Eason Chan sings the promotion song of “Galaxy Cram School“

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"The movie "Galaxy Tutorial" opened nationwide pre-sale on July 5th, and audiences can now buy tickets first through major ticketing platforms. Chines

"Don't let your loved ones wait too long!" The movie "Galaxy Tutorial" opened nationwide pre-sale on July 5th, and audiences can now buy tickets through major ticketing platforms. On July 4, Deng Chao and Yu Baimei brought the film to Jiuquan Aerospace City. The Chinese astronauts who fought on the front line gave the film unanimous praise. "When I heard the phrase'received by Jiuquan' in the film, I was really excited!", "I am proud of being an aerospace man!" On the other side, Wang Xi, Liang Chao, Wu Yaheng and Wei Zun came to Suzhou to exchange their experience of watching movies with local audiences. On the same day, the film producer released the MV for the movie promotion song "Those who Believe in You" sung by the god Eason Chan. Eason Chan slowly sang the story of love and growth between father and son in a gentle and firm voice. It is understood that Eason Chan was very moved after watching the film, and could not be separated from the plot for a long time. He personally said to Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, "I'm sure about this song," and then he had this affectionate "Song for Father" ".

Eason Chan sings the promotion song of “Galaxy Cram School“

Gold Medal Combination Gathering to create "Songs for Father" Eason Chan sings to his deep father's love

In the MV for the promotion song "Those Who Believe in You", Eason Chan is like a storyteller with his warm and simple singing In the film, Ma Haowen accompanied Ma Fei's love and dedication to grow up, and the deep love between father and son is like spring breeze. Deng Chao revealed on Weibo that in order to invite Eason Chan to cooperate, directors Deng Chao and Yu Baimei flew to Hong Kong to invite Eason Chan to watch the film. After watching the film, Eason Chan and his agent stood up and applauded, and said to Deng Chao and Yu Baimei, "This I'll sing the song." After watching the movie for a long time,Eason Chan still couldn't get out of the moving plot for a long time, and thanked them for believing that they could interpret this song well.

Eason Chan also personally called the gold medal composer Chen Xiaoxia to talk about her creative impulse, and invited the composer Yao Ruolong, who has been retired, to come out again. The three who have collaborated on many golden songs including "World" and "Thank you" The tacit partner reunited again, and even more strongly invited Hong Kong's famous musician Chen Huiyang as the song producer to jointly create this song "Those Who Believe You". After the release of the MV, it has received countless praises, such as "Single loops, very heart-stirring" and "Eason Chan uses his heart to sing the deepest and strongest fatherly love in the world. It's perfect." "You also need one. Those who believe in you, Nuan Nuan sees you in the eyes that are different from people's simple and affectionate lyrics, which also "sound" into people's hearts, becoming the best description of father.

Eason Chan sings the promotion song of “Galaxy Cram School“

Deng Chao and Yu Baimei return to Jiuquan to be tested After watching "Galaxy", the astronauts were enthusiastic.

"Galactic Cram school" showed the education of a father to his son through the perspective of astronaut Ma Fei, and also projected the persistence of Chinese astronauts. The spirit of hard work and dedication. In order to ensure the authenticity of the details such as the launch of the spacecraft in the film and the status of the astronauts in space, Deng Chao and Yu Baimei went to Jiuquan to collect wind during the preparations, consulted aerospace experts, and obtained professional astronauts. Guidance. When returning to Jiuquan Aerospace City today, the two directors were also extremely nervous. Deng Chao described: "This is a very important test for us."The astronauts handed in a "satisfying answer sheet."

The warm applause that sounded after watching the movie caused the two directors' "stones in their hearts" to fall to the ground, and the space people unanimously expressed their love for the movie. An astronaut excitedly said: "When I heard the phrase'received by Jiuquan' in the film, I was really excited. Thank you two for bringing us such a wonderful movie! I saw in the movie that I just came here. The dream of time, I came here to spill my blood and sweat here!"

There are other astronauts who commented on the movie like this: ""Galactic Cram School", stars and arrows contend for glory, full of space feelings It has opened a new era of space education. It is a useful attempt to promote space culture and spread space knowledge in a form that the public loves to see." The film aroused deep resonance among all space people. During the filming process, several tears were made to father and son. The touch of family affection is also the pride and excitement of being able to personally participate in the great cause of spaceflight. "ShootPhotographing aerospace subject matter is not only a feeling, but also a mission. Our story should be told to thousands of friends, as well as to our children. Thanks to the two directors for bringing such an excellent film. "Education and inheritance, dreams and persistence are all vividly reflected in the "Galaxy Tutorial".

Families candidly "support the husband's work more" Deng Chao and Yu Baimei pay tribute to space heroes

Due to the special nature of the work of astronauts, they cannot always accompany their families, especially the children at home, and often do not see their parents. A family member of an astronaut at the scene expressed understanding of her husband after watching the film: "Look After the film, I was really touched. I don't regret coming here at all. I want to support his work even more. "And one child said sincerely: "I was very moved after watching the movie, because my father is an astronaut. He often can’t go home because of his busy work, but I know he loves me very much.Wai cherish the time with him. "

Another astronaut frankly: "I am also the father of the child, and I am very impressed after watching your movie. I also often cannot accompany my children because of work, so I feel very guilty in my heart and feel that I am missing a lot from my family. But at the same time, my wife and children understand and support my work very much, and they think that my father is the most proud and proud of them. Thank you very much for making such a movie. "Without the selfless dedication and dedication of the astronauts and their families, there would be no strong aerospace industry in China. Deng Chao and Yu Baimei also paid tribute to all astronauts on the spot.

Eason Chan sings the promotion song of “Galaxy Cram School“

Parents confessed that they were not “incompetent” with their children. The little girl bluntly said, “I will do everything by myself in the future.”

On the other hand, during the road show in Suzhou, some parents also The aerospace worker confessed similarly: "I am usually busy at work and don't have time to accompany my child. It is mainly my mother to accompany him, so I said that I took time to watch a movie with him today. No matter what the reason is in the future, we still need to accompany our children more, give them more encouragement, let them grow according to their inner thoughts instead of the route designed by their parents, this is what you taught us, thank you. "Another parent who strictly requires children also said that in the future, we must give more encouragement to children so that they can grow up confidently.

Not only parents, but children also actively share their gains after watching movies. A little girl was moved to tears while watching the film, and what she learned after the screening: "After watching it, I felt that I had to do everything by myself.Think of ways to. "The little girl grew up quickly and received encouraging applause from the audience. Another little girl also shared her impression of her father: "I was very moved after watching this movie. My father is like this. He often plays with me every day. There are also many calls. I want to tell my father, I love you. "Lovely, warm words make parents particularly moved.

Source: Yangzi Evening News reporter Kong Xiaoping