The spring of Chinese drama is here

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Last week, "The Twelve Hour in Chang'an", which had almost no publicity and naked broadcast, had been evaluated by more than 70,000 people and scored

Recently, there are too many good-looking Chinese dramas.

Last week, there was almost no publicity of "Chang'an Twelve Hour". Only a week later, more than 70,000 people commented and scored a high of 8.8 Points (As of Uncle Meat, it fluctuates to 8.6).

The spring of Chinese drama is here

No stills will be shown at the beginning of the broadcast. There is no doubt that it will be broadcast naked...

"The Twelfth Hours in Chang'an" is not an exception. Pinch and count, nowThere were 6 Chinese dramas of 2015 with a score of 8 or more:

"A warm hour to us", "White Strongman", "Wearing to the West", "We Can't Be Friends" "The Distance Between Us and Evil" even scored a super high score of 9.5.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

Think about it. In the past, "Everything's Very Good" is a hit show, not to mention the top five of the year, the top ten is okay, right?

But this year.

With a score of 7.8, "Everything is Good", it can't even make it into the top 10 of Chinese dramas.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

On the contrary, it’s a big screen, and the performance of Chinese movies is...

Not satisfactory——

After the Spring Festival No one scored 8 points.

Especially recently.

Except for "A Dog's Eyes See the Heart", "Anti-Corruption Storm 4" and "Teacher·Good", it is all considered good if they hover on the 6-point pass line.

Everything else (you read that right,Are all), all fail.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

The box office also dropped sharply.

After the box office of "Wandering Earth" exceeded 4 billion, the total box office in the first four months of this year was 23.3 billion, a decrease of 800 million, a year-on-year decrease of about 3.3%.

591 million moviegoers dropped by more than 80 million year-on-year, a decline of more than 12%.

Probably every filmmaker wants to ask, where did the audience go?

Senior Vice President of Lechuang Entertainment HuangZiyan has given the answer:

The rise of short video platforms and the appearance of many high-quality variety shows and drama series have severely diverted movie audiences.

Uncle Meat has a feeling--

The spring of Chinese TV series is here.

On the surface, the big movie stars have turned around and turned to the small screen.

Chen Kun, who hasn't made a TV series in 9 years, made two parts of "Get Out" and "Tiansheng Long Song" in one breath.

His best friend Zhou Xun (what big movie celebrity Xun was back then!!!), "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace" is also huge.

Zhang Zhen, who is known as the high-level face of the movie, teamed up with the movie Ka Ni Ni to shoot "Sansheng III Chen Xiyuan".

There is also Qin Hao, Lou Ye’s queen hero, who confessedZhang Ziyi, who "Absolutely Doesn't Take TV Series", also began to make TV series.

The spring of Chinese drama is here



Mr. Xu Zhiyuan said: For any complicated question, trying to answer with a single explanation is an intellectual failure.

Translated into the vernacular is: the question is very complicated, and the answer is also very complicated.

A little chat.

Actually, whether it is a movie or a TV series, it is entertainment for the vast majority of viewers.

Li An recognizedI realized:

Not every audience who enters the theater wants to challenge themselves (receive advanced film re-education).

To put it bluntly, spend money for fun time.

Huang Ziyan made an account:

The fare is too expensive, which is an important reason for the loss of moviegoers. It fluctuates from 9.9 yuan to 299 yuan in "Avengers 4", there is not enough buffer in between.

A movie ticket with an average price of RMB 30-40 can only bring a 120-minute viewing experience.

Such a comparison, well-produced TV series, cost-effective, much higher.

For example, "The Twelve Hours of Chang'an", which Uncle Rou loved to death.

More than 7 months of preparation, 217 days of shooting, and a total area of ​​70 acres for scene construction. The investment is not lowAt 600 million.

The spring of Chinese drama is here


The spring of Chinese drama is here

25 episodes, each 45 minutes, can provide you 1125 minutes of entertainment. During the period, lying on the sofa, bed, even taking the subway, brushing teeth, washingThe bath won't delay your drama.

In other words, in addition to sleeping with your eyes closed, other whole periods or fragments of time, as long as your eyes are open, will not affect your entertainment.

