Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

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But since the Newport Music Festival a year ago, the once king of folk songs even picked up an electric guitar, controversy surrounding him has been e

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

In 1966, Bob Dylan embarked on a European tour, but since the Newport Music Festival a year ago, After the once king of folk songs even picked up the electric guitar, the controversy surrounding him has been endless.

So in the Free Trade Center in Manchester, England, an angry music fan took advantage of the gap in the song to shout that Dylan was Judas, and the audience was in an uproar. But Dylan responded, "YouHe's a liar," and said to the band members, "Be louder! "Then "Like a Rolling Stone" sounded over Manchester for the first time.

This episode was recorded, and as people became more aware of Bob Dylan’s foresight of the change in style at the time. , It has also become one of the most classic moments in the history of rock and roll, so afterwards, many people rushed to admit that it was the traitor he scolded.

Now that person has been found, and his name is Liu Yangzi.

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

The seventh issue of "Summer of the Band" is the so-called "Goddess Cooperation" link. Under the budget allowed by the program group, some bands really invited what they wanted , And some bands picked from the list provided by the program group.

The final result may also be ranked more or less according to the stage completion of each band: Hedgehog and Sisi The story of watching each other with women touched the most audiences. Although the collaboration between Xinpants and Cindy was unusual, the latter’s singing skills really dragged the entire performance. /p>

But only the cooperation between the tour group and Zhou Jieqiong, the stage effect is not bad, the score is unusually low, especially the evaluation of the "professional music fans" on the scene is even more eye-catching.

I have to say that in the interactive session, "Professional music fans in Vice"Guo editor" Liu Yangzi's remarks about "you have to know who you are" really makes me a little off appetite. This is a traitor to Bob Dylan, who yells for playing electric guitar; or the murderer who shot John Lennon. The phrase "you changed" seems to have the same meaning.

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

This is not the first time this "professional music fan" Caused controversy, Liu Yangzi had previously accused the adaption king who admired a lot in the second round of "Summer of the Band"Filipino is "boring", but praises the face of winning with routines.

This has caused the entire "professional music fan" group to suffer huge doubts (of course, Deng Ke, Ding Taisheng and others have also contributed a lot to this), so that some people bluntly said that the show will soon be completed "The Western Sky of Music Critics".

We can leave these behind for the time being, let's talk about whether the band should "break the circle" first.

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

Liu Yangzi commented on the second issueAdapting Faye Wong’s "I Do"

Actually, playing music is to "break the circle".

Imagine going back to the 1950s/60s before the birth of modern pop music. White people listened to the country and classics; black people listened to rhythm and blues and spiritual songs. At this time, if a white singer stood in front of the microphone and began to learn how to sing rhythm and blues with black people twisting their buttocks, would the so-called modern pop music be born?

Is there any circle more difficult to break than the segregated circle of that year? And Elvis, who was the first to break this circle, is now one of the greatest names in the history of music.

I can even say that decades of modern music history is a history of breaking and merging. This trend has never stopped.

The organizational form of "band" is different from the singers in traditional record companies.The band itself is playing music. The close collision of individuals with different musical concepts in a small group should bring about the breaking of old concepts and the birth of new styles.

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

Elvis’s iconic dance step, which in the eyes of the conservative white parents of the year, is simply a heinous (also note that all his band members are black)

So, Bob Dylan, the king of folk songs in the 60s, played electric guitar and folk rock; Zeppelin in the 1970s became one of the grandparents of hard rock from the blues rock when he debuted; in the 1980s, a large wave of bands added the "fashion gadgets" synthesizer that had just appeared in the music, so a new wave Swept the world; the metal bands of the 90s became involved with rap again, and new metal was born.

After entering the new century? There is even an alternative combination of "extreme metal + idol girl" like Babymetal!

If these "music critics" follow the logic of "whatever you are, you can always be what you are", I guess playing Fusion Jazz (Fusion) No genre-like band was dragged out and shot to death.

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

and Liu Yangzi said that he had watched "Weekend Toys" by the tour group "10,000 times" and Zhou Jieqiong. I'm afraid he didn't know that the cheerleader setting of this song is very similar to the song "New Treasure Island" by Yuyun. MV.

This is exactly the latest thing for young people nowadays, and Liu Yangzi, an old antique who can’t change from the past, I am afraid that when he sees the cheerleader, he automatically adds a set of old-fashioned logic, right? He really understands it. Is this stage? I think he doesn’t have it at all.

This is also the worst of some so-called “professional fans” in "Summer of the Band"Place, put it 30 years ago, I believe that when these people are young, they may be able to accept some new things and put forward some decent opinions, and 30 years later, the same remarks are becoming self-proclaimed antiquities. .

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

The tour group "Weekend Toys" site

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

The MV of "The New Treasure Island" by the Fish Rhyme Band

I do not completely agree with the so-called "Xitian of music critics", but I also feel that the level of these so-called "online music critics" is indeed too low.

In the era of traditional media, what music critics want to write is ultimately required to be published in magazines. If your level is not enough, it means that your article will not pass. Therefore, the music critics who came from the era of print media have no truth. It’s really impossible to learn from practice.

Nowadays, "Internet music critics" follow a completely different logic, that is, you have fans and traffic.You are an "Internet music critic".

This is why the so-called "Internet music critics" like Liu Yangzi, Ding Taisheng, and Zou Xiaoying who usually jump the most on the Internet, they often get the most exposure, I even suspect that they are deliberately saying Some brain-dead remarks are ultimately just to gain more exposure and traffic.

And the level? With all due respect, none of these people have ever heard of the Rolling Stone 500, let alone understand the music trends in the world today.

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

Zou Xiaoying is also worthy of scolding rockers? Hahaha

Actually, the music circle in this era is really getting better and better. For bands like Jiulian Zhenren who have been born for less than a year, you think they are really Isn’t it just that you don’t ask about world affairs? In the latest issue of "The Summer of the Band", you will find that the lead singer Aaron has actually listened to a lot of rap, he is definitely not blocked, and the vision of the new generation of musicians is really broad.

And now these bad "online music critics" rely solely on traffic to determine the outcome of the era background, really not worthy of evaluating these new excellent music.

Like "Vice China", what other "Chinese version" such as "Q Magazine China Edition", foreign original editions are indeed of standard, but their so-called "Chinese version" is often authorized to domestic Some of the commercial companies, if they are level, indeed only have a pheasantLevel.

By the way, "Q Magazine Chinese Edition" has also copied Ding Taisheng. You said it was a fucking coke.

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

Because Ding Taisheng’s Weibo has been blocked again, the original Weibo is no longer visible.

Finally, I personally appreciate two professional music fans. One is Wang Shuo, who is badass FM, who is regarded as the senior of anchor Yang. As soon as he listens to his speech, he knows that he has a lot of songs, and he is really in stock.

The second is Chi Bin, the agent of Mr. Li, a citizen of Nanjing. Although he may be less professional in music, he knows how much he is, and he is really an interesting person.

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Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics

Summer of the band, Xitian of music critics