Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

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The classic icon of Shaw Films, Shaw Films, is an important landmark in the film and television industry in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Hong Kong; the Shaw

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

The classic logo of Shaw Pictures

Shaw Pictures is an important Landmark: The Shaw Brothers is a monument that cannot be bypassed in the development of Hong Kong film and television.

With people as a mirror, you can know the gains and losses. The rise and fall of Shaw Pictures reflects the ups and downs of Hong Kong’s film and television industry in the past few decades, and behind this is a history of the Shaw family’s fortune, and noLaw escapes the numerology logic of the laws of the times.

As a 's sister chapter, if TVB is the legend of a Chinese partner, then Shaw Pictures has set a clear footnote to the old Chinese proverb that "brothers work together, and their profits break gold."

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

The three Shaw Brothers: Shao Cunren, Shao Shanke, Shaw Shaw

The Shaw Brothers who love to play cross-border

At the beginning of the 20th century, after a long period of seclusion, the southeast coast of China ushered in the business recovery of Kaifu Commerce, and Shanghai was the first to bear the brunt.

The times create heroes, and heroes push the times. Shanghai has long become a sweet pastry in the economic and trade exchanges extending in all directions. Merchants who are not profitable and cannot afford the early flock to it, Shao Yuxuan, the father of the Shaw brothers, rushed to Ningbo After several years of painstaking efforts, Shanghai has gradually become a leader in Shanghai’s industrial and commercial circles at that time.

The historical records of the Shanghai Modern Archives prove:

Shao Yuxuan was poor at an early age and abandoned his studies to go to business. At the age of 14, he started a business in Wuzhen Medicine (school) in Huzhou. When the Shanghai ban was opened, Shaw went to Shanghai alone and worked in Bandung Shun Paint.

Not many years ago, he was promoted as the manager of Wanfengsheng Fuji. In 1901, a joint venture established Jintaichang Pigment Number in Doushi Street, Shanghai. After 20 years of hard work, it became famous in the business community of Shanghai.

As a start-up generation, Shao Yuxuan’s industry is mainly engaged in the pigment business. After completing the original accumulation, Shao Yuxuan’s expectation is to inherit his father’s business.

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

The Shaw Family Tree

Shao Yuxuan There are a total of 4 sons, the eldest son Shao Renjie, the second son Shao Renmei, the third son Shao Renmei, and the fourth son Shao Renling. Although the Shao family has many brothers, they are not interested in the paint business of their father Shao Yuxuan, and no one is willing to inherit his father's business. But a fire ignited in the hearts of the four brothers: cross-border entry into the entertainment industry.

In the era when the concept of hierarchical differences between the "skilled, farmer, commerce, and industry" prevailed, businessmen themselves were the social class that was looked down upon. Entertainers who perform on stage?

Entering the entertainment industry, becoming famous is a big deal. At this time, it is his father Shao Yuxuan’s turn to disagree. But the four brothers are determined, and being a father can only be done.Xie: So Shao Yuxuan gave another nickname for his four sons, the eldest son Shao Zuiweng, the second son Shao Cun, the third son Shao Shanke, and the fourth son Shao Yifu.

So at the beginning of the 20th century, the most powerful men's team in the film and television industry in Hong Kong was born!

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

The poster of Tianyi Film Company’s foundation work "Let’s Become a Buddha"

Shaw Brothers hanging all the way Film industry

Although it is a crossover into entertainmentIn the circle, the four Shaw brothers also showed shrewd business acumen, inheriting the rich experience of business warfare from their parents, especially for the packaging, popularity and robbing of movie stars, they staged a wonderful drama.

In 1924, his elder brother Shao Zuiweng founded Tianyi Film Company and began to break into the Chinese film industry when fashion was in its infancy.

The second of the four brothers is an accountant in Shao Village, who controls financial expenses internally and controls from the source. The three brothers Shao Shanke and Shao Yifu are the publishers. The brothers not only coordinate with each other in the administration of the company, but also in filming. All members are dispatched.

Shao Zuiweng is a producer and director. The youngest person from Shao Village is good at screenwriting, the youngest Shao Shanke is good at distribution, and the youngest Shao Yifu is good at photography.

In 1925, the Shaw Brothers co-produced the first film "Being a Buddha on the Ground", which was welcomed by Shanghai residents after the screening. "Song Field" filmed in 1931"Spring Scenery" is one of the first two sound films in China to be pronounced on the film.

Under the paternalistic management of the film company, the production cycle of each film is shortened to the greatest extent, and the cost is kept to a minimum, so that the film has strong competition in the market Power, the film career of the Shaw Brothers is flourishing for a while.

With the tacit cooperation of the Shaw Brothers, in the era when the Chinese film industry was still a blue ocean, they braved the wind and waves, and overcame obstacles. They used Shanghai as the hub that connects home and abroad as their base, north and south, galloping across China and abroad, conquering cities.