What's more, you can also "organize a group to play drama" at home——


Make time pass more lively and more interesting.

The spring of Chinese drama is here


What about the price?

Members with an average monthly price of 30 yuan are equivalent to a movie ticket.

If you can tolerate advertising? The 30 yuan of VIP can be saved.

Moreover, once the movie ticket is sold, no refund will be given.

This has caused some bad movies to collect money, which is shameless.

The "Frozen Man" starring Donnie Yen was forcibly divided into two parts, with an average of 80 minutes.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

It is undeniable that even so, there is still a long chain of contempt between movies and TV shows.

Zhang Ziyi once said when she refused to act in a TV series:

The pace of the TV series is too slow to adapt.

But we must also admit--

The gap between water injection movies and conscience TV shows is widening.

The subject matter of Chinese-language drama has become more and more abundant, and the operation has become more and more bold.

Campus love "The Hours of Warmth to Us", normal and pure love, very warm and delicate;

Derailment Taboo Love "We Can’t Be Friends", cheating Fancy chats between men and women;

The "White Strongman" discussing the reform of the medical system, live surgery, the knife is scratched on the flesh, blood is overflowing;

The adult social fable "Wearing West "The story", the brothers and his wife's bed quaked in the upper and lower bunks at the same time, the scene was out of control;

The humanity and social issue discussed in "The Distance between Us and Evil", the lawyer defending the murderer was thrown in public;

Also adapted from QingSpring IP "Zhenhua Trilogy", the TV series "The Best of Us" scored 8.9.

Movie version?

Failed with a score of 5.7.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

So, here comes the question--

Before, why didn't we like to watch Chinese TV series?

There is an answer on Zhihu:

The plot is terrible, the microdermabrasion filter, the acting is not good.

But nowadays, the movie is dead. TV dramas have changed their blood instead.

Even Qin Hao and Zhou Xun sighed like this:

The spring of Chinese drama is here

The spring of Chinese drama is here

TV dramaThe quality is better.

From the original IP that was enthusiastic about youth, fairy and fantasy novels, to more solid works.

And the good-quality toning and lighting have already rectified the name of the Chinese drama.

Let's put it this way: The domestic drama finally dared to let the characters, not beautiful.

In the past, Chinese-language dramas also had lighting principles--

One word, white.

The lighting of "Dugu World" made An Yixuan's forehead burst, and the screen showed incompetence.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

This kind of beauty that can only stand a glance at you is really beautiful?

Not at all.

Previous Uncle Wan Rou deliberately talked about how a Chinese-language drama abused dermabrasion and filters in the past, and there was a message from a small partner in the background:

Because there is no dermabrasion in "Ice Breaking Operation", the actors can play Seeing the movement of the muscles on the face and the changes in the eyes, I feel so good as an audience.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

The spring of Chinese drama is here

Look carefully, Mr. Wu Gang’s right eye bag trembles slightly Now

The Prisoner Lei in "The Twelve Hours of Chang'an" is not "beautiful."

Without any lines, the screen tells you:

Goosebumps in the cold winter, frizzy long hair, gully face--

Look, The details speak.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

Uncle Meat talked with you.

This kind of beauty that is close to reality is far more advanced than plastic beauty, and more tolerable Take a closer look--

The spring of Chinese drama is here

The spring of Chinese drama is here

The former type, add a filter in front of the light, and hit it over. There is almost no dark side of the whole face. People are good-looking and can see clearly. Yes.

But you just can’t tell where there is a sense of plastic, even if you wear gold and silver, it’s low when you look at it.

The latter one simulates natural light and adds a little artificially. Details of the light source.

The human face can’t be seen clearly, but the mottled, heavy, and high-level sense is comfortable to look at.

The shocking contradiction of the Chinese drama, Where did it come from?

Everyone who is still watching Chinese-language dramas and still has hope for Chinese-language dramas, you are welcome, you voted with the remote control.

After all, TV drama producers are still businessmen.

Without feelings, businessmen only value profitbeneficial.

Since last year, the big IP dramas of traffic stars have been on the street.

