Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

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In the past few years, Disney has been able to dominate the market with its massive IPs such as Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, as well as "realistic" r

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

Time Net Los Angeles NewsIn the past few years, Disney has been able to dominate the market with its massive IPs such as Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, as well as "live-action" remakes of classic animation works. "Alice in Wonderland", "Cinderella", "The Book of the Jungle" and "Beauty and the Beast" are all popular.

This year we have also seen two live-action classic animation works-"Dumbo" and "Aladdin" which has just been released. And the most concerned "live-action version" is the new work adapted from the 1994 classic animated film "The Lion King".

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

"The Lion King" dubbing special

The cast of this movie is very luxurious: the adult Simba is dubbed by Donald Glover, Simba's "childhood sweetheart" Nana is dubbed by Beyoncé Knowles, and the warthog Pompong is dubbed by Seth Rogen , And his good friend Meerkat Tinman is voiced by Billy Eichner. Simba's father Mufasa will be played by James Earl Jones again. He is also the voice of Mufasa in the 94 edition of "The Lion King", this time it will continue the classic again.

In a recent round-table interview, Glover, Egarford, Logan and Eichner shared and discussed their experience of dubbing in the new version of The Lion King.

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

Donald Glover dubbed adult Simba

Speaking of the original movie, Donald Glover, the youngest of the four, recalled the original trailer: "I remember I was going to watch "Beauty and the Beast" at that time. It’s done. I didn’t go to the movie theater very often, so I clearly remember that the trailer for "The Lion King" was shown in the theater, and that changed my life. I was probably in the third or fourth grade at the time, and I never watched it. Such a trailer does not have a single line in it. The trailer should be a window to open the world, but now movies seem to pay less and less attention to it."

"The non-line trailer of "The King" is very mysterious and attractive. There is no plot but only some introduction. It's very abstract, so it gives me space to fantasize. Regarding the movie, I remember that I cried miserably when Simba’s father died. This scene is a bit too scary for a fourth-grade kid. "

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

Billy· Eichner dubbed Dingman, Seth Rogen dubbed the pimp

Billy Eichner is the producer of the game reality show "Funny Or Die's Billy on the Street", when it comes to the old version He has a deeper body in "The Lion King"Will: "I remember watching a movie in the cinema with my parents at that time. I have a strange connection with "The Lion King" because when the Broadway version of "The Lion King" premiered, I happened to be there. I worked as a bartender at the New Amsterdam Theater, and of course I moved to other theaters."

"After Jon came to New York, he asked me if I wanted to watch "The Lion King" on Broadway. I said, "I used to I’m working in that theater, but I really haven’t watched this show'. So many years later, we went to see this show together. Some people may know this story because I said it on the talk show before."

Logan vaguely recalled the experience of watching the old version of the movie, saying: "I don't have a very clear memory, but I remember that when I was young, I would watch this movie over and over again. Peng Peng is me My favorite character because he is the most interesting. More importantly, I participated in aMovies that are meaningful to others and also meaningful to others. "

Just as the dubbing of the original film was played by James Earl Jones, Robert Gillaum, March Sinclair and Ubi Goldberg, Disney also this time Still invited many African-American actors to escort the film that took place in Africa.

In this day and age, the cast’s influence on the film can be expressed as "A boat can also overturn the boat". Glover has his own thoughts on the configuration of the "skin color" of the cast: "I really didn't have any ideas when I was a child, because it was an animation and the Internet was not so developed. I didn't know much before. "

"I think diversity is a commonly used term, but its real important meaning lies in the diversity of ideas and perspectives, and this diversity comes from all over the world. I'm notAfrican, I am African-American, but I am very happy to see many outstanding representatives. I'm very satisfied with seeing many people here. We can gather all kinds of thoughts and opinions. Once something goes wrong, the company will immediately find it and bring it up. Everyone understands this story, and I think it's really amazing. I wonder if I have made it clear the importance of this matter. ”

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

Chewat· Egarford’s dubbing scar

Egarford, who worked with Glover in The Martian, has a more optimistic view of the issue of racial diversity in the cast. He said: "I think this is reallyBaton. Although the background is set in Africa, it is still a very inclusive story with a lot of elements. I don’t know if this is the most important point of this story, but I think it’s wise to use a variety of creatives with different understandings for storytelling. Especially for me, I love stories about Africa. This story is not directly but indirectly related to African culture, which makes me feel very rich and exciting. This is great. "

Every actor is well aware of the pressure to remake a popular movie, and whether they can add a little bit of "private" to their role. The four actors present They all praised the film director Jon Feiru, thinking that he is very open to new ideas.

