TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

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The two doctors played by Guo Jinan and Ma Guoming originally had their own expertise. Their conflicts with the social functions and development conce

The "White Strongman", which is less than 30 episodes, has unexpectedly become popular in the recent "dramatic shortage". The two doctors played by Guo Jinan and Ma Guoming originally had their own Their expertise, their conflicts with the social functions and development concepts of Hong Kong public hospitals, coupled with various intractable diseases, successfully attracted a large number of audiences.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

From "Xin Shu" and "Young Doctor" to "Story of Surgery", "Emergency Doctor", and even "Obstetrician" and "Pediatrician", domestic At least a dozen medical TV dramas have been released, and there were 3 medical dramas broadcast in 2017 alone.

According to the Beijing News at the time, at least 85% of domestic hit medical dramas had professional errors, although one after another, The overall quality improvement is not obvious. Except for talking after a meal, there are no real classic hits.

In the past two years, realistic film and television dramas haveThe play seems to be at a certain bottleneck. Is it an inherent factor in the production of the director? Or is it an "off-site" factor in production review? This is a question worth examining.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?



The big perspective of "Industry + Business War" in "The White Strongman",

Idol dramas that are not "professional + love"

Last year, there was a "Legal Strongman" and this year "White Strongman". If you are not particularly familiar with the behind-the-scenes cast of Hong Kong dramas since 2000, few people know the name of the screenwriter Huang Weiqiang.

""White Strongman" is obviously not like TVB's past professional + love routines such as "Hands and Heart" and "OnCall 36 Hours". It tries to magnify the industry background. The real "play eye" is to uncover the reality of Hong Kong's medical industry over the years. How to operate, although the performances are also limited, through the lines and plots, the mainland often refers to the key words of macro-policy such as "decentralization, regulation and service".It is about people's livelihood. The show can attract the attention of Hong Kong and mainland audiences. There is no suspense.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

Through Guo Jinan’s role in Yang Yitao’s layout, planning Hong Kong’s healthcare reform to set off an industry "Wind and Cloud", in order to achieve personal superiority and have the right to speak. This kind of "careerist" appears in the doctor team is novel, more like the common commercial war heroes in Hong Kong dramas in the past.

As ​​the standard feature of Hong Kong TV series-"This story is purely fictitious", it does not require the audience to believe in the truthfulness of what Yang Yitao did, but the various malpractices of the plot’s treatment of patients, and the confrontation between hospital management, media and businesses Cooperation, exposed to the Hong Kong medical systemThe problem is precisely "from life and beyond life".

"The White Strongman" is not really innovative in general. For example, looking at the "Legal Strongman" of the past year, you can find that the functional arrangements of several core men and women are even right. The reflections on industry operations are similar. That being the case, why does "White Strongman" still attract strong attention? It shows that a good industry drama is hard to come by.

The medical industry is unique, public and private are in service contradictions, industry operations are commercial and public, various reform directions, value choices, society and In terms of media and public opinion, the arrangement of these elements very much reflects the creator’s knowledge accumulation and value judgment. Even if there is a successful framework for reference, the plot flesh and blood still needs to be injectedThe screenwriter and director carefully set it up, which also tests their skills.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?


"White Strongman" connects all aspects of the different positions of doctors, hospitals, functional departments, media, and businesses to bring outIn the commercial society of Hong Kong, the various operational trends behind the medical industry, especially the special ranking and delays of public hospitals in Hong Kong, prompted Yang Yitao to call for reform and propose a series of measures.