Guan Xiaotong’s 3.5-point "Feng Qiuhuang", the ratings have dropped from a fair 0.9527%, all the way to 0.3599%, which can be said to be on the street (if there is no concept, Uncle Rouju For example, you will know how much you rushed, the ending ratings of "All Very Good", 2.138%).

Yang Mi’s "Shuyao" with a score of 4.7, it stands to reason that the top traffic star, the ratings should be okay? No way, 0.611% (other than Yang Mi who is smart at Hunan Station and has a good relationship with her family, she didn't buy her drama for 500 million, but instead bought "Knowledge" which was priced at 800 million at noon).

This year is even better.

The declining trend of traffic stars is more obvious on the small screen.

Yang Mi Huo JianhuaThe joint "Building Dreams of Love", even the finale ratings are only 0.644%, maybe it is the lowest in the history of Hunan Taiwan.

Yang Ying and Deng Lun’s "My True Friend" was broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV and Dragon TV. The ratings of the two satellite TVs were respectively 0.41% and 0.28%...

The spring of Chinese drama is here

Loss Money!

Businessmen immediately realized that the era when they could pick up money with just a few nice faces was gone forever.

Now the audience buys it, not the face, but the performance.

Pull the water again, that is, there is too much money to throw away, and you will be dead.

So, what has changed this year?

For "Everything is Good", Ni Dahong escorted him, and it was Yao Chen and Guo Jingfei who were the powerful actors of the Mesozoic era.

The most shocking thing about Uncle Meat is still "The Twelfth Hour in Chang'an". Just look for it, even if it's a dragon set that doesn't have a line in the back, there is no stroke.

If you don’t believe me, look.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

The amazing long shot of the first episode, with aThe look back of an old man connects the scenes before and after the street.

No lines, just these few seconds of footage.

But the old man's staggering rhythm ensures that this long shot goes smoothly before and after, and his performance skills are evident.

Who is this dragon set?

The actor of Lin Chong in the 98 edition of "Water Margin" is teacher Zhou Yemang.

If you are not convinced, even if the small characters are so true, how can you not be pleasing to the eyes when you play the drama?


"The White Strongman" has three times as the emperor Guo Jinan, the uncrowned king Ma Guoming:

The spring of Chinese drama is here

The best actor from Golden Horse is Lin Xue in "Wen to the West":

The spring of Chinese drama is here

"The Distance Between Us and Evil" Jia Jingwen:

The spring of Chinese drama is here


The top Chinese dramas have given up traffic stars, but switched to the power group.

Even in the past, youth dramas will find a bunch of 30-year-old "little flowers" and forcefully pretend to be tender.

Now it doesn’t work.

"Our Warm Hours" is not the newcomer to carry the trip?

The spring of Chinese drama is here

According to Xu Zheng’s words, the spring of good actors is here.

"An Twelve Hours" producer Liang Chao said:

There are Korean dramas, Japanese dramas, etc. on the market, why can’t China have its own ‘Chinese drama’? We especially hope that through the content of "Chang'an Twelve Hours", we can improve and make breakthroughs to create Chinese dramas that belong to the Chinese.

"Red Sorghum" screenwriter Zhao Dongling said:

"Fox Hunting" was officially announced. Many viewers went to my Weibo to leave messages. You can't imagine them saying the most The thing is, teacher, you must not let Wang Kai and Wang Ou fall in love in it.

Many producers have the illusion that they judge the next play based on the previous play. Actually, the audience has changed, matured, and grown up. Post-90s are all 30 years old. They have seen enough. Don't let the boys and girls fall in love at all.


It's not that Chinese drama has grown up.

It is our growth, which forces Chinese dramas to stop pretending to be crazy and silly, but to show real guys.


Every remote control and every movie ticket in each of us is the future of Chinese-language movies and TV shows.

This is the 3.5 points "Take Dad to Study Abroad" from Uncle Meat some time ago. Individual feedback from the backstage:

Why be so serious

The spring of Chinese drama is here

Why do you need to be true?

I’ll tell you why you need to be true.

Only if you really smash to the end with bad movies, Let them lose their money.

They are afraid that they are willing to give you the Man Han Feast instead of pig feed.

To That day.

We can say more truthfully:

Well, the spring of Chinese dramas/movies is here.

The spring of Chinese drama is here

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