When the teenager goes away from “sweet“ to “abuse“, “Chen Qingling“ is gradually gaining a strong counterattack?

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High-abuse plots such as "Fire Burning Clouds, I Don't Know Places" and "Blood Washing the Lotus Dock" are on the line in turn. The easy campus dramas


In recent episodes of "Chen Qing Ling", Qishan Wen's fight for " "Yin Tie" does not hesitate to make enemies with several other big families. High abuse plots such as "Fire Burning Clouds, I Don't Know Place" and "Blood Washing Lotus Dock" are launched in turn. Struggle to replace.

#血洗蓮湯結戲# in one fell swoop on the hot search, and along with the plot style of "Chen Qing Ling", there is also the drama A strong turnaround in word of mouth.

When the teenager goes away from “sweet“ to “abuse“, “Chen Qingling“ is gradually gaining a strong counterattack?

Under the change of the tone of the whole drama from "sweet" to "abuse", the characters of Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng have become more three-dimensional and vivid in the process of achieving personal growth. Online for 12 days, since The Douban score from 4.5 to 6.2 is the audience’s response to the quality of the drama..

When the teenager goes away from “sweet“ to “abuse“, “Chen Qingling“ is gradually gaining a strong counterattack?

After the broadcast, "Chen Qing Ling" became a hot topic of online discussion. After experiencing the cold and warming of word-of-mouth, the popularity continues to rise. Well, this week’s weibo dramaThe champion "Chen Qing Ling" is based on its uniqueness, not only in the summer archives with rivals such as "The Twelfth Hour in Chang'an" and "The Flowing Good Time", but also in Thailand and other overseas countries during the same period Which one has a place in the market?

The panoramic view of the group portraits of the five major families, the lively interpretation of the newcomers and actors

"Because "Chen Qing Ling" is a TV series that is partial to group portraits, although some characters may not appear in many scenes, each character will have his own Features. We treat each character very seriously." Facing Yunmeng Jiang, Lanling Jin, Gusu LanThe director Chen Jialin said frankly about the difficulty of shooting, and his words are full of piety trying to "panoramic control" for the various characters from the five immortal families composed of Nie, Qinghe and Wen Qishan.

The protagonist of the story-Wei Wuxian, the son of Yunmeng Jiang’s deceased, played by Xiao Zhan, and Gusu Lan’s "Hanguangjun" played by Wang Yibo, Lan Wang Take the machine as an example, the fit between actors and roles can be seen. In the play, Wei Wuxian, who lost his biological parents at the age of four and was adopted by the Yunmeng Jiang family since childhood, is burdened with a complicated life experience, but by nature is open-minded and open-minded. When he was sneaking wine and was caught by Lan Wangji, he tried to get through "The emperor laughed and share your altar." He also once heard that his senior sister was repented of her marriage, even if he was punished, he wanted to vent her righteously. The freedom and spontaneity of this boyhood also makes the later transformation of the role after major changes more interesting.

For this role, Xiao Zhan once said bluntly in an interview, “In fact, at first I didn’t think I was very similar to Wei Wuxian.” He was worried that he would not be able to deduce the complexity of the role. In the end, combining his own life experience and similarities with Wei Wuxian, "When encountering difficulties, I will not give up lightly", and gradually "melt into this character, and then I continue to get closer to this role".

When the teenager goes away from “sweet“ to “abuse“, “Chen Qingling“ is gradually gaining a strong counterattack?

Grown up by more than 3,000 household rules Lan Wangji, whose appearance is reticent, and even a bit cold that refuses to be thousands of miles away, is actually kind and enthusiastic. The actor Wang Yibo not only has the same cool temperament as the character, but also has a tall and straight posture by virtue of his many years of dance foundation. The head and shoulders are stable, and it is also infinitely close to Lan Wangji’s family style and its rigorous and self-contained characteristics.

"Chen Qing Ling" avoids Opening up well-known traffic and casting roles based on suitable roles provides a better space for this group of young actors born in the 90s, many of whom are newcomers./strong>The arrogant Jiang Cheng, the elegant Lan Xichen, the black-bellied Nie Huaisang and Xue Yang and other characters with different personalities, all follow the progress of the plot, and under the interpretation of these actors getting better and better, they show Their respective growth trajectories.

