Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

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abstract Feature 1994 was a wonderful year. These films have achieved different successes in terms of box office, awards, and word of mouth. This is

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us special Draft 1994 was a really good year. That year, Hollywood movies such as "The Lion King", "Forrest Gump", "Pulp Fiction", and "Life and Death" were released one after another. These movies achieved different successes in box office, awards, and word of mouth. This is the best Hollywood movie. One of the years.

At the same time, in mainland China, the mainland movie market at that time began to introduce 10 imported blockbuster movies every year. Although it was not introduced for Hollywood, Hollywood blockbusters led the global movie scene all year round and naturally became imported blockbuster movies. The main film source. At that time, the conditions were limited, the introduction of an imported filmThe approval and production process of "The Lion King" is not as fast as today, so a Hollywood movie is introduced to the mainland and is usually released later than North America. For example, "The Lion King" is more than a year later than North America. By the way, "Forrest Gump" and "Life and Death" were all introduced to the Chinese mainland market in 1995. These films have cultivated a new generation of Hollywood fans.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Circle Of Life

On June 24, 1994, "The Lion King" was released on a large scale in North America (previously it was released on a small scale on June 15), and then it set off a box office whirlwind, the film won 312 million North American box office, Is the first animated film with a box office of more than 300 million U.S. dollars, and its reputation is so good that it is also popular in many overseas markets. Without any suspense, it became the world's most popular animated film in 1994.

Unfortunately, "The Lion King" did not win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Why? Because this award was only established in 2002, but in everyone's mind, "The Lion King" is already regarded as the uncrowned king of the animation industry.

The "Lion King" is so popular that it certainly cannot be ignored by the mainland market. The film was introduced to the mainland market in 1995 and was released nationwide on July 15, opening up a whole new horizon for mainland audiences.

In fact, before the "Lion King", the animated films produced in mainland China since the reform and opening up, such as "Nezha Naohai", "Tanshu Qitan", "Golden Monkeys Falling Demons", and a few imported from abroad Few animated feature films, such as "Ryoko Taro", "Swan Lake" and "King"And Little Birds" have not been released on a large scale nationwide simultaneously, and there are not many audiences who have the opportunity to watch animated feature films in theaters.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

The Lion "The King" was the first animation blockbuster introduced after the reform and opening up, and it was the highest-level animation work in Hollywood at that time. With the magnificent vision and majestic soundtrack of "The Lion King", this animated film has an epic temperament and refreshes the audience. The film is adapted from Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", which interprets a "Prince's Revenge" in the form of animation. Many viewers are even fascinated by Shakespeare's plays because of this movie.

The charm of classic works is not limited to the time.As time goes by, it has invisibly affected generations of viewers. Today, let us talk about the things that "The Lion King" taught us.

We interviewed three veteran "Lion King" fans: animation producer Wuyou, animation researcher Guan Zhong Afu, and film critics dreaming of crows. Although they are now teachers or fathers, they were also Youngsters, when "The Lion King" was first introduced to mainland China, they watched this film one after another. The Lion King Simba is undoubtedly one of the best memories of their childhood or youth.

Guanzhong Afu: The story of "The Lion King" is simple, but still very great

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Guan Zhong Afu is a 70-year-old. He has been committed to the study of the introduction of overseas film and television works since the reform and reform. He saw "The Lion King" in theaters when he was a teenager. He has a lot to say about this movie.

Mtime: When did you first watch "The Lion King"?

Guanzhong Afu : The first time I watched "The Lion King" was in the theater, when it was released in 1995.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Mtime: What are your unforgettable memories of "The Lion King"?

Guan Zhong AFu: "The Lion King" is the first large-scale animation feature film screened in mainland China. "Large Ryuko Taro" and "The King's Bird" have also been screened before, but they are not on such a large scale. Therefore, before the release of "The Lion King" in 1995, many audiences had no idea about animated feature films. Not many Chinese audiences had the opportunity to watch animated feature films in cinemas. This "Lion King" changed the audience's perception of cartoons. The established concept.

At that time, many of the animated films "Nezha Naohai", "Nezha Naohai", "Thanksgiving" and "Tanshu Qitan" watched by those born in the 70s and 80s were all watched on TV, and TV stations used these movies Cut into several segments to play day by day. After "The Lion King" was released in China in 1995, many talents began to watch animated films in cinemas.

