From emphasizing the meaning of lyrics to paying attention to melody, why did the new generation of bands begin to “de-textualize“

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Author: Kay tough few days before Bear, the editorial department a few in the music space glow curves looked new album "Wild Star" starting performanc

From emphasizing the meaning of lyrics to paying attention to melody, why did the new generation of bands begin to “de-textualize“

author: Xiong Ren Kai

A few days ago, several members of the editorial department watched the debut performance of the new album "Wild Star" in Le Space. How the sense of space brought the audience's emotions into the last fifteen minutes of "2001: A Space Odyssey" Artistic conception, how does instrumental music affect the whole atmosphereWith the warm and alienated colors of the future, it is more intuitive for everyone to listen to the album or watch the scene. What I want to discuss here is the phenomenon of "de-textualization" in this generation of bands, or the relationship between "literature" and "musicality".

Dilute and obscure the meaning of the lyrics, and emphasize the layering of melody, rhythm, rhythm and arrangement. This is obviously the expression of the new generation of bands. In the mainland, the appearance of the term "noisy star fans" has already explained part of the problem; in Taiwan, the chill "Southeast Asian island reggae" represented by sunset speed cars has produced a genuine radiant international cultural influence.

But this does not mean that these bands are reduced to "Bitch of Music Style" as Zeng Guohong half-joked. Take the luminous curve as an example. The original album of the same name was gloomy and calm, and it was created in the band’s comfort zone; when it came to "Trek", it was obvious that the band’s idea wasIncreased, abandoning the fundamentalism of minimalism and introducing electronic elements, although this makes integration more difficult. In "Wild Star", those tensions and panic that had not been dealt with in time were wiped out, and the emotions the band wanted to express were effectively extended.

The luminous curve started with the label of "back shake", but they did not indulge in it, but did not hesitate to add vocal, electronic, wind and other elements. Guitar Xue Ran once said in an interview:

"In the beginning, the bands that were labeled with this label first subverted and reorganized traditional rock music. It is experimental music. Each band is different. The younger generations just get After some superficial revelation, a large number of emotional tunes of one of the bands are copied, so that what the post-rock represents today is one of the small signs of the decline of the world and the exhaustion of human creativity. In the copying of the appearance, it has lost its own characteristics. Spiritual core."

The luminous curve is also artisticIn addition to the band, Xue Ran, the main brain of the family gene's band, also produces poetry collections and installation art. But compared with Zuo Xiaozuju and musicians like NO, Feng Jiangzhou and Cang Fei 20 years ago, this generation of young bands has not lost the ability to be "rough". On the contrary, better technology allows them to be able to be rough. There is a great deal of flexibility between exquisiteness and exquisiteness, ultimately making these the emotional core of music expression, rather than the external form.

Xu Bing once said that art is another language. Looking at it from another angle, this is saying that art forms such as music and painting should not become vassals of the literary world, and their meanings should be infinitely deconstructed, and finally become vulgar saliva songs or "literati paintings". Creativity, beauty, emotional tension, these common human feelings are the purpose of artistic pursuit and the meaning of artistic existence.