Director Oscar: Chinese export engineers, architects and the United States export soldiers and weapons

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The movie poster "This is a unique world power" "Its rapid development is of epoch-making significance" "It is not so much a country, it is better to

Director Oscar: Chinese export engineers, architects and the United States export soldiers and weapons

Movie poster

"This is a unique world power"

"Its rapid development has epoch-making significance"

"It’s not so much a country, as it is a world in itself"

"Everyone wants to know how China is realized in such a short time Such rapid development"

"They are afraid of China"

On July 2, the documentary "Better Angels" (Better Angels) directed by two-time Oscar-winning director Malcolm Clarke was released in China. The British director frequently traveled between China and the United States for the past six years , Finally aimed the camera at ordinary people of the two countries, from the most peaceful perspective to tell their process of seeking common ground while reserving differences.

InAccording to Ke Wensi, China has achieved such rapid development in such a short period of time. It is understandable that the current world hegemon, the United States, feels anxious. As a British, he clearly understands how an empire rises and falls with the years and national power.

However, China is not an empire, Ke Wensi said.

You can see American military bases, American weapons, American soldiers, American aircraft carriers—standard equipment of an empire all over the world.

You can also see Chinese people all over the world:

"Now, there are Chinese people all over the world .

butChina never sends troops to foreign countries,

Never use force to conquer,

They don’t build military bases around the world like the United States.

China is sending abroad

Engineers, scientists, bridge builders, road engineers, architects,

This is another world power."

China is slowly moving towards the center of the world stage: it is not conquered by force, but on building and bridge technology. .

In November last year, the film was released in the United States. Ke Wensi was very dissatisfied with the mainstream American media: The New York Times and The Washington Post didn’t care about the content of his film, but directly asked him why Are there those "dark sides" of China in this documentary?

"If the American media will always only focus on the dark sides, they will ignore the essence of China," Ke Wensi said in an exclusive interview with Zhou Baojun.

I wonder if you still remember the acquisition of Shuanghui-Smithfield in 2013, when the mainstream media in the U.S. exaggerated the atmosphere of anti-Chinese panic. In the documentary, a local resident said to the camera: They (media) saw me on thisThere is no objection to this acquisition, so I will not interview me to find someone else. This is the "objective report" of the Western news media!

He particularly emphasized that there is a deep "cognitive deficit" between China and the United States. He believes that the Chinese understand the United States more than the Americans understand China.

How did China become the second largest economy in the world? Ke Wensi discovered the secret.

The documentary describes a couple in a rural village in Yunnan whose husband chooses to work in Africa in order to earn money to support his family; for this reason, he missed the birth and growth of his son. He can only walk ten kilometers away every weekend, find a hillside where there is barely a signal, and send video calls to his wife and children.

When the couple face the camera, they don’t know where to start. The signal is good and sometimes bad, and time seems to have stopped; at this moment, the sacrifices made by the Chinese for their families become those hundreds of words omitted here. . andThe choice of this small family made Ke Wensi understand the real reason for China's achievements-the hard work and sacrifice of ordinary Chinese people.

He believes that this kind of sacrifice is something Americans and even Westerners will not make, because no one wants to separate from family, wives and children for work.

The 850 hours of shooting time moved Ke Wensi, and finally selected 90 minutes to present it to audiences around the world, especially American audiences.

American politicians may not understand China, but the Chinese and American people know what love, tolerance, and sacrifice are. This is the secret that "The Good Angel" has experienced changes in American politics and reached the hearts of audiences in China and the United States.

(Author: Li Fangfang)