Another deep impression of this film is the English dubbing. In 1995, people at the time watched video tapes and VCDs.There are many original English movies, but everyone doesn't care too much about whether it is Chinese or English. But the movie "The Lion King" is different, because the English dubbing effect of this movie is particularly good, so that everyone has a new understanding of the original dubbing of the animated film. At that time, I really sighed that it was dubbed by others. This is how it feels. Of course, it's not that the Chinese version was badly dubbed later, but for the first time I have a new understanding of the original animation dubbing.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Mtime: How would you rate "The Lion King"?

Guan Zhong Afu: American animated films are telling stories in lens language.The story of "The Lion King" is very simple, it is "The Prince's Revenge", but the audience still thinks this movie is very beautiful and enjoyable. Why? Because the visual effects of this film are outstanding, the visual effects of the film have reached an extreme, which is a peak state. The visual effects presented by the film cannot be expressed in words and words, but are the embodiment of beauty and magnificence.

The drama of adoration with the Stone of Glory at the beginning and the end of the film echoes each other. It is a classic among the classics. The visual effects of this scene are achieved to the extreme, and audiences who have seen it will have a deep impression. An extreme embodiment of Disney animation.

Dreaming about a crow: "The Lion King" is my Disney animated feature film enlightenment

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Dreaming that Crow is a senior film critic, read countless movies, and has unique research on science fiction and cartoons. Although he did not watch "The Lion King" in the theater at the beginning, this does not prevent the film from having a profound impact on him.

Mtime: When did you watch "The Lion King" for the first time?

Dreaming about a crow: The first time I watched "The Lion King", I was not in a movie theater. Because I was probably at that age at that time, it should have been not long since I was in elementary school, and I did not consciously ask someone to take me to the theater. At that time, I was watching the videotape. A relative in the family opened the video room and watched the videotape from there.

Mtime: Do you have any unforgettable memories of "The Lion King"?

Dreaming about a crow: the one that impressed me the mostMy friends are all talking about this movie. If you say you haven’t watched "The Lion King", you feel that you have nothing to say to them. At that time, under that condition, the children at that time, they definitely wanted to watch this. Things, I didn't know Disney's work at the time. I first knew about Disney because of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I didn’t know that "The Lion King" was produced by Disney. Just because I heard my friends say "The Lion King", I thought it was particularly novel and I wanted to watch it. .

Mtime: What impact did "The Lion King" have on you?

Dreaming about a crow: "The Lion King" is the first Disney animated feature film I watched. It made me realize what an animated film is. At the time, I didn't know "The Little Mermaid". "Aladdin" these previous animated films. After the reform and opening up, "The Lion King" was the first American animated film to be released on a large scale in China.The Disney animated feature film is equivalent to opening the door to a new world. Later I started to understand Disney, and I started to watch animation works such as "White Snow Park", "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin". "The Lion King" can be regarded as an animated feature film that enlightened me.

Nothing:The significance of this movie to my life has far surpassed a movie

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Nothing, a senior media person before, has transformed into an animation in recent years Producer, became a part of Chinese animation. In his words, "The Lion King" put him on the road of animation.

Mtime: What are youWhen did you watch "The Lion King" for the first time?

The first time I watched "The Lion King" was in the cinema when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school. At that time, I only watched it once because I didn't have the money to do it twice, but the first time I saw it, I was deeply shocked. Later, I watched the rebroadcast of "The Lion King" on CCTV, and I remembered that this was also the first time that CCTV broadcasted an animated film in English.

Mtime: What impact did "The Lion King" have on you?

This animated movie has had a great impact on me, and it has changed my life. In my mind, "The Lion King" is the king of animated movies forever, there is no one. I remember that in the second year, Mainland China introduced Pixar’s "Toy Story". Although this was the first three-dimensional animation feature film in film history, it did not give me a special shock. I think it may be because "The Lion King" is a two-dimensional The animation has been lockedRooted firmly in my heart, the status can no longer be shaken. For me personally, the significance of this movie to my life has far surpassed that of a movie. "The Lion King" has four main influences on my life——

First, I like learning English. After "The Lion King", I began to look for the English version of Shakespeare's plays. As a representative of the English class in junior high school, I suggested that the teacher use Disney animation as a textbook for English listening and speaking classes, not just "The Lion King" ", "Aladdin", "Beauty and the Beast", etc. At that time, the tapes produced by the Rolling Stone were almost a box of people. My classmates and I even continued to imitate the lines of the characters in the film dubbing, to the extent that they are vivid, and the English songs inside are also sung for the first time. This movie has contributed to my great interest in English.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught usKeep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Nothing in the collection