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

Photo of the dubbing cast

Glover said: "Jon is very happy to accept Some changes. He is not the kind of person who sticks to his own opinions. I think the biggest difference from animation is that you can walk into the scene to feel the characters and the story. At the same time, I think Jon's observation is very sharp, he knows exactly what the audience wants. For example, he would say, ‘we have to do this because the audience likes this’. This is very important for the whole movie, because "The Lion King" has become a part of people's lives. I tried to read "The Princess Bride" once before, but I didn't fully use the accent I should have, and everyone was annoyed. I said: ‘I just want to try it’, and everyone said: ‘Don’t just try, do it seriously. ’You have to be dedicated and serious to themGenerate admiration. "

As a comedian, Eichner enjoys this opportunity very much. "We did a lot of improvisation, and director Jon Feiru also encouraged us To do it. In the rough cut version, I was surprised that so many improvisations remained in the film, and of course I am not sure what will happen to the final version. "

"I think our ideas are derived from our lives and ontology. I’ve always loved Broadway since I was a kid, and Nathan Lien, even before "The Lion King." I grew up watching "Red Men and Green Women" in New York. We come from the world of comedy, the world of improvisation, and the world of Broadway, so we let these experiences inspire us instead of following the standard musical traditions. "

Logan also praised the director Fei Ruo’s trust in the actors. "Especially Jon, I’m watchingHe grew up in movies like "Job Ronin" and "Get it done", so they are also his fans. His previous works are very conversational and very natural. His movie is the first movie I have ever seen that made me feel very funny but also very happy. In this movie, he also wants us to bring in the normal tone of voice, but it will be a little complicated in practice. The fact is that our performance environment is relatively loose and comfortable, compared to the technical aspects of the movie is much more complicated. "

As a non-comedian in the team, Egarford, who played the big villain Scar, also thanked director Jon. He said: "You will realize that your voice is acting yourself , While Jon is trying to find a balance to bring more updated elements and content. But at the same time it will maintain a very classical form. I think Jon is really great. His work exploration in this field has been very rich and detailed. On this sideHe has a unique eye on the face. It is really exciting for me, to hand over my talents and know that I will get support and help. The director will try his best to mobilize all the elements to bring fresh life to a three-dimensional character. ”

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

"The Lion King "Theme song MV "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

The old version of "The Lion King" includes "Circle of Life", "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", "Be Prepared", " Hakun"A Matata" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" are familiar classic songs, which also add difficulty and pressure to the adaptation of the live-action movie.

And Glover said that he is happy to meet the challenge. "Actually, I can’t say that I’m fully prepared until now, but I’m really excited. At the beginning, you will find it a little difficult because you’ve listened to these classic songs hundreds of times, and you know them well and I also love them very much. I really didn’t know what else I could do until I heard the version of Beyoncé, and then it suddenly dawned on me. We have to bring new things to the audience, so I definitely can’t keep the 1994 version. Change. Thank you Jon and Hans Zimmer for giving me this opportunity to show you. I also have to do more and try to add more new things."

Although I haven’t seen it yet.In the final version of the movie, every actor watched some clips with their characters, and they all loved these clips. "I have seen a lot of unfinished versions of the film. According to my experience, from what I have seen, this will be a very good film and will bring you a very good experience. I think this film It can meet every need of the audience. It greatly exceeded my expectations. I never thought that the movie could be shot like this before. The upgrade of music is also an important element, I think listening to these The evolution and upgrading of familiar songs is really a very empirical thing. I couldn’t tell you who sang that song "Can you feel the love tonight" before, but now it’s possible.” Logan said.

Interview with the main creators of “The Lion King“: The music has been upgraded

Glover said: "If you have seen the old version, I think you will see a better Powerful version this. Jon Feiru showed me those parts of me. I didn’t see the beginning, but the other parts are still visually very impactful. This movie is an incredible feat. I'm not bragging, nor is it for publicity. I was really stunned by everything they did. "

"Especially technical aspects, how did they shoot it, and how did they do it now. This is unbelievable. I have never seen anything similar before. He (the director) really did a great job. "Ega Ford thoughI only watched a few short paragraphs, but also praised it. "I only watched a small part so I can't say too much, but overall this movie looks very explosive and emotional, and you can also see the tremendous efforts and various details that everyone has made for it."