Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

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Not only was it a perfect dodge, but it also scored 9.7 points on Douban on the night of the broadcast, which was far beyond the general director Lu W

The "spell of the second generation" that almost no one can escape can not be found in the second season of "This Is Street Dance".

Not only did it perfectly dodge, it also scored 9.7 points on Douban on the night of the broadcast, which greatly exceeded the expectations of Chief Director Lu Wei.

"My score last season was 8.6. I originally thought it might be around eight points." Lu Wei recalled his expectations before the show started.

Is it accidental or doomed? Recently, we walked into the Canxing office in Shanghai, andDirector Lu Wei talked about "This is Street Dance" which you don't know.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

Interview with people | Lu Wei

Interview + Writing| February 1

"A score of 9.6 means that you cannot lose every subsequent episode"


Before recording the audition session, the chief director Lu Wei asked the team to:

"Whether the atmosphere feels It was inferior to last year’s finals."

They did it, and they even got better results than expected.

On the night of the broadcast, the Douban score for the second season of "This Is Street Dance" Climbed from 9.6 to 9.7, beyond everyone's expectations-including Lu Wei.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

It is an accident, but in fact it is inevitable. Facing the audience's rising expectations, Lu Wei "a little panicked."

-Must go further.

The original 100-to-49 format cannot be used anymore. But what else can be more explosive than the chemistry of the new and old captains in the audition stage, the innovative 3V3 Battle based on the original competition system, and the new competition system for the towel grab?

Two days before recording, Lu Wei had a flash of inspiration and decided to use the inspiration brought by a certain street dance public account to introduce the B-boy crew battle rules to all dance types.

This is what happened. In the third and fourth phases, dancers of the same kind of dance were divided into single and double numbers to break the heads of famous scenes.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

It’s hard to imagine that in just two days in advance, All the dancers were not informed in advance, and when all the camera schedules were torn down and restarted, they were able to show the blameless program effect that we saw later.

In fact, as long as it can make the show better, temporarily changing the competition system is nothing new to "This Is Hip-hop".

The "Small Black Room Secret Chat" staged in the sixth issue last year was actually the result of reconstruction after overthrowing the previous settings-at the time there was only distance recording left 4 days.

"I told our team that we must surpass our previous self at every step so that netizens will at least not be disappointed."

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

How to do this?

In other words, why is "This Is Hip-hop" always seemingly unable to make progress Where, further exceed the audience’s expectations?

Simply and simply-nothing more than adhering to the street dance culture of "peace, love and respect" , Refining and summarizing past reality show experience, respecting the audience’s immediate feedback.

Whether it’s the characters modified in response to the audience’s request in the previous season, or in this season, it is guaranteed to be While entering the captain’s reaction shots, the post-editing of the dancer’s work is presented without missing a frame. These countless thoughtful details are "This is"Hip-hop" is always the key to one step forward.

"The Hate of the Bead is a part of destiny"

Temporary improvement of the game system can also show the explosion scene. Such a difficult operation is not only due to Lu Wei’s team’s rich experience in program production and the superior level of the dancers are also a major guarantee for a good-looking program.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

The second season is the most intuitive feeling for the old fans who chased up from the first season of the same period as the "Hot-Blood Street Dance Group" last year. , That’s—Fight of the gods.

Last year, the outstanding dancers of the competition program were attracted by a large number of votes. Various legendary gods gathered at the audition site, overseas Chinese players have sprung up after the rain.

"Half of the people on the court have won the world championship. ”

Such exaggeration, it is only describing the facts.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

In this regard, we worriedly asked a question that everyone cares about:

"Too ruthless, are you really afraid to cut all the'leeks'? ”

Lu Wei shows bigGuy’s mysterious smile:

"The most taboo thing about being a reality show is to'cut all the leeks'."