Secondly, this movie also made me like the original soundtrack. I had never heard of "The Lion King" before Having had such a grand and soul-shaking soundtrack, it was from this movie that I became interested in the original soundtrack of the film. The original soundtrack of the movie "The Lion King" released by Rolling Stone Records also became the first in my life. The original soundtracks of the movies in the collection, I repeatedly heard that the tape was broken in the walkman. In college,I have formed the habit of collecting soundtrack CDs and vinyl discs, and it has continued to this day. This movie opened the door to the original soundtrack for me and made me particularly obsessed with Hollywood electronic symphonies. Hans Zimmer is the first film scorer I like, and he is also my favorite film scorer.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

Third , I fell in love with animation. I was 11 years old when I watched "The Lion King". "The Lion King" gave me a real insight into the artistic charm of animation. Walt Disney has become my life idol for a long time. In the era without the Internet, I tried every way to find information to learn the knowledge of animation film. When I was a student, I used the systemThe study of the history of animation and the behind-the-scenes production of animation, I even studied Mexican animation films, is it enough to explain my obsession with animation at the time? This love of animation has been maintained to this day, and I have become an animation practitioner now, thanks to the enlightenment given to me by The Lion King at that time.

Fourth, it changed my perception of my father and his love. When I was in junior high school, my father was eager to look forward to his son, and his requirements were almost harsh on me. One day, I watched "The Lion King" again. For the first time, I truly realized the meaning of "unending" in the film. I began to try to understand my father's painstaking efforts. On the second day between classes, I was still reminiscing about the movie. Thinking of my father's quietly gray hair and tears, I decided to communicate with my father. I remember that conversation like the scene where Simba and Mufasa sat under the stars in the movie,My father and I opened up and talked a lot. Since then, our relationship has eased, and we have been able to communicate as friends since then, and I have a better understanding of what fatherly love is. It is no exaggeration to say that "The Lion King" is the best fatherly movie in my heart. This movie taught me how to be a son and how to be a father in the future.

Story before and behind the stage

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

1. "The Lion King" is the first animated film to be introduced in mainland China, and it is the first time for many Chinese audiences to watch an animated feature film in a theater

2, July 15, 1995, China Film CorporationThe charity premiere was held at the Beijing Geological Auditorium, and all 1,349 tickets were sold. The box office proceeds were donated to the newly established China Aiko Film and Television Education Promotion Association.

3. Most of the "Lion King" screened in Chinese theaters was dubbed in Chinese, but many viewers expressed their desire to see the dubbed version in English.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

4, In 2011, "The Lion King" was converted into a 3D movie version, which was released in many theaters in North America. However, this 3D version was never introduced to mainland China.

5. During the production of the animated version of "The Lion King", Disney really invited real lions for animators to visit, in order to achieve better animation effectsfruit.

6. "The Lion King" was adapted into a Broadway opera that was also very popular. It has been performed around the world for nearly 20 years, and the cumulative box office has exceeded 6 billion US dollars, yes, 6 billion US dollars.

7. There are also piercing shots in the film. The hyena’s paws in the film have three toes. But there was a scene where Simba was squeezing across a rock while the hyena was chasing Simba. The hyena was behind it and grabbed Simba with its paws. We noticed that this hyena had four toes on its paws.

8. There are also colored eggs in the film. When Mufasa tells Simba about the great kings of the past, Mickey Mouse can be seen in the distant starry sky.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us

9. At first, the producer wanted to use the Oscar-winning "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" on Peng Peng and Ding Man. This frightened Elton John and Tim who wrote the song. · Rice. The song was abandoned for a while, and was reactivated after Elton's lobbying.

10. Many people think that the Glory Stone was created based on the mountain peaks in the Samburu Animal Sanctuary in Kenya, but it is not. "The'Glory Stone' was designed and completed by the designer at the Disney headquarters. It not only draws on the topography of Samburu, but also incorporates the characteristics of other scenic spots in Kenya."


For many viewers, it may be a pity not to go to the theater to watch the animated feature film "The Lion King", but the upcoming real beast version of "The Lion King" may make up for this small Little regret.

Reminder: Regarding the story behind the production of "The Lion King", Mtime will also launch relevant planning articles this Friday, so stay tuned.

Keep going! What “The Lion King“ taught us