Why did this album win the Golden Melody Award “Best Mandarin Album“?

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The post-90s female singer Sun Shengxi won the "Best Mandarin Album" award in the competition with many strong opponents such as Jolin, Lin Yilian and

The 30th Golden Melody Awards ceremony ended. The post-90s female singer Sun Shengxi relied on the album "Xiyouji" In the competition with many powerful opponents such as Jolin, Lin Yilian and Ai Yiliang, he won the "Best Mandarin Album" award.

In her acceptance speech, including the album introduction, there is a noun mentioned-experimental album. The word "experimental" seems to have suddenly appeared in the public eye of the music circle in recent years, especially this year's major music variety shows have started the "original" craze. The mention of "experimental" makes people feel very unpredictable. Mysterious.

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In fact, "experimental" does not appear in recent years, but a phased Run through the entire history of popular music development. The reason why it feels like it appears more frequently now is because Chinese pop music is in a process of rapid evolution. In a few years, the music style we hear may be completely different from now, just like you go now. Listening to the songs of the 90s, you will hear a sense of the age belonging to that era.

In my opinion, the two most obvious "experimental" aspects of the album "Xiyouji" are one is the variety of styles, and the other is the variety of production methods Of course, Sun Shengxi's excellent singing skills and music taste, as well as the efforts of the teachers behind the production, are all necessary conditions for completing this "experiment".

Why did this album win the Golden Melody Award “Best Mandarin Album“?


The word Urban was born in the 1980s and 1990s. It is based on a music style evolved from R&B/Soul. It can be simply understood as R&B, the difference is that there will be many fresh elements in the arrangement. Many singers we are familiar with have won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Metropolis Album, such as The Weekend, Rihanna, Beyonce.

The production method of this song is very special. Sun Shengxi and the musicians first determined a simple chord direction and lay back beat in the recording studio, and then created the melody through humming. The guitarist improvised with While playing the chords, I finished the song by improvising Jam. The demo version of this song is collected in "Xiyouji-Collector's Edition", which is what it looked like when the prototype of the song was just created, allowing you to feel the birth of a song up close.

Why did this album win the Golden Melody Award “Best Mandarin Album“?

"Red Apple"-Disco

Disco feels that its second spring has recently emerged. Many Chinese singers have begun to try this style. The main reason may be the continuous update of hardware and software equipment, allowing producers to More novel timbres are tried on the framework of Disco, so that the "outdated" style can sound updated.

It’s worth mentioning that when this song was recorded, Live radio was used, which is the accompaniment plus The vocal is all recorded in one go, and any mistakes in the recording process will be repeated. From a singer’s perspective, compared to singing in a studio, whenHowever, it is more comfortable to sing and interact with the musicians on the Live site; from the audience's point of view, the sense of Live is not the distance of the recording studio, and it will be more real.

Why did this album win the Golden Melody Award “Best Mandarin Album“?


I say it’s Rock, and my personal feeling is actually that the arrangement uses an obvious rock background, but it is mixed with jazz The piano with a strong sense does not sound contrary to harmony, but has a special sense of trendiness. In addition, Sun Shengxi's timbre plasticity is really too strong.

The birth process of this song is similar to "Sleepwalking".It was created by Xing Jam, but the difference is that many versions of this song have been modified by everyone sitting together. In the end, everyone thought it was the best version for the first try.

"Then what time are you there"-Slow Rock

This song will not talk about "experimental", the English sounds like very high-end , In fact, it just shakes slowly. The arrangement is a relatively simple one in this album, but there is no lack of careful thinking. The light part of the first half is covered with a lot of hihat, which is very smart, so this song can clearly hear Sun Shengxi’s tone. Lazy and nice.

Why did this album win the Golden Melody Award “Best Mandarin Album“?

The physical album of "Xiyouji"

The shape of the physical album of "Xiyouji" is also very "experimental". 10 test tubes, each with the lyrics of ten songs, symbolizing "irrigation in music, these songs are grown".

In fact, "experimental" is not so mysterious. The control and trade-off between the avant-garde and trendy elements and market acceptance is the experimental nature of this album, and it is exactly this Breakthrough and experimentation enabled "Xiyouji" to win the 2019 Golden Melody Award "Best Mandarin Album".

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Why did this album win the Golden Melody Award “Best Mandarin Album“?