Facts: Ruby Ruby, Xiao S, Da Zhang Wei, Yang Yang, Peng Xiaoran, Wan Qian, A Xiaohua S

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Recently, it was revealed on the Internet that Ruby Lin took an agent to buy an AV in Japan, which shocked others and started a discussion. Ruby Lin h

Recently, it was reported on the Internet that Ruby Lin took an agent to buy AV in Japan, which shocked others and caused a lot of discussion. Ruby Lin has been showing her pure image for many years since her debut, especially Xia Ziwei, who has a very thick memory filter for netizens. But Ruby Lin bought an AV several years ago. It was a game played by the staff for Christmas. It was turned out because Li Xian liked Tomorrow before, so netizens are talking about male and female artists. Things.

The little S girl is full of fashion sense, and she also enjoys the lens capture. She has participated in many fashion cover shootings in private, and recently received an invitation from vogue.

Da Zhangwei is indeed going to be a dad soon. Don’t think of him as a man who is usually domineering, in fact, he has always been very dedicated in terms of emotions, and he doesn’t like to talk a lot in front of his family in private. It is for the program effect.

Yang Yang does not have a lot of endorsements at present, because the scandal a while ago has caused a certain impact on him. The new play "Glory of Special War" has been filmed more than half. This script is a purely male play, so I talked to the heroine There won’t be many opponents.

Facts: Ruby Ruby, Xiao S, Da Zhang Wei, Yang Yang, Peng Xiaoran, Wan Qian, A Xiaohua S

Peng Xiaoran recently encountered a bottleneck in her career. Although she was very optimistic and has a promising future, in fact, the company she works for is particularly delayed and the resources obtained are very few. To share with the same company artists.

Wan Qian will also join the TV series "Into Vanity", which is the new drama of Zhu Yawen mentioned yesterday. The cooperation between the two powerful factions, are you looking forward to it?

Recently, Guan Xiaotong’s new play started, and the new play character is suspected to be a rebellious girl again. Guan Xiaotong was questioned about going the old way and eating his own money. Guan Xiaotong played a rebellious girl in "Mr. Good" a few years ago. At that time, she attracted a lot of fans, but later because of emotional intelligence and excessive hype, Guan Xiaotong's word-of-mouth has taken a turn for the worse. Are you cute for her role as an umbilical cord?

Guess (15): S Xiaohua was attacked?

S Xiaohua's background is not very good. In the early days, she participated in many "unusual" occasions as a wild model. Originally, S's mother-in-law didn't want to see her past, but what her son loved for her was to die alive, and she had to take the baby in her womb to see the mother-in-law, so the mother-in-law had to accept this marriage. Unexpectedly, after S announced his relationship with her boyfriend, she was threatened by the golden pig before. With the backer, she ignored the threat at all, and instead laughed at the golden pig in the social circle.

Later, Jin Zhu directly found someone to beat her up, and the child in her belly went to heaven. But this matter was quickly brought down by public relations. After all, it would be no good for anyone to pull out Jin Zhu and her past, and she didn't want to expose the unmarried first Yun. So S reappeared in the public's sight after a few days of rest at home, as if this had never happened. However, her mother-in-law got furious and found several people one after another to clean up the golden pig. The celebrities related to the golden pig were in danger at the time, and many people turned to her mother-in-law. In order to avoid this happening again, S now has more security guards accompanying her than her staff.

Facts: Ruby Ruby, Xiao S, Da Zhang Wei, Yang Yang, Peng Xiaoran, Wan Qian, A Xiaohua S

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