Abandon the panda live broadcast, the breakthrough of e-sports is limited, can Wang Sicong make a big difference in the movie?

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Wen/Wang Yiting In the large entertainment industry, Wang Sicong's presence has always been eye-catching. It has its own traffic and has the title of

Abandon the panda live broadcast, the breakthrough of e-sports is limited, can Wang Sicong make a big difference in the movie?


In the large entertainment industry, Wang Sicong’s presence has always been very eye-catching, with its own traffic and the title of "Disciplinary Committee of the Entertainment Circle". Every comment on the entertainment industry has attracted countless eyeballs from the crowd. , And in its investment landscape, large-scale entertainment investment is obviously the most important area.

Wang Sicong can be said to have made "rapid progress" in the large-scale entertainment industry a few years ago. Time is the same. Engaging in e-sports live broadcasting has set off a "Wang Sicong whirlwind" in the entertainment industry. However, since last year, this whirlwind seems to have disappeared. Panda Live has closed down. In addition to the achievements of its teams, the e-sports industry has There is nothing else to say.

At the recent Shanghai Film Festival, the "net celebrity"Xiao Wang" Wang Sicong launched the second "Banana New Director Digging Project" on "Banana Night".

Abandon the panda live broadcast, the breakthrough of e-sports is limited, can Wang Sicong make a big difference in the movie?

Banana Pictures is a platform set up by Wang Sicong to invest in film and television. On Banana Night, he shared the "Banana Night" since last year. Progress and achievements in the past year: including the announcement of the winners of the first "Banana New Screenwriters Realizing Dreams Plan", and awards were presented on the spot, and six master projects and two investment projects were announced for the first time.

Replay Wang Sicong’s rapid deployment and extraordinary achievements in the early stage of the entertainment industry, and now some have become abandoned and some are weak in expansion. The future development of Banana Pictures will also cause Observer’s question.

As ​​a director of Wanda Group, Wang Sicong, led by BananaIs the film industry going to become a small experimental plot of Wanda Films, or will it develop in the direction of one of the six major production companies in the future?


Rediscover Wang Sicong’s grand entertainment layout,

Rapid start and weak follow-up

In order to talk about Wang Sicong’s entertainment business, he has to go all over the whole thing from his “debut”At the beginning of the Chinese entertainment circle, when the "net celebrity king" was full of the entertainment circle, it was catching up with the end of the Chinese sports industry and the early stage of live video. E-sports is half dead, film and television entertainment is chaotic, and the road is driving strongly into the live e-sports industry.

During the live broadcast period, Wang Sicong’s Panda TV signed a group of "girlfriends" such as South Korean beauty anchors. In those years, capital, topics, and hot spots Waves have never stopped. With the fading of capital enthusiasm, the industry bubble subsided and the business format gradually tightened (that was when the "Internet +" was facing a big test). On March 6, Wang Sicong’s e-sports live broadcast platform "Panda Live" announced its dissolution, and "Live + E-sports" blew past like a gust of wind.

Abandon the panda live broadcast, the breakthrough of e-sports is limited, can Wang Sicong make a big difference in the movie?

However, the domestic e-sports industry has been circulating about “China’s e-sportsThe legend of "", from the era when food was not enough to iG's victory in the Dota2Ti2 event, the most important thing that Wang Sicong brought to China's e-sports was the professional operating philosophy of the e-sports club. Both the training environment and the team Management and iG have set a benchmark for other clubs. But from the perspective of commercial competition, the loss of Panda TV is considered to be the darkness of Tencent’s game. Chen Cang is like Wang Sicong’s e-sports career. Even though Panda TV is on the verge of a stranger, Wang Sicong Part of the shares have been pledged, but since then Wang Sicong has also lost the important conditions for in-depth deployment in the e-sports industry.

The reporter from Mala Entertainment checked Wang Sicong’s when he wrote the article. Weibo, the last news was found on April 30, the content was iG team. I will look at Wang Sicong’s personal Weibo and found that from the second half of last year to the present, Wang SiCong's number of Weibo posts has been greatly reduced compared to before.

Abandon the panda live broadcast, the breakthrough of e-sports is limited, can Wang Sicong make a big difference in the movie?