Of course, the drama is commercial entertainment, and the characters are full of benefits and uses. Whether Yang Yitao or Dean Lu, either party may benefit society, or it may bring unexpected disadvantages. Just as Oliver Stone reflected on the irreversible impact of the professionalization of sports events in "Challenge Sunday", as the saying goes-everything has two sides.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"The Election" by the screenwriter Huang Weiqiang and HKTV is a model of learning American drama style This kind of plot itself has its own enthusiasm, and the character image does not preset value judgments, which completely arouses the audience's spontaneous thinking. Personally, Huang Weiqiang has been better at integrating hot spots and expanding his horizons after working with the popular HKTV for a period of time in 2014. , Regardless of "Legal Strongman" or "White Strongman", I have learned a lot of American drama, Typification does not seem simple. It’s just that the essence of Hong Kong dramas is that entertainment and viewing are more important, so sometimes in order to attract eyeballs, they will conflict for conflicts, because only when people are "sticked" to the drama, will they consider the meaning and value.


American medical dramas are of high quality, but not deliberately "outstanding"

the United States in the last century In the early 1960s there was "Doctor Kidal" "Dramas such as "General Hospital" are the birthplace of medical dramas. Today, the audience talks about classics, and out of ten they will tell the three veterans of "Emergency Room Story", "Doctor House" and "Intern Grey".

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"Emergency Room Story" poster

Why medical dramas were born in the United States and become a professional drama model?

The basic medical insurance in the United States is low-end, not as good as some countries in the second and third world Perfect, and five-star medical services are at the forefront of the world. Although the big names in the Hollywood film and television industry are wealthy and wealthy, the position of American film and television dramas has always liked to act as the "spokesperson for disadvantaged groups" and never evades social contradictions.

In addition, among the 80 common occupations, doctors are the most respected occupations in the United States, ahead of teachers, lawyers and firefighters.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"Doctor House" poster

The characteristics of American medical drama can be summarized as follows:The character image represents the "elite" and advocates professionalism; reflects American social issues and is not afraid of controversy; respects the laws of commercialization of film and television works, and emphasizes viewing and entertainment. There are no exceptions to the several classic American dramas.

As ​​in "Doctor House", the image of House is a bit "non-mainstream", Like to fight and fight, such as "30% of dads are raising other people's children", "Parents who don't lie are not good parents", "Doctors can't ask for bribes, but if the gang insists on giving gifts, they have to accept them", weird classic words Can list a lot.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?


Diagnosis is often “non-mainstream”. For example, it is useless to take medicine for enteritis and diarrhea. His treatment is smoking, two sticks a day; the treatment of hiccups is to incitement to slap himself; some patients’ family members disagree For the operation, he asked his family to sign an agreement at their own risk.

If you make a preliminary judgment, will definitely think that House is not "normal". Traditionally, people’s understanding of doctors should be to restore "abnormal" patients to "normal" through treatment. This contrast naturally becomes a dramatic conflict.

The plot of "Doctor House" tends to "answer doubts." Many contents will not reveal the answer until the end of an episode or even the end of a season. It is entertaining, Very ornamental.The New York Times commented that the show’s appeal was that it insisted on making itself look like a soap opera, but deliberately refused to become a soap opera.

As ​​we all know, American dramas have always advertised that they are well-produced. The average production cost of an episode is several million US dollars. In addition to fewer scenes, different broadcast platforms, and shooting methods The technique is basically no different from the movie.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

It’s like the 21 episodes of the first season connecting the three patients with the transformation of thinking The story, in the end, these three stories overlapped into the history of House’s leg injury. In the 8 episodes of the second season, three people have different expressions about the same thing, a bit imitating "Rashomon." It is also the last time that Keith lied. , Because of the death of his father that year. It shows the ingenuity of the plot of the single episode, and also echoes the layout of the characters in the whole show.

"Doctor House" represents the mainstream American drama There is also a relatively rare medical drama-"Monday Morning", which was only broadcast for one season in 2013.

Surgery business seminars are held every Monday morning in the play. The ability to cut into the creation from this perspective shows how finely American dramas have explored themes. This kind of business will naturally be conducted internally, like who and who can There have been mistakes and mistakes, and who is praised or criticized is generally not disclosed to the outside world. For example, "Is it necessary to comfort the family members of the deceased patient", "Whether the patient's life was saved by the wrong method should be condemned", etc. In fact, hospitals all over the world are very common.

