes, including 77 contemporary cities, 14 contemporary military, 22 contemporary rural areas, 14 contemporary youths, 11 contemporary cases, 8 contemporary science fiction, 16 contemporary others .

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

Why are military-themed works popular?

How to tell contemporary Chinese stories well, how to create a new hero image that demonstrates the spirit of the new era, has become a rule that the creators of contemporary military-themed film and television works should follow.

The images of soldiers, policemen, and heroes in the military theme, due to their strict discipline, superb skills and professional characteristics and brave, tenacious, hard-working tough guy qualities, fit the call of the times for heroes, and have become many creators The first choice for portraying the heroic image of the new era.

The new hero image in contemporary military film and television works not only breaks through the "highly complete" hero image that red classic art is good at, but also avoids the scorn that is often given to some false anti-Japanese drama hero images. , Bandit or liuqi, its personality is fuller, emotions are more abundant, and humanity is explored more deeply, so it can arouse the resonance and recognition of the audience.

Nowadays, high-tech, large-scale production of heavy industry film and television works are more and more popular with audiences, and high-tech aesthetics has become a new aesthetic trend. Military-themed film and television dramas involve contemporary information-based combat methods and various high-tech weapons and equipment, making them the best stage to show high-tech aesthetics.

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

For example, "Sirius of the Anti-Terrorist Special Forces" is a fusion of high-tech, virtual world and real world. The high-tech counter-terrorism military works of the show. The play uses high-tech counter-terrorism as the entry point, integrating high-tech, virtual world and real world. It not only involves networks and computers, but alsoThe introduction of VR technology and making it an important element is quite interesting.

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

In the new era, how to seek new and change the military theme?

The current military-themed film and television works have new highlights in terms of subject selection, creative techniques and character creation. For example, the meticulous display of anti-drug work in the play "Icebreaker" made the audience realize for the first time that the anti-drug police had to face so many dangers and difficulties in their work, which has profound educational significance.

For example, the work of anti-narcotics police is becoming more and more difficult and difficult. They not only have to face drug dealers with lethal weapons, but also be careful of their retaliation against the anti-narcotics officers themselves and their family and friends. Zhongdu has been reflected in the extremely high degree of reduction.

"Sirius of the Anti-Terrorist Special Forces" depicts the growth of a sentimental, passionate, and passionate young hero character, expressing the in-depth pursuit of human nature. The play focuses on how the protagonist Qin Xiaoyang has grown into The Sirius special team captain, how to grow into a qualified soldier with national interests supreme and responsibilities above all else in the melting pot of troops, the character's personality changes continuously with the advancement of the narrative, creating a full and three-dimensional role image.

The interpretation of "heroes" in these works breaks the previous narrative mode of "non-eating fireworks", making the image of "heroes" vivid, real and tangible. As the narrators of "military stories", the creators of military dramas, while staying close to life and catering to the public's aesthetics, can further increase the thickness of their works if they can further arouse the audience's thinking and respond to the issues that are widely concerned in real life. And connotation.

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

First of all, pay attention to the ordinary life of ordinary soldiers. The military camp is composed of ordinary soldiers one after another, who guard the safety of the country and the people. Their lives may be the same, but because of them, we can live a happy life. Their lives are ordinary and full of power. How do the film and television works dig out the brilliant highlights from these materials, use small events and small characters to reflect the big theme and the new era, write our own civilian heroes, and extol the ideals and spirit of soldiers in the peace era. This is the direction we should always explore.

Secondly, show real humanity. The military-themed film and television works of the new era should be more humanistic, and focus on the growth and experience of individual lives from the perspective of human nature. We should accept that heroes may also be civilians, and heroes are imperfect. Human nature is extremely complex. Therefore, the creation of heroes should also be true and full, and then create deep and thoughtful film and television works. (WeChat public account ID: Enterprise Star Culture Media)

Third, a good story will give a film and television work a real soul, and a distinctive story will give a military-themed film and television work a higher spiritual connotation. For example, "Those who violate China will be punishable even if they are far away." This sentence in "Wolf Warriors II" speaks of our great power and makes many people understand that at the most critical moment, the red of the five-star red flag is the highest Reassuring color. Such a unique charm of the main theme allows military-themed film and television works to convey the confidence of the big country's culture, highly promote patriotism, and also shape a new image of a big country.

Military film and television dramas have occupied an important place in my country's film and television dramas, and the outstanding ones are not limited to the ones mentioned in this article. The military theme is a rich treasure. As long as you carefully dig it, you will be able to find the precious rough stone; if you carefully polish it with a rigorous attitude, you will definitely be able to harvest that shining treasure.

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

On July 17, the youth inspirational military sports movie "Eight Seconds and a Half Hero" was held in Beijing, "Less Boss, Play Really” theme assembly conference. Producer Tang Wenkang, director and screenwriter Liu Jian, director Cui Zhijia, producer Shao Bo and starring ZhaiYu Jia, Mao Xiaohui, Zhang Guoqiang, Li Kunying, Diao Biao, Zhao Jing Shuyu and others attended the event.

The film focuses on the international military pentathlon for the first time, which coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and presents a new military style to the motherland. The main creators talked about the behind-the-scenes stories on the spot, exposing the daily "devil training" of the "five military brothers", and all the members assembled to stage a physical competition, with hormones bursting to show the "five military brothers" style, and the scene kept climaxing.

The new trailer was released for the first time at the press conference. There were scenes of blood and tears. The hard work time after time was full of passion and it also demonstrated that the Chinese soldiers "If there is war, call The passion of "will return". It is worth looking forward to!

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“

Realistic military film and television dramas must be “hardcore“, but also “lively“