The curse of "Song 2" is that the homogeneity of the program and excessive consumption of players are important reasons.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

Lu Wei revealed that in the selection phase of the second season of "This Is Street Dance", they have already made a conscious There are some treasure dancers with different styles and characteristics.

"I currently think this program can be done for at least two to three years." Lu Wei said.

Okay, you understand the subtext. Friends who are worried about next year can put their hearts in their stomachs.

It’s just that the fights of the gods are beautiful, but they are also regrettable.It's embarrassing.

Some hip-hop fans are even so enthusiastic that they require the show to release all dance materials without editing. Naturally, they cannot accept their favorite "great god" to regret the stage.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

But Lu Wei knows that the competition for limited resources and the dramatic of the competition for resources are the key to making a draft look good.

Fairness is not the primary factor that reality shows need to consider: "The Hate of the Bead is part of the destiny, but also part of the charm of the reality show."

What are you afraid of? Maybe next year will be their real battlefield. Luck and unknown are also part of destiny?

About Wu Jianhao, the treasure captain

From the first season, the four age, sexCaptains with different styles and ways of thinking are a major highlight of the show, and the top index goes straight to five stars.

Although all four captains are intentionally retained, because of Huang Zitao The concert schedule and the program recording schedule are highly overlapped, and the captain’s seat had to be transferred, but the second season ushered in a huge surprise——

Treasure Captain Wu Jianhao.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

The level of hip-hop dance is excellent, the aggressiveness is strong, and the character does not go around directly. The collision with other captains leads to lightning. The fierce and sweet Wu Jianhao quickly harvested the hearts of a large audience.

Finally among many excellent candidates Sure Wu Jianhao, it's kind ofThe meaning of "big case slip".

Lu Wei, who has many years of working experience as a social journalist, is best at interviews, discovering details, and insight into human nature.

Lu Wei designed a series of questions, including psychological tests, emotional tests, emotional intelligence tests, life scene simulations, etc. to find out the new captain’s personality. Infer the chemical reaction between the new captain and the old captain.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

"They are all stars who can dance, and I am the dancer. "

This iconic sentence of Wu Jianhao’s self-introduction is not the first time in the show, but Lu Wei asked, "Compared to other captains, you have "What advantage?", Wu Jianhao answered naturally.

"The mind-reading technique of big cases" is honest and not deceived. Wu Jianhao becameA well-deserved treasure in the second season. In addition to Luo Zhixiang's wit, Han Geng's "routines", and Qian Xi's quietness, Wu Jianhao's direct popularity has added fire to the new season of the show.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

Record this era with variety shows

After graduating from the School of Journalism of Fudan University, Lu Wei joined Dragon TV as a social news reporter.

Years of experience in frontline reporters have enabled Lu Wei to always be more responsible Look at the variety shows produced by yourself.

"I always ask myself, Why are you doing this? What do you want to express? What do you want to record?

If I can’t answer these questions, it will be painful for me to do this show."

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

In "this Before the first season of "Hip-hop", Lu Wei actually had no idea about street dance, and even "know nothing about this circle".

In order to live up to his mission, it’s even more important. Make one's own workTo make sense, he went to attend industry seminars and seminars, and bought books on street dance culture to learn... "Finally, when all of them told me that the core of street dance culture is peace, respect and love Only then did I know what I wanted to express."

Review all Canxing’s projects, whether it’s "China's Got Talent Show" or "The Voice of China" Waiting for the TV variety show, or "This Is Hip-hop" is a super web variety, Lu Wei always insists that good shows need to be inspiring and provide spiritual comfort to the audience.

Douban 9.2, “This Is Hip-hop“ Season 2 The Secret of the God

"What you show on TV is the image of an ordinary person in a country. If it makes people feel hopeless, you are negligent in mediation. "

If you want to summarize the core of "This is Street Dance" in one sentence, Lu Wei said, this sentence would be——

"Use variety shows to record this era. ”

As ​​the audience, we will eventually remember this summer full of passion, respect and love in the record of the lens. p>