The "Doctor Octopus" Alfred Molina of the old version of "Spider-Man 2" wears glasses to play Chelsea synthesis Harding, the director of the surgical department of the hospital, used a lot of rhetoric at almost every meeting to turn everyone’s summary statement into a “crisis.” The audience would generally be dissatisfied with Harding’s nitpicking, and slowly turned to him.His philosophy embraces respect and trust.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?


The subordinates of the department had mutual feelings towards Harding. When faced with illness and pressure, colleagues can behave as a group. Especially in the last episode, Female DoctorSheng Tina was beaten into a coma by a drug addict and was dying. Harding called another meeting, and Dr. Napur couldn’t help but complain: “Why do we come here at 10 o’clock in the evening to hear you say this?” Harding said, “There is no other reason, to keep us busy. Be loved People fall down and may even die. We can do nothing but keep ourselves busy." At this time, he took off his glasses, concealed his sadness, and revealed hidden feelings, very delicate and precise.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

The realistic side of the play is full of complicated diseases and life accidents. Thoughts on relationships, conflicts of beliefs, and philosophy of life have reached a height that is rarely seen in American dramas. There is no suspenseful color like "Doctor House", and no growth and romance like "Grey", basically abandoning entertainment elements, it is a pure film Medical drama.

If you reflect on the reason why "Monday Morning" only has one season, I personally feel that it is not entirely because of the lack of commercial considerations, and the professionalism of the drama is not a problem. The original author, Sanjay Gupta (Sanjay Gupta) has experience as a doctor, and stillChief medical reporter of CNN.

The possible problem is that in almost every episode of the play, there are deaths. The doctor said to the family, "I’m sorry, we’ve tried our best." For stability". This "anti-the-sky" angle seems to question these so-called elites and greatly subvert the film and television image that is used to praise the professional standards of American doctors.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

The behind-the-scenes team of "Monday Morning" is basically from "Boston Law"

Monday Morning"’s reflective features also took a different approach to show business meetings It’s like a “closing statement”, to torture the profession from the business, moral, and philosophical levels.Maybe the screenwriter David Kelly and the director Bill de Elijah have the qualifications to participate in the “Boston Law” series, and It is a kind of technical reference for medical dramas from legal dramas.

In general, American medical dramas will not deliberately squeeze into various entertainment selling points in order to be out of place. , Although there are some hits in the American dramas about "selling appearance" medical dramas, they are not one of the best, but no one in the world would doubt the excellence of its masterpieces.


Japanese medical dramas are highly productive, and they are more delicate and authentic.

Refract ethical culture

Once something has an aesthetic habit in Japan, it tends to go to the extreme, and it will be called "Tao". Like the familiar teaDao, Flower Dao, Kendo and Chess Dao.

Interpreting professional characteristics in film and television dramas naturally also reflects aesthetic trends. We all know that the Japanese are obsessed with details and admire the ultimate, which fits the duality of good and evil. When creating most drama series, this confrontation mode is often explored, such as the classic to four-degree remake of "White Tower".

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

The "White Giant Tower" novel was published in 1963

The two protagonists Caizen Gorohe Satomi Shuji, one pursues reputation and power, is greedy and shameless; another respects life, is enthusiastic in research, the classic dual male protagonist model, which is positive and negative. Although not the first, "White Tower" has been popular for decades from the original to the film and television. , Becomes a logo forever.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"White Giant Tower" stills

The medical professional part of the play is also very real, but The commendable "drama eye" is indeed not a reflection of modern Japanese medicine, but is always a character image. It may be derived from the adaptation of the novel, the psychological portrayal of the two male protagonists, the exploration of professional ethics disputes, and various professional problems His attitude and life prospects, the delicate style of traditional Japanese dramas has played a unique advantage.