The national heritage in cultural details, the oriental artistic conception under ancient music

In addition to the fascinating plot, The beauty of the national style that can be seen everywhere in "Chen Qing Ling" also surprises many audiences with outspoken words after watching the show. Although it is an overhead historical setting, the names of places such as Yunmeng, Gusu, Qishan, Qinghe, and Lanling in the play are taken from the family motto of "The Analects of Confucius":The arrangement of furniture such as couches, seats, tables, and screens, traditional costumes with wide clothing, and etiquette such as Xuzuo Li, eight prayers, four prayers, and bowing ceremony, all show the profound heritage of traditional culture.

In order to create a harmonious and unified cultural atmosphere, "Chen Qing Ling" fits regional characteristics and family style, respectively: The buildings, paintings and calligraphy, ornaments and weapons of various families are processed. Take Gusu Lan's "I don't know where the depths of clouds" and Yunmengjiang's "Lotus Wharf" as examples. The former features the scenery of "Lying Pine Waterfall" and "Light Smoke Chasing the Moon", embellished with Ru Kiln and Ding Kiln The style of porcelain is used as the furnishings, which is full of romantic literary temperament; the latter is decorated with the nine-petal lotus pattern of the family crest, and the color of the background is mainly wood and cyan, creating an elegant and natural, Comfortable visual effects, in line with the pursuit of freedom and freedom from the Jiang family ancestors.

When the teenager goes away from “sweet“ to “abuse“, “Chen Qingling“ is gradually gaining a strong counterattack?

In addition, well-known music producer Lin Hai’s background music full of national characteristics, alsoBecause it is in line with the tonality of the whole play and the rhythm of the plot, it adds a lot to the play. The soundtrack in "Chen Qing Ling" is based on traditional instruments such as the piano, zheng, flute, and flute, creating an elegant and elegant world of ancient style, while the addition of orchestral music highlights the depth of time and space, and together creates an infinite Imaginary Eastern mood.

In the play, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji have their own weapons, and they are also musical instruments—Bamboo Flute Chenqing and Qixian Wangji. The soothing and melodious flute sound and the deep and simple piano music are also very suitable for the two persons. Outside the play, the theme song "Unruled", sung by two leading actors and composed by Lin Hai, is also well received. "Cooking a pot of life and death to sacrifice to the young man, how can the bright moon still be melancholy, it is better to travel through the wind and waves, the end of the world is melodious" and other lyrics, the protagonists will not forget their original intentions after sufferings and joys.Uninhibited to show incisively and vividly.

Juvenile chivalry meets family and country feelings, modern inheritance of traditional values

Faced with the unrighteous attempt of the Wen clan to annex the world, the chivalrous teenagers headed by Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji, cherished the main story line of the family’s legacy and inherited the family’s legacy. It closely links the personal growth of the protagonists with their family, country and the world. The youngsters have completed their own growth and experience while uncovering conspiracies and helping the weak. Their defense of justice and understanding of Kuangfu the world are even more ambitious propositions.

In the crusade against the Wen family, unlike Lan Wangji, who is concerned about the world and Jiang Cheng, who bears family feuds, Wei Wuxian does not hesitate to fight against the so-called "just party" for the few good ones among the bad guys. China also does not forget to distinguish between right and wrong, and always adheres to the chivalry spirit and the teachings of the Jiang Family Zu Xun.

When the teenager goes away from “sweet“ to “abuse“, “Chen Qingling“ is gradually gaining a strong counterattack?

As ​​Xiao Zhan understands the character, "He is a kind of person The hot-blooded boy, and then treated, will always be such a person who clearly distinguishes justice from evil ways. I think he has a sense of justice in his heart, and then he will stand up for unfair things." strong>The chivalrous spirit full of juvenile enthusiasm in value conflicts and fate entanglements is an alternative interpretation of the responsibility of family and country, and it is also more likely to arouse the emotional resonance of the current young audience.

It is worth mentioning that the character name in "Chen Qing Ling" can also be said to be aPerseverance and return of cultural values. "Wei Ying, Zi Wu Xian" and "Lan Zhan, Zi Wang Ji", and the Taoist language "Ou Lu Wang Ji" and "Xian" in Tang Hui's "Eight-tone Ganzhou Picking Green Plum Wine" The green hills have thoughts, the white cranes forget the opportunities" have their origins, and they entrust the good wishes of "envy the tranquility and tranquility of the green hills, and the hermits with cranes and plums as their companions and forget the power and opportunities."

"Wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys". In the era of fast consumption, this era interpretation and value orientation rooted in traditional culture may be the creation of the current legendary drama , Provide some new thinking and enlightenment.