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

Shaw's Pictures "Xia Ke Xing"

"Shaw Brothers" vs. "Shaw Brothers and Sons"

As a newly established film production and distribution company, Tianyi Film Co., Ltd. had a prominence and sharp edge at the time, conquering cities all the way, but also attracted competitors especially The encirclement and suppression of film companies with a dominant market position has since encountered development bottlenecks.

While holding their own stronghold, the Shaw Brothers did not fight head-on in the face of rivals’ encirclement and suppression. Instead, they chose to avoid their edge and started a long march:

Shanke Shao went to Southeast Asia in order to find another way to open up the overseas Chinese market. At that time, this last resort strategy of "going out" was unexpectedlyThe great success in the future also changed Run Run Run's destiny.

Businessmen’s sense of smell for the market is often extraordinary. After Shao Shanke arrived in Nanyang, he discovered two local characteristics: One is that the local market is monopolized by big companies, but it is not invulnerable; Local markets outside major cities have not yet been fully exploited.

But how to break the monopoly and open up the local market outside the city requires both resources and manpower. So he turned to Shaw's base camp in Shanghai for help.

The young Shaw was interested in filmmaking and was talented. So after graduating from middle school in 1926, he left Shanghai for Nanyang at the request of his elder brother to explore the local market together and set foot on film and television. The brilliant path of a tycoon.

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

Shaw Shaw, Chen Farong, and Li Jiaxin p>

In 1930, the Shaw Brothers registered and established the "Nanyang Film Company" in Singapore, which was later renamed "Shaw Brothers and Sons".

By the eve of the War of Resistance in 1937, Shaw Brothers The film industry has more than 110 movie theaters and 9 playgrounds in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Java, Vietnam, and Borneo, and has established a complete film distribution network to dominate the Southeast Asian film market.

At that time, Tianyi Film Company was in Shanghai, and Shaw Brothers Company was in Nanyang.Work together to create a movie kingdom of the Shaw family.

In the late 1950s, competition in the Hong Kong film industry became more fierce, and the low-cost production strategy of "Shaw Brothers and Sons" was no longer able to withstand new challenges. The actual controller of the company, Shao Cun, started to retreat, shrinking the business of film production, and instead acquired a large number of theaters and engaged in the real estate industry.

Shaw came to Hong Kong from Nanyang in 1957. He was fifty that year. Because he was dissatisfied with his second brother Shao Cun, he wanted to take over the production business to stabilize the source of the film. The brothers finally decided to Business parted ways.

In 1958, Run Run Run Shaw established the "Shaw Brothers Company", and the logo was different from the elder brother's "Shaw Brothers". Since then, the "Shaw Brothers and Sons" only operated theaters and film distribution, while the "Shaw Brothers" were in charge of the production business.

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

Shaw's film industry's world map

The memory of Shao's fading away

In 1970, he worked hard for Shao's Pictures for many years and worked for Shao's Pictures. The establishment of the entire production process, Zou Wenhuai, the number one hero who set off the Huangmei film and martial arts movie frenzy, left and founded Jiahe Pictures.

After the establishment of Jiahe Pictures, he immediately hired the "One-Armed Knife". Wang Yu, a young man from the Shaw Brothers who became popular in the Chinese world, later recruited Bruce Lee, Xu Guanjie, Xu Guanwen, Jackie Chan and Tsui Hark to pushImplement an independent producer system.

In 1967, Run Run Shaw, Li Xiaohe and Qi Dezun jointly established TVB. In 1971, Run Run Run Shaw made the most important decision in the history of TVB. He opened a training class for wireless artistes, pioneering the "draft" and became the Whampoa Military Academy for training local film stars in Hong Kong.

In the 1980s, the explosion of TVB seemed to be instantly ignited. With Hong Kong as its origin, it quickly became popular in mainland China and even in Northeast Asia. The focus of Shaw's career also shifted, and Shaw Films eventually ceased production. .

During the course of this track switch, the logo of Shaw Pictures has become increasingly blurred, replaced by the increasingly intense Hong Kong Radio Television (TVB).

Shaw Pictures: Barbaric growth surrounded by family business and movie kingdom

Shaw Pictures Star Group Portrait

Before the silent ending came to an end, the budding seeds had already been planted:

The 80s just started, the shadow of Shao The senior executives of the industry turned their attention from movies to TV dramas. Because at that time, Shaw Pictures’ financial reports had been worse than a year, and it happened that TVB made a lot of profits at this time, so they gradually reduced their investment in movies. .

At the same time, Shaw Pictures’ production system, which has remained unchanged for decades, has fallen into the industry standard.Wu, coupled with the unreasonable actor selection system, caused many outstanding actors to leave Shaw Brothers to set up another door, and eventually became a powerful opponent, becoming the last straw to crush the camel.

If the decision is correct, Shaw Pictures may become a century-old film company like Warner Bros. However, history cannot assume that Shaw Pictures, which missed the opportunity of the times, can only be buried in the dust of history.