First, Japanese dramas are relatively soothingThe rhythm of the film is different from the film editing concept of American TV series. Second, the plot does not pursue the presentation of one or more cases in each episode. The number and duration of each season of Japanese TV series are similar to those of American TV series.For example, the 21 episodes of the Japanese TV series of "The White Tower" can be regarded as a season of American TV series. It is entirely based on character creation as the first principle. This aspect has also deeply affected Hong Kong. Medical drama creation in Taiwan and the Mainland.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

""White Tower" stills

Japanese medical dramas can be popular for a long time, and they are also based on real materials. For example, although "The White Tower" is a novel, its prototype is Osaka University School of Medicine. It is not that the screenwriter's brains are "purely fictitious". The later hit "Doctor-X Surgeon Gate Unknown Son" also has a prototype. The protagonist in the film is Mi The real prototype of this intellectual beauty, Kuroko, is a handsome guy with long legs and the first freelance doctor in Japan, Jinping Yongji.

Through the contrast between men and women, the play also shaped the opposition between Damen Unknown and many male counterparts at the beginning. It is not only the traditional gender concept of Japanese society, but also the style concept and the medical concept. There are confrontations in all aspects, although it expresses the real problems of professional womenHowever, for the play, it is not ruled out that it is an artistic, commercial and entertaining process.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

Stills of "The Surgeon’s Gate Unknown Son"

In the interpretation of the medical profession, the door unknown son is also very delicate. She keeps in mind the teachings of her master and writes down the preparations for each operation in her notebook. After countless operationsSo, the credibility of character creation needs real and reliable details to assist, and finally the door unknown will become a legend in the medical world.


The professional attributes of domestic dramas are not rigorous, reflecting that life is greater than reflecting the industry

Chinese medical dramas are starting After 2000, in the early years Ren Quan, Li Xiaolu, and Tong Dawei starred in "All Angels Troubles" when they debuted, they were the idols. In the same period, Zheng Xiaolong created a relatively professional ""Never Give Up", followed by similar dramas such as "Infinite Vitality" and "Doctor's Benevolence", are actually considered realistic themes and generally tepid.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

The rapid increase in domestic medical dramas "Heart Technique"

From "Heart Technique", "Young Doctor", "Distance to Love", to "Surgery Situation", "Emergency Doctor", and even "Pediatrician", "Obstetrician" and other subdivision drama series appear, medical themes can be regarded as It is in full swing. Since the 21st century, the output of Chinese TV series has steadily ranked first in the world, but the marketization is later than that of movies. In recent years, the emergence of online dramas or "webcasting" platforms, The typification of TV series reflects the difference in positioning and structure In addition to borrowing foreign production techniques, mixing various entertainment elements, and not exceeding the conventional creation framework.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"Emergency Doctor" stills

For example, the hit "Emergency Doctor" in 2017 is still directed by Zheng Xiaolong, and is essentially a real life drama. To say that the drama involves a breakthrough, it is a bit of in-depth social realism, especially the management style of a large general hospital. The creator hopes to introduce some "workplace" elements to bring some drama conflicts to the drama, but out of simple taste, Or it’s inconvenient to render too much, and it doesn’t look real, but it turns into a flaw.

Involving some social phenomena, some netizens think the show is like "brainstorming"On a whim, I simmered medical insurance, medical troubles, corruption, street children, etc. in one pot. More than 40 episodes are full of length, without highlighting the key points, which affects the quality of the episode.

