It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

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Wen|Linghuqing Disney recently announced the trailer for the live-action film "Mulan" adapted from an animated cartoon. It only takes one minute to br

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Disney recently announced the trailer for the live-action film "Mulan" adapted from an animated cartoon, which is only one minute and will be played by Liu Yifei Hua Mulan's civil and military scenes. The movie will only be released in March next year, and the schedule of Chinese theaters is unknown. But these uncertainties cannot stop the leisurely mouth of netizens. The trailer is like an American-made cultural bomb based on China, sparking controversy on social media.

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

Disney’s live-action movie "Mulan" poster

In China, anyone with a compulsory education level knows the folklore of Mulan’s military service. A song "Mulan" The "chirps and chirps" of "Ci" may mean that many people have the peak of their ancient literary attainments. This is the market basis expected when Disney adapted "Mulan". From cartoons to live-action movies, Americans are engaged in creative creation. Almost, I really know China’s national conditions.

The one-minute trailer warmed up the box office home of Liu Yifei’s version of "Mulan" in East Asia. Whether it is from the perspective of traditional Chinese culture, or based on the concept of feminism. Criticizing the breakthrough point, all these trivial or grand arguments have become part of the influence of the film. The fusion of Chinese and Western cultures once again proves that Americans are really clever in telling Chinese stories.

Mulan is a fictional character sung from generation to generation

Before citing and commenting on various disputes, some necessary information may be needed to pave the way for better Discuss it in a timely manner.

First of all, Hua Mulan is a character created by folk literature, not a real person. From the cradle where she was born-"Mulan Poetry", we can see that the symbols of the times are disordered. The Han people’s lifestyle and the ethnic characteristics of the Xianbei are entangled with each other, which intuitively proves that it is a mixed poem. Of course, this is also the place where this poem and Mulan move people, and they run through the long cultural memory.

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

Secondly, according to the creation time of "Mulan Poem", we can also find the "mistakes" kindly committed by literati. In fact, it is exact The creation time is no longer available. The earliest recorded and disseminated classic is the "Gujin Yuelu" edited by the Buddhist monk Nan Chen Shizhi, which contains "Songs and "Mulan"". Song Dynasty Guo Maoqian Edited "Yuefu Poetry Collection", calling it "I don't know where it came from".

Again, neither the ancient literati hippies nor the contemporary local officials gave upThrough the efforts to make Mulan a real person. Xu Wei, a writer of the Qing Dynasty, said in a definite way: Hua Mulan's father is Huahu, her sister is Hua Mulian, her younger brother is Huaxiong, and her mother is Hua Yuan. With the spread of various local operas, his fabricated works have been poured into the hearts of the people at the bottom.

The competition for Mulan's hometown is even more exciting. Shangqiu, Henan, and Wuwei, Gansu are both doing their part, and the basis for citing is also based on false county histories. Qiaocheng District, Bozhou, Anhui even implemented Hua Mulan’s hometown at the village level. These local officials used the intentions of the cultural celebrity Hua Mulan to make it clear that they continued the historical trend that pulled Mulan from the literary figure.

Since Hua Mulan is a fictional literary figure, she cannot stop her "destiny" from continuing to be created in cultural activities. From this point of view, whether it is the Americans transforming it into an animation style and carrying it into Disney’s long list of princesses, or feminist supporters criticizing Hua Mulan to defendPatriarchal regimes, or people simply focusing on Hua Mulan's strong female power, are the latest manifestations of historical adaptations.

Single-line Hua Mulan's movie series, Disney's two creations first of animation and then live action, are not the first attempts of Hua Mulan to film. As early as 1928, the silent film "Mulan Joins the Army" was released. Another movie of the same name was released in 1939, and Hua Mulan and Liu Yuan were married. Shaw Brothers film produced "Mulan" in 1964, and "Mulan" starring Zhao Wei and Chen Kun was released in 2009.

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

From left: 1928 silent movie "Mulan Joins the Army" poster; 1939 movie "Mulan Joins the Army" poster; 2009 movie "Mulan" Sea

The legendary woman of Hua Mulan has not only the housekeeping skills of going to the hall and the kitchen, but also the ability to defend life and ethnic group by force. The creators were moved by it and picked up creative tools to join the trend of tracing Mulan. For a time, the boundary between true and false disappeared. Literature and reality, the past and the present, were melted in the name of Mulan. One furnace.

Beware of over-interpretation of Mulan

If it comes to thisIn fact, you still don't think that Hua Mulan is a "literary fictional character". You can basically ignore the following part. If you agree with this statement, you probably agree with this basic position: all the disputes surrounding Disney's "Mulan" are all saying different things, using a virtual character to attach their own views and positions, and they are all about Mulan." Used by me".

The focus of these controversies is different. Some focus on the elements of the movie itself, such as makeup, scenes, etc.; while others regard the American movies played by English-speaking Chinese stars as a whole Cultural products to evaluate their cultural attributes. Others claim to see through the essence of Hua Mulan. For example, her relationship with male power is to point out from the value concept.

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

Screenshot of the trailer for Disney’s live-action movie "Mulan"

The most criticized technical flaws in Disney’s trailer point to two aspects: one is that it sets Mulan’s hometown in Tujialou in southern Fujian and northern Guangdong thought it violated the description of the northern scene in "Mulan Ci", and felt distressed about it. Those who say these things, of course, belong to the film textual research school, using the virtual literary time and space to demonstrate the authenticity of a film.

Because the film textualist attitude is serious, So the effect is particularly pleasant. The great thing about screenwriters is that they can construct magical scenes on top of boring reality. If the film screenwriters think that Tujialou can best reflect the Hakka's residential aesthetics and best reflect the Chinese elements, they will use it without hesitation. It is the filmmaker, not the film textualist, who decides where to apply Hua Mulan.

