The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

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Huayi’s biography starts like this: In China, if a boss is not as well-known as his own employees, then the answer may only be Huayi Brothers. The fil

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

Huayi’s biography begins like this:

In China, if one of the bosses is not as well-known as his employees, then the answer is only possibleIt was Huayi Brothers. The film and television company founded by two bosses surnamed Wang seemed to be a star "dream factory", where countless superstars completed their career transformation. "Huayi Inside Story" by Peng Zheng

In the peak period, Hua Brothers of Yi monopolize a large number of film and television stars including Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao, and famous producers such as Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Guoli.

As ​​of the listing in 2009, Huayi has 76 celebrities in total. 200In the past eight years, nearly one-sixth of the top ten box office revenues of domestic films have been earned by Huayi.

Despite various reasons, the Huayi Brothers are no longer It was glorious in the past, but the lean camel is bigger than the horse. At the beginning of this year, in the ranking of the big taxpayers announced by Dongyang City, Huayi Brothers was still in the forefront, even higher than the local tobacco companies.

At the same time, as the company’s business conditions are deteriorating, the company has been retiring behind the scenes for many years "Brother" Wang Zhongjun also had to leave the casual student who tasted Mingjian paintingsLive, come back out of the arena and run around for my company.

On the other hand, with the company’s high debt, the starlight is getting bleak, and the market is on the verge of disappearing. On the stage, people were finally able to get past the dazzling spotlights and directly observe the pair of "legendary brothers" in the history of Chinese cinema.

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

The casino has no father and son, and money field has no brothers. This seems to be an eternal explanation of capital. From ancient times to the present, there are countless profound stories and lessons. In warning people, in the face of the temptation of wealth, family affection is often fragile and vulnerable.

From this perspective, the Wang brothers can be regarded as a pair of "heterogeneous".

From the start-up stage of being poor and white to the now wealthy capital giant, the love between Huayi Brothers Although the score is rarely seen in the newspapers, no one has ever heard of too much unhappiness between the two.

To a certain extent, the harmony between the brothers and the daily operation The rational division of labor and the performance of their duties are closely related.

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

In Huayi Brothers, the position of the elder brother Wang Zhongjun is "Chairman" and his younger brother Wang Zhonglei is the "President". The relationship between the two is somewhat similar to Ali's Jack Ma and Zhang Yong. Wang Zhongjun plans after living deep in TaiwanPolicy, and Wang Zhonglei rushes to the front of the stage management operation, communication.

Carefully study the two personality, it is not difficult to find that this is really a kind of no longer suitable Matching, and this division of labor with the best of their talents has also become an indispensable leading factor for Huayi’s glory in the future.

As we all know, Huayi Brothers was originally just a little-known advertising company. The real prosperity of the enterprise originated from the courageous Wang Zhongjun who won the Bank of China order for the company.

As ​​the elder brother of Huayi Brothers, Wang Zhongjun’s growth experience perfectly interprets the meaning of the word "tossing" .

Born in a military compound, he volunteered to go to the northeastern countryside to jump in when he was young. After returning, he joined the army again, turned his head and was demobilized into a public institution that everyone envied, and soon resigned to the sea. It is said that at the moment of receiving the letter of resignation, the leadership of Wang Zhongjun didn't even know how to give his reply, because in that era, no one would take the initiative to quit the iron rice bowl. Wang Zhongjun was one of the few special cases.

While people were waiting for Wang Zhongjun’s business trip, in a blink of an eye, he took his wife to study in the United States After five years, I worked while studying. Not only did I not pay a penny from my home, but I also earned one hundred thousand dollars.

It is precisely with this one hundred thousand dollars that after returning to China, Wang Zhongjun founded an advertising company , And invited the youngest brother in the family, another member of the Huayi Brothers: Wang Zhonglei.

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

Unlike his elder brother's unreliable life, his younger brother Wang Zhonglei is more stable and practical. He once worked in the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the State Administration of Materials and Materials, once managed billions of dollars worth of steel, wood and oil, and later partnered with friends to open a trade. the company.

Years of business management experience made him his brother Wang Zhongjun’s career It was a tacit partner, and with the addition of Wang Zhonglei, Huayi Brothers finally completed the last piece of the puzzle.

Before investing in Huayi Brothers, Jack Ma once joked in public that this This company belongs to the type that I would never invest in, because the chairman Wang Zhongjun is really "too lazy", too lazy to do almost nothing. And it was the existence of Wang Zhonglei, a "doer" that ultimately changed his investment intentions.

And with the availability of "dreamers" and "doers", Huayi Brothers immediately began to enter the capital market Siege of the city.

In this process, Huayi Brothers also took a different approach and developed a different content A whole new way of making. If we say that in the film and television industry, noon sunshine is based on content, then Huayi’s wealth is made up of one individual .

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

From Shuangbing once to Feng Xiaogang, behind the gathering of stars is Huayi’s "Brother Mode" movie and television scene.