The mistake of "Surgery Wind" was also complained. When preparing for the operation, Jin Dong, the protagonist, put on the surgical gown and rolled up his sleeves, grabbed the gloves and wore them, which violated the principle of sterility. The protagonist Bai Baihe wore high heels in the emergency room. Walking like flying, I also found time to play Lego for the little boy.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

Stills of "Surgery Storm"

The title of "Young Doctor" is "Youth" II The words seem to be a kind of irony. The profession of doctors is just their background. The characters in the play seem to be doing nothing at work in the hospital, and they are busy dating.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"The Distance to Love" stills

"The Distance to Love" has a consultant The team guided the medical content, but was still defeated by the strong emotional line. At that time, two pairs of "CP" grabbed the limelight. Li Chen and ex-girlfriend Zhang Xinyu, Jin Dong and Li Jia are all hot topics. Whoever reads the title of the show must imagine This is not a medical drama.

Objectively speaking, many content materials of mainland dramas are not false. For example, the cases of "Pediatrician" in 2017 are all emphasized from A real case. As soon as the play was broadcast, the doctor’s "outfit" was "bombed", and almost all the protagonists did not wear a mask when seeing a doctor.Neat, buttons are not tight in many cases, these should be the minimum requirements of medical staff.

In reality, the pediatrics department is the busiest and heaviest department in every hospital. Nowadays, the pediatrics department has become the most frequent conflict between doctors and patients "Hardest-hit areas" issued by China. In the first episode, Ye Mei appeared and met a child wearing fashionable clothes. Ye Mei felt that she needed to be hospitalized for detailed examination. Her mother disagreed and wanted to take the child to shoot the commercial.

The audience thought this scene was too fake, but the director pointed out that it came from a real case. Now many parents hope that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes, regardless of their children's hearts. After that, the little girl Leilei was also a "child star" cultivated by Han's mother. The play does not want to do more indifferent diagnosis, and there are not too many professional terms, a few key pointsYoung patients such as Lei Lei and Niuniu enrich the interaction between doctors and children. In addition to treating diseases, they pay more attention to "treating the mind."

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?


The show uses Luo Yunxi, Zeng Li and other handsome men and beauties, which are still full ofThe scene of dating and love is stretched to more than 40 episodes, which naturally dilutes the main line of medical treatment, and the breath of life is far greater than professional characteristics.

Surgery is a department with a high rate of appearance in mainland dramas. It focuses on performances from dramas such as "Doctor's Heart", "Surgery Situation", and "Emergency Doctor", especially " "The Heart of the Doctor" uses surgery as a means to shape the protagonist Zhong Lixing, but some other details can also reflect professionalism.

In the fifth episode of the inspection ward, Zhong Li acted as an old man after surgery to remove the catheter. All the medical staff were shocked. Later, he explained that if he wants the patient to recover his urination as soon as possible, he must deal with it in time to prevent adhesions after a long period of time after the operation. This needs to endure a certain amount of pain, but in order to relieve future pain.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"Doctor's Benevolence" poster

In order to highlight the image of the characters in domestic TV dramas, it is inevitable to idealize the protagonist.

Not only Zhong Lixing from "The Doctor's Benevolence", like Liu Chenxi from "Heart Technique", and Zhuang Shu from "Surgery Wind" make the audience feel close to "perfect". They frequently give up personal development in their careers and love them wholeheartedly. Own profession.

Nowadays, audiences actually appreciate real and objective characters. Even if you need to respect certain guidelines in creation, how to effectively combine characters with reality? This is screenwriter An arduous mission.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

Stills of "Surgery Wind and Cloud"

Like Xu, the screenwriter of "Doctor's Heart" in 2010 Meng said that the goal of the show is to be as close as possible to "Grey Intern", reflecting professionalism, career and life. In fact, domestic dramas have no professional level comparable to American dramas. American creations put professional requirements first. Position. Even if Zhu Zhu, the screenwriter of "Surgery" and "The Distance to Love", graduated from Peking University School of Medicine and majored in Clinical Epidemiology in the United States, there are many problems with the two dramas that can be created by the audience. , And the overall emotional drama is too heavy.

Like the American drama "Monday Early Morning", the broadcast acceptance is not as expected. I would rather accept "being hacked" instead of changing the positioning and adding entertaining things to cater to the market. This shows what "professional" is the first.