If you sympathize with the criticism of Hua Mulan’s hometown in the film textual research, and disagree with the film’s transfer of flowers, you may have to face a fundamental contradiction: the audience knows that Liu Fangfei is a woman, but why they believe her/ All the activities of Hua Mulan in the barracks? Incidentally, we need to solve such an ancient mystery: How did Hua Mulan survive the test of her menstrual period after 12 years in the army?

Including movies, the authenticity of literature surpasses the reality of reality. This is the basic understanding when understanding a movie or a novel. The reason why the film textualist is unlovable is precisely because of this, When you are immersed in the oriental fantasy created by Disney screenwriters, someone in the back row sharply pointed out: How could the Khan conscript in Fujian? ! Do you have the urge to hit someone?

Of course, it can be expected that with the spread of the trailer and the release of the feature film next year, there will be a lot of historical evidence in the movie public opinion to prove how unreliable Disney’s live-action version of Mulan is. . Disney also has misfortunes, after all, they didn't copy the animated version of Mulan as it was, otherwise, why would Mushu Dragon disappear.

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of MulanThe poster for the 1998 Disney cartoon "Mulan"

The authenticity critique based on the trailer is actually still addicted to Hua Mulan. It is this historical imprint of a fictional character. But it's more than that. I can't get used to Disney's creation of Hua Mulan. I subconsciously think that our Chinese culture can be ruined by our own people. You foreigners should not come to join in the fun. This is the extreme after cultural self-confidence encounters advanced cultural IP.

Disney’s Mulan is a fairy tale. If someone has to play the role of a great drinker to make movie lovers wake up from the American culture indulge, their intentions are not necessarily foolish or bad. But at least we have to see how Zhou Xingchi or other domestic producers recreate (zai) create (zao) and (ta) other mermaids. If there is no comparison, there will be nohurt.

Mulan is not a spokesperson for women’s rights

Mulan joined the army on behalf of her father, because it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and even became Chinese culture A representative product of, so the interpretation of its value concept has once again set off waves in this trailer. This kind of turmoil originates from a conflicting understanding of Mulan as a female image: some understand that she is a representative of feminism, and some think that she is anti-feminist, which is very contradictory in short.

The establishment of the ancient literary figure of Hua Mulan as a representative of modern feminism is precisely to use the traditional image of Hua Mulan to convey the concept of feminism. It is to absorb Hua Mulan’s independent personality and be in the camp of all men. The actual strength of China and Israel won a place, breaking the prejudice that women can only be subordinate to the family even though she was always considered to be in the military campIt's a brave man.

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

Jianghua Mulan’s support as a spokesperson for women’s rights is faced with many difficulties. These difficulties mainly come from the long history of creating the entire script from "Mulan Ci" to Disney's script. Her career in poetry is a woman’s fixed career, and she has to bear the words of a matchmaker. The pressure, more importantly, is that the entire army does not recognize the rights of women. Hua Mulan can only do it by pretending to be a man.

This is too awkward, how can it be considered that Hua Mulan’s female disguise as a man’s military exploits is against women? The publicity of rights? For this issue, we can trace back some eras when women have not been completely suppressed, such asDuring the period of the great ethnic integration of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, women were not actually covered in historical facts. But for the ancient representatives who respected Hua Mulan as a feminist today, there is still the problem of being unable to accept it.

In contrast, it is easier and less difficult for some feminist supporters to deny Hua Mulan as a woman and obliterate her enthusiasm. They said, “Mulan can only be called up by pretending to be a man”, which is a suppression of the public image of women; “Mulan’s army defends a patriarchal regime”, which is a vivid manifestation of women’s submission to the patriarchal system... …

I'm speechless. Facing this kind of debate between ancient fictional characters and modern values-but this is the daily life of Weibo-it is really helpless.

This is the difficulty of modern female concepts in interpreting Hua Mulan. She was born in an era where there was no concept of feminism at all. Her image gradually became fuller in the hands of weak male literati in the feudal era.She travels from an ancient character to a modern context, and it is inevitable that she will be over-interpreted when explaining. However, the trailer edited a line of Hua Mulan seems to be able to relieve the trouble: her duty is to fight.

It’s boring to argue about feminism on the Disney version of Mulan

This line seems to bridge the contradiction between Hua Mulan’s literary and authenticity. To seek reconciliation, whether as a wife or as a fighter, Mulan is fighting, and proud of it. By reinterpreting the definition of "battle", the screenwriter rescued Hua Mulan from the contradictory interpretation, leading to a modern character that spans ancient and modern times.

Of course, whether this is the case, and whether it will slide from one over-interpretation to another, will have to wait until the film is finished. But what is certain now is that the rhetoric such as "cultural export", "feminism", "cultural imperialism", "Oriental culture under the establishment of Westerners", "Said's orientalism from the perspective of cultural colonialism" is so impressive Bored, so boring.

Beyond these arguments, the fundamental question is: What do people want in this Disney movie? Perhaps it is enough to remember that Hua Mulan is an independent, strong, and capable woman who can switch between family and battlefield. For other things you are trying to attach, it might be better to keep a distance, don’t try to understand others, and be conscientious.The fairy tale sense and authenticity of the legend of Tonghua Mulan.

Please remember that Disney’s live-action version of "Mulan" is not a historical movie of Chinese costume. There are at least three key words in this sentence: Hua Mulan surpasses "China" with its humanity portrayal, the film breaks through the inherent setting of "ancient costume" with the fairy tale film format, and then escapes the constraints of "historical" textual research with legendary characteristics.

What "Mulan" can do, we should too.