Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

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Recently, "The Twelfth Hours of Chang'an" burst the screen, attracting countless eyes. Compared with the intense and solid narrative, the exquisite an

Recently, "The Twelfth Hours of Chang'an" burst into a screen, attracting countless eyes. Compared with the intense and solid narrative, the exquisite and detailed presentation is also one of the secrets of its success. In the first episode, the director used several long shots to show the whole picture of Chang'an. There are many aspects to the prosperity and prosperity. Tang-style dining is closely related to all living beings. It has a unique style and unique style.

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

In the second episode, the bad guy Zhang Xiaojing is on the roadside Stall eats "water basin lamb". This bowl of lamb soup is evolved from "yang 臐 (xūn)" in the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The original meaning of 臐 is mutton soup . The lamb in the water basin is mainly made of lamb belly, which is a traditional snack of the Han people in Shaanxi. The "Shanjiaqing Offering" reveals the secret of boiling lamb soup. "Lamb is made into a casserole and placed in a casserole. There is a secret method outside, using only a few real almonds to be beaten and boiled in running water until the bones are also eroded. ”The key to lamb in water basin is to simmer it slowly.

Wu Zetian likes the refreshing and exquisite "cold repair lamb", slices the boiled lamb, tops it with seasoning, and freezes it before eating. After eating, the queen praised: "Zhen Lang kills himself to protect the country. "Zhen Lang is talking about sheep. In the folk, the processing of mutton has obvious local color, such as the southern "breasted turtle". The chef puts lamb and local aquatic products when cooking soft-shelled turtle. With fat lamb and duck egg yolk. After the turtle is cooked, the golden soup and white meat, the soup is mellow and delicious, and it is greedy for everyone.

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

In addition to eating mutton, people in the Tang Dynasty also love goat milk. Butter, crisp, glutinous rice and milk curd made from goat milk also attracted the attention of foodies. Goat milk fermentation Later, it becomes cheese, and the floating skin obtained by smelting goat cheese is called crisp. The fat exuded from the pastry is Daigo. The goat milk is cooked into a slurry, cooled and condensed, and it becomes milk curd, which is very similar to the current milk tofu. .

Zhang Xiaojing even ate two bowls of lamb in water basin. The authentic way of eating lamb in water basin is a bowl of lamb soup with two sesame cakes, one steamed bun, and the otherOne is made into a steamed bun with garlic and or sugar garlic, supplemented by lamb spicy, fat but not greasy, unique taste. Hu Bing appeared several times in the play and was marked with a strong Tang-style brand. The folks usually use walnuts as fillings and sprinkle sesame on the dough. After being baked at high temperature, it has an attractive burnt aroma, crispy and delicious flavor, and a long shelf life. It is really an artifact for home and travel.

After being introduced to the Central Plains, Hu Bing was improved, and it was divided into two types: stuffed and unstuffed. According to the needs of diners, frugal and free. The unstuffed ones are similar to the naan, the stuffed ones are similar to the sesame seed, the stuffing is either meat or vegetarian, or salty or sweet. "Tang Yulin" contains, "Shi Hao’s family eats a catty of lamb, layered on giant sesame cakes, peppers, soy sauce, moistened with crisp, put into the furnace, and the meat is half-cooked. Gulouzi."This kind of lamb pie is not something ordinary people can consume.

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

Wei Juyuan, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, founded the "Burning Tail Banquet", which included a snack called "Jusheng Slave". Sesame originates from the Western Regions and is called flax. "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" records: "A huge victory for flax. "The medical book "Materia Medica Supplements" in the early Tang Dynasty is also included: "(Minu) means that when the wheat ears are about to ripen, there will be black mold on them. "It shows that slaves are small things that are not important. Wei Juyuan named it "Jusheng Slaves" for the sake of cheering. This small snack sprinkled with black sesame seeds. It looks tall, but it is just a sesame cake. That’s it.

A story in "Morning and Wilderness" reflects the delicacy of Hu Bing from the side. Official Zhang Heng said that "Lubang sees steamed buns freshly cooked He was impeached by Yushi, and Zhang Heng, who was going to be promoted to the third rank, was suspended and exiled. Since then, his official career has been terminated. This brother was between promotion and exile. , Only one sesame cake is missing. Eating the cake while it’s hot is a small matter, a disgraceful matter, and a big deal.It's so capricious.

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

Zhang Xiaojing also ate two fire crystal persimmons between the lamb in the water basin. He skillfully took one The straw is inserted into the persimmon, sucking the juice, peeling the peel, licking the pulp, seeing the food with the index finger moving, and can't stop it. The fire crystal persimmon is like fire because of its color. The persimmon skin is as thin as paper, silkless, seedless, and plump. Juice, sweet and refreshing, it is a local specialty of Lintong, Xi’an.