The profession of doctors has a strong sense of public welfare morality in China. Even if stories are refined based on real prototypes, early domestic film and television works often adapted the deeds of some advanced characters, such as " "A Doctor's Story" and "True Heart", our creative tradition is completely different from that of the United States and Japan.

Even if they all show medical professions, American TV dramas start from the national conditions of the middle class and the rich and deduce that the technical aspects of doctors need to respect professional quality, involving disease reasoning analysis , How to solve problems, reflect on medical ethics, etc.. They do not shy away from a large number of diseases and medical terms, because they know that the audience level of chasing dramas is relatively high-end and can also play a popular role.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"Monday Morning" stills

In addition, American medical dramas do not stop at the medical treatment itself. They will continue to experiment with suspense, love, inspiration and other elements that audiences love to see. In addition to refurbishing medical dramas, they can also appropriately adjust the over-professional plot to extend the appreciation.

Japanese dramas are also based on cultural backgrounds, the collision of good and evil from the perspective of human nature, triggering people’s reflection on values ​​and social systems. Like the 1990s The popular "Looking Back and Seeing Him", although the characters are set to borrow from "The White Tower" (the "White Tower" series is actually ten years later than "Looking Back and Seeing Him", but the novel was published in 1963), in the film Sima Etaro is played by Oda Yuji in the Tajiki scene, which makes people see a fallen soul and redemption.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"Looking Back and Seeing Him" ​​stills

Sima has superb medical skills, but he is naturally greedy for himself. On the one hand, he shouts that he is off work He didn't want to work overtime, but once the congressman's son was seriously ill and ran away immediately. Oda Yuji's superb performance changed the image of "East Love" and other idol dramas, allowing many audiences to understand and sympathize with the "deterioration" of Sima's human nature. It was not until the end that he rescued another male protagonist Ishikawa.

No matter how handsome the actor is, this kind of character can't even imagine appearing in a domestic medical drama as a protagonist, and even supporting roles must be weighed, so the drama should not be overly rendered.

Domestic medical dramas also reflect the contradiction between doctors and patients, which are generally taken as an example of a few episodes. Like "Pediatrician" as the catalyst of the climax plot, it is only to highlight Tang Yujia and Shen Hemian's reactions and choices in the incident, and even to highlight the emotional entanglement is the focus. The characterization is considered a success, but the incident is not linked to the hospital and professional level.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

As an audience, if you can’t see the stage of the hospital, how to Strategically respond to the doctor-patient conflict, are there professional opinions or conventional mechanism construction? The characters in the play do not have any performance from this aspect. They often incarnate "personal heroism" or spill a few drops of "chicken soup". Resolve disputes. This aspect of our medical drama is almost blank or deliberately ignored.

Overview of the characteristics of mainland dramas:

(1) Medical incurable diseases are often not the focus of performance; p>

(2) The entry and presentation of the medical industry is not the focus either.

We emphasize the creation of characters, but we have not really combined professional characteristics to create a classic character, such as "House" with personality The classic role seems to be out of reach. So, just like ridiculing Yang Mi, in this play, he is a translator. You can become an architect by changing your clothes. The main task is to find a gimmick to fall in love.The combination of things is not "mixed in water and milk", and the creative orientation is sluggish.

How to innovate in medical dramas? Do a good job of "balance" various elements

Today’s mainland medical drama, no matter how it relates to urban love, family life, police suspense, biographical elements For collage, as long as the medical industry is the main line, we must basically maintain the mainstream values ​​of positive publicity.

From a creative perspective, it’s not that you can’t learn the skills of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, America, Japan and Korea, but how much you can absorb and what level you need to look at consider.