In order to continue the business trajectory of "Star-Driven IP", Huayi first spent 756 million yuan in October 2015 to acquire a 70% stake in Zhejiang Dongyang Haohan Entertainment Co., Ltd., which was only one day old. , This company has many star shareholders, including Li Chen, Feng Shaofeng, Angelababy, Zheng Kai, Du Chun, Chen He, etc..

One ​​month later, Huayi purchased a 70% stake in Zhejiang Dongyang Meira Media Co., Ltd. held by Feng Xiaogang and Lu Guoqiang for 1.05 billion yuan. Dongyang Meira’s total assets at that time were only It is 13,600 yuan, and the total debt is 19,100 yuan, but the valuation is as high as 1.5 billion yuan.

For Huayi Brothers, the two deals totaling 2.25 billion are not a shell company, but a "Comrades in arms" on board.

In addition to broadening the network in the entertainment circle, the brothers of Huayi also do the same in the capital market Well-known.

Earlier media reports stated that the development of Huayi Brothers mainly relied Horse-drawn carriage" are the current movies, TV series andArtist management, as well as future movies, games, and live entertainment.

However, in the capital circle, these troikas have a special expression, It refers to the three big names of Ma, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Ma Mingzhe of Ping An. They all received 146 million shares of Huayi's fixed increase in company stocks in August 2015 and gave them a blood transfusion of 3.6 billion yuan.

According to the investigation, this is the first time since Zhongan Online by the three big guys Cooperation to be able to complete such a difficult operation shows that Huayi’s powerful interpersonal relationship is hidden under the brotherhood.system.

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

Unfortunately, throughout the history of Huayi’s rise and fall, it can be said that it is a brother of success and failure.Also brother.

At the beginning of Huayi’s establishment, it was the brotherhood between the founders Wang Zhongjun and Wang Zhonglei This has made this company, and it is the brother of Huayi and the big names, and has promoted it to the leading throne of the Chinese film industry.

However, Feng Shui takes turns, relying on the business empire established by the brothers, it is still Above the brothers.

Among these, the first problems were the two star companies that Huayi acquired to maintain its goodwill: Dongyang Meira and Dongyang Haohan.

At the time of the equity transfer that year, Dongyang Haohan’s star shareholders and Dongyang Meila’s old shareholders made five-year performance commitments. According to Huayi’s annual report, Dongyang Mei The company’s promised performance target is that the net profit after tax is not less than 132 million yuan, while the company’s actual net profit is only 65.015 million yuan, and the performance promise has not been fulfilled. For this reason, Dongyang Meila’s old shareholder Feng Xiaogang advanced the performance compensation of 68,211,500 yuan in advance Paragraph.

At the same time, another company, Dongyang Haohan, although completed the performance bet in 2018, actually achieved a net profit of 195 million yuan. However, the project that the shareholder Zheng Kai participated in did not reach the time for revenue recognition. It cannot be included in the net profit of the 2018 reporting period. Therefore, Zheng Kai needs to pay a performance compensation of 19,625,800 according to the agreement.

Behind the double compensation, the cause of the star company’s revenue plummeting is the market’s aversion to traffic stars.

On this basis, the Huayi Brothers, who have always pursued the supremacy of stars, immediately fell into the quagmire.

On July 4, Huayi Brothers issued an announcement stating that it intends to use the projection equipment and ancillary equipment and facilities of its 4 cinemas to carry out sale and leaseback financial leasing business with Hebei Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., with a financing amount of 40 million The lease term is 24 months.

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain

Counting this time, this is already the 11th financing category released by Huayi Brothers this year

Strong>’s announcement, the tension behind the capital chain can be imagined.

Up to At present, the total market value of Huayi Brothers has fallen to13.695 billion yuan, which is more than 80% lower than the 89 billion in the peak period.

When Huayi fell to the bottom, the attitude of “brothers” in the past seemed more For sorrow and grief. Statistics show that in the past few years, Yu Feng and Ma Yun have cashed in nearly 1.3 billion yuan over the years, while Feng Xiaogang, who vowed in front of reporters to "follow Wang Zhongjun's life", paid 40 million yuan in taxes on stock cashing alone.

Apart from the departure of the rivers and lakes brothers one after another, Huayi’s big ship is precarious, Only Wang Zhongjun and Wang Zhonglei were left. andThe equity in the hands of the two is also very small.

According to the data in the annual report, among the two, Wang Zhongjun has pledged about 5.44 100 million shares, accounting for 94% of his shareholding, Wang Zhonglei has pledged about 168 million shares, accounting for 99% of his shareholding.

In addition, Wang Zhongjun also paid 2.7 to the company from his own pocket in April. 100 million yuan in free loans. However, this still seems to be a drop in the bucket for the 2.7 billion yuan of debt lying on Huayi's account.

Huayi, which started with brothers, has experienced the peak of brothers all over the world, and has returned to the initial difficult years of two people in the same boat. It cannot be said that there is a kind of irony in history.

Only, outside of reincarnation, this time , Is it really possible for the Wang brothers to turn over?

The history of the decline of Huayi Brothers: At its peak, it was invested by Jack Ma, and now only two brothers remain