TestedCalculated, Huojing persimmon soluble solids accounted for 19.73%, sugar content accounted for 16.9%, sugar is the highest among fruits. In addition to fresh food, the local also uses wine to make vinegar, which is very popular among the people. "Huojing Persimmon Cake" is sweet, fragrant and soft, with a good taste. It is one of the local famous snacks. Looking at Zhang Xiaojing's technique, he is a glutton who eats Huojing persimmons.

Sima Xiangru, a talented scholar in the Western Han Dynasty, has a cloud in "Shanglin Fu"."Loquat persimmon, tuna magnolia, soft jujube bayberry, cherry pulu "It shows that the cultivation of persimmon has a history of more than two thousand years. The poet Liu Yuxi of the Tang Dynasty wrote "Yong Persimmon" handed down to the world, "Xiaolian star shadows, hanging in the sun in the evening. The original is picked and turned, and she protects her forever."At the end of Qing Dynasty, Empress Dowager Cixi "Xishi Changan" ", local officials took Huojing persimmons as tributeProduct advancement.

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

In the sixth episode, the guys from Su Ji Automobile Company chatted before delivery and said that they would drink three lean in the evening. In fact, Sanlejiang is a kind of medicinal wine, which has the functions of anti-fatigue, anti-anoxia and regulating immunity. threeThe origin of the name Lejiang is related to its raw materials. According to the "Supplement to the History of the Tang Dynasty": "There are also three-leaf liquors, which are derived from Persia. The three-leers are called Anmole, Herile, and Pilile."

In the Tang Dynasty, Sanlejiang received royal attention. In the Yuan Dynasty document "Mr. Qiujian's Full Text Collection": "Tang Dynasty Zongdali was fortunate to learn and bestowed the students with Sanle Jiang." At the end of Tang Dynasty, the formula of Sanle Jiang was lost. It was not until the Yuan Dynasty’s imperial physician Xu Guozhen restored Sanlejiang based on historical data and dedicated it to Kublai. After the fall of the Yuan Dynasty, Sanlejiang disappeared. It wasn't until 1981 that the Chinese medicine scientist Ling Yikui reduced the formula three times to make Sanle pulp reappear in the world.

Su Ji CheIn order to please Long Bo with the handlebar style, he took out a pack of fine mint leaves from JAC. In fact, the Tang people chewed mint leaves, which was fabricated by Prince Horse. The real Tang-style chewing gum should be "mouth sandalwood", which is also reflected in the first episode. The raw material of mouth sandalwood is cloves. This spice from South Asia has a strong fragrance and a sweet taste. It belongs to imported high-end chewing gum.

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

There are two types of cloves, male and female. The male cloves are made from dried flower buds and are called "lilac "The female clove is made from its fruit, shaped like a chicken tongue, also known as "chicken tongue fragrance". In the same amount, the fragrance of male cloves is more durable. During the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao gave Zhuge Liang five catties of chicken tongue to show her win. It shows that ancient chicken tongue incense is a high-end gift.

The poet Song Zhiwen of the Tang Dynasty once flattered Wu Zetian. The latter refused because of his dislike of bad breath. After Song Zhiwen learned the truth, he smelled chicken tongue every day. After the news spread, Chang'an's dignitaries rushed to buy chicken tongue fragrant, which made them worthy.Multiplying, demand exceeds supply. For a time, "mouth with chicken tongue" became synonymous with being an official in the dynasty.

Which Tang Dynasty delicacies in “The Twelfth Hour in Chang“an“ can make foodies “surrender“

When He Zhizheng had a secret conversation with Zhang Xiaojing, he personally fried a bowl of tea for him. Sencha popular in the Tang Dynasty, written by Lu YuThe "Tea Classic" has specific steps. The method of making tea is to first roast the tea cakes, cool down, grind the powder, heat it with mountain spring water, add salt to the fisheyes, boil the spring and cast the powder, stir endlessly, and add two boiling water to stop the boiling. Yuhua. The best way to divide the tea is the first three cups, and you should drink the tea while it is hot, and clean the utensils immediately after drinking. Such a trick is just for a cup of tea. Drinking tea in the Tang Dynasty requires good tea and water, and more patience.

"The Twelve Hours of Chang'an" intercepted a piece of Tang Dynasty cuisine, and the foodies feasted their eyes. People take food as their heaven, not only about quantity, but also about quality. In the history of food for thousands of years, the food of the Tang Dynasty has distinct characteristics of the times. Facing the soul torture of "what to eat today", Datang handed in a satisfactory answer.

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