1. The balance between professional content and life emotions.

Hong Kong dramas have rich experience in this aspect, such as "The Good Hands" In the name of professional dramas, they will pay more attention to the balance of content between men and women and family relationships. They also have a good sense of rhythm and are more particular about professional plots. In fact, mainland dramas have reached the 21st century, and their concepts are similar to those of Hong Kong dramas. Some of them are not as good as other works in the last century in terms of viewing and professionalism.

Mainland dramas need to be clearly positioned to avoid ambiguity, and the main elements of the mix should be highlighted. And appearance style. For example, in the eyes of some creators, "Surgery Storm" lacks professional medical drama features.The director Li Xue also admitted that the main line is still focused on melodrama, but set up a "Langya List" drama in which Zhuangshu Latent Hospital waits for revenge, but he can't see much of the melodrama.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

"Obstetrician" screenwriter Zhang Zuomin once pointed out the deviation in the creation of mainland dramas: "For example, a child is lateStage cancer, he doesn’t want to have surgery, he wants to fully enjoy life. How do the doctors persuade him and how to do surgery to prolong his survival? This is a medical drama. "

Therefore, if you want to make a medical drama, you should consider the scale of personal grievances and grievances, and how to show human care through cases.

2. Coordination between the consultant team and the creative team.

Most domestic medical dramas go to the hospital for on-site shooting comparison Less, after all, the real hospital has a special environment and will be subject to various objective restrictions. For example, "Story of Surgery" is a scene at the Peking University International Hospital in the suburbs, which is very rare.

If you want medical drama to be professional and rigorous, you must hire a consultant team to guide and check the script and crew.

The consultant of "Surgery" Han Zhiyi is the deputy chief physician of the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Peking University International Hospital. He has been in the crew for 10 days to guide most of the surgical scenes, and admits that there are inevitably unreal places. For example, medical equipment is based on actual patient indicators. In the case of oscillography, the hospital cannot allow the crew to shoot the equipment when the patient is first aided, so the crew needs to adjust their own styles, which will inevitably be inaccurate.

Medical props will also be filmed. Prop conflicts, such as the specific placement angle of the shadowless lamp in the operating room will actually have a reflective effect with the lens light. Therefore, there will be a gap between the presentation effect and the actual treatment situation.

This situation requires expert assistance or post-processing. For example, when shooting "Obstetrician", many life monitor lenses were deleted in the later stage, or the instrument's light waves or index data were processed with special effects in the later stage.

How to ensure the medical professionalism reflected in the plot, one is the degree of the screenwriter’s reserve of professional knowledge, the degree of participation of consultants and experts, and the tacit understanding between the two parties; the second is the plot positioning, as Most of the domestic medical dramas have never focused on this aspect of professionalism. Whether the director team considers strengthening this element requires courage, and it is often not decided by one or two screenwriters.

TVB“s hardcore movie “The White Strongman“ is on fire. How should the mainland medical drama create a hit?

3. Coordination of themes and characters.

Nowadays, the show will present some objective livelihood issuesQuestions, doctor-patient conflicts, how to grasp the protagonist's "halo"?

Screenwriters need to express the professional qualities of the characters, but it is not advisable to exaggerate the standards of "medical ethics" and divorce from today’s objective environment. If it is still like shaping an advanced and typical mentality, it will neither resonate with the audience nor cause thinking about medical issues.

Based on the image of the characters, to give play to the characteristics of professionalism and occupation, it also needs to conform to the objective reality. For example, is the main character in a rural hospital or an urban hospital? For example, the plot to implement telemedicine in a village hospital is unreasonable and not as simple as developing an APP.

NoRegarding what kind of pioneering or challenging gimmicks show off, the authenticity of the characters and the plot is always the first. Even if it involves elements of the future of science fiction, it must be supported by credibility that fits the background of the story.

The medical industry itself involves subject matter in the field of professional knowledge. If it is not rigorous or sophisticated, it will fall in love with various gimmicks and boast of “conscience drama” by means of persuasion. , In the end, it can only attract waves of complaints.