Facts: Yang Zi, Gong Jun, Zhang Xinyu, Wang Junkai, Liu Wen, Jin Chen and Deng Lun, Sun Yi, ab

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Yang Zi will endorse a biscuit youth romance under Glico's "Sweet Little Meman To Us" launched in Xiamen on July 4. Mobile game spokesperson: Zhou Zhe

Yang Zi will endorse a biscuits owned by Glico

The youth romance drama "To Our Sweet Xiaomeiman" was launched in Xiamen on July 4. The series is starring Gong Jun and Liu Renyu. It is based on Zhao Qianqian's original novel "The Boat Resurrects". It tells the love between Zhao Fanzhou, an optimistic girl from the Department of Forensic Medicine, and Zhou Xiao, an optimistic girl from the Chinese Department, and finally come together. Story

Zhang Xinyu is now a super positive artist, and a lot of CCTV dad’s resources are coming to my door

RISE Tencent mobile game spokesperson: Zhou Zhen, Nanxia Zhiguang Zhang Yanqi, and later will go to film "Mr. Fashion"

Wang Junkai has a lot of fashion resources recently. He mainly wants to develop into the actor line. He has a lot of scripts in his hand. He has a lot of idol dramas. He didn’t accept it.

Order" Fan Meeting July 12, Tianjin Wuqing

Many celebrities have adopted pandas.It just pays to buy food for the pandas; for example, Wu Qilong, Huang Xiaoming, Jackie Chan

Liu Wen doesn’t have much interaction with several other domestic models, and the relationship is normal. She doesn’t like to mix with models in intrigue. Concentrating solely on her own career, she is now in a very high position. If others want to bully her, she won’t be able to bully.

Jin Chen and Deng Lun broke up with each other in the first place. I was still trying to tie up with Deng Lun. Deng Lun deliberately released false news about the reconciliation of the two after the fire. The result was denied by Deng Lun’s agent, and Jin Chen was so angry that Jin Chen had a temper in the dressing room

Facts: Yang Zi, Gong Jun, Zhang Xinyu, Wang Junkai, Liu Wen, Jin Chen and Deng Lun, Sun Yi, ab

Sun Yi is very inconsistent with her evaluation and negative comments Never ask the team to find someone to delete

Angelababy is creating a good mother’s profile

Huang Lei’s daughter Duoduo has no plans to enter the entertainment industry, but she is really a very high double quotient Girl, I know that she is quite assertive after contacting it in private, and she wants to go abroad to be a designer in the future.

The red string on Zhang Jiayi’s feet was calculated by a master, so I never picked it up. . His current body is not particularly good, so the number of plays is limited, and he is only willing to come forward when he has a good book or a good relationship.

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