Even this Banana Night, Wang Sicong did not post a message on Weibo.


Banana Pictures, the experimental field is still Another continent?

Wang Sicong said on the Banana Night, "I didn’t think I've been fighting for jobs with big players in the industry." Such a humble attitude is actually a last resort at present, and it also shows that Wang Sicong has gradually changed his early personal style.Said it has matured a lot.

Even if someone like Wang Sicong has a strong financial strength, it is not easy to dance in the film industry.

So, Wang Sicong chose not to fight head-on with the big producers, but to start with cultivating newcomers and digging for quality scripts.

Wang Sicong founded Shanghai Banana Project Cultural Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Banana Project") in June 2015. Its subsidiaries include Shanghai Banana Plan Electronic Game Co., Ltd., Shanghai Banana Plan Performance Agency Co., Ltd., Shanghai Banana Plan Performance Agency Co., Ltd., Beijing Banana Plan Sports Culture Co., Ltd., Shanghai Banana Plan Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Shanghai BananaPlan Music Co., Ltd. has six registered companies. The business scope includes film, sports, games, e-sports, music, idols, brokerage, performances, etc.

Banana Films is part of the Banana Plan's "full industry chain, pan-entertainment ecology", but looking at the industrial layout, it can be said that Banana Films is one of these industries The chain is a pivotal link. In August 2017, Wei Xiangdong, the former deputy general manager of Wanda Pictures, joined Banana Pictures and served as the CEO of Banana Pictures.

Abandon the panda live broadcast, the breakthrough of e-sports is limited, can Wang Sicong make a big difference in the movie?

In September 2017, Banana Pictures officially launched the "New Director's Land Digging Plan", with a total bonus of 6.5 million yuan. , The first prize is 1.5 million yuan, the second prize is 1 million yuan, the third prize is 800,000 yuan, and the outstanding award also has 300,000 yuan. The first "New Director" Digging plan"It has been completed, and a prize of 6.5 million yuan has also been awarded to 16 award-winning directors. In July 2018, Banana Pictures launched the first "New Screenwriter Dream Realization Program", and the support program continued the form of heavy rewards, with a total bonus of 6.3 million yuan.

The "cultivation plan" of Banana Pictures really wants to cultivate talents for the industry. In an interview with the media, Wei Xiangdong said: "In the project launch, Banana Pictures also adheres to the principle of "salvation"; "We (Banana Films) do not emphasize quantity, but we must choose projects that match the temperament." We are still testing the waters, and hope to develop solidly one step at a time."

Judging from the current transcript, the first project invested by Banana Pictures, "The Later Us", has already reached the box office.After breaking through 700 million, but the Douban score is only 5.9, It can be seen that its content is still not fully recognized by the market. Banana Pictures’ standards of "young, anti-routine, anti-traditional, individual, and interesting" may need to be reviewed again.

Abandon the panda live broadcast, the breakthrough of e-sports is limited, can Wang Sicong make a big difference in the movie?

Does Wang Sicong expect Banana Pictures to become an important production company in the film and television industry in the next 5 to 10 years?

The reporter of Mala Entertainment Investment has tried to communicate with Banana Pictures, but failed to get a response as of press time.

The "Development Plan" is now more like an experimental field. Once done, it can be gradually enlarged until it becomes the "big one" in the domestic film market. The road is also destined to not be easy to follow. If you want to form an excellentXiu’s screenwriting and production operation system and the continuous release of high-quality films require time and more talents.

The history of the development of the film industry proves that it is impossible to sustain success with only money.

The biggest advantage of Banana Pictures is that it owns the theater resources and powerful distribution resources of Wanda Films.

Wanda Cinemas has 595 directly-operated theaters in China, Australia and New Zealand, with 5,279 screens. Among them, Wanda Cinemas has 300 IMAX screens in China, leading the world; Has 39 Dolby Cinemas. This channel is the unique advantage of Wang Sicong Banana Pictures.

The biggest guess about Wang Sicong is actually when he will take over. Wanda Group will be Wang Sicong sooner or later, so Banana Pictures can be more regarded as a new addition created by Wang Sicong outside the Wanda system. In the future, perhaps it will be merged into the Wanda system in the future.

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