I think the ten most shocking movies

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Blind Mountain Douban score: 8.5 Some people say that the child and ending of "Lake of Eden", the ending and process of "When You Are Sleeping", are j

Favorite movies have common characteristics

However, movies that can shock people have their own reasons.

The editor has compiled ten movies. I personally felt that when I watched it for the first time, I was shocked.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Blind Mountain (2007)

Douban score: 8.5

Some people say "Lake EdenThe child and the end of "When You Are Sleeping", the ending and the process of "When You Are Sleeping", are just as sad as this one, crying without tears. But that is a foreign country after all. The shock of this "Blind Mountain" is that there are too many such phenomena in remote areas of our country, and it is estimated that there are still.

If we are in the position of the heroine, where to go is not so decisive.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Busan Tour (2016)

Douban score: 8.4

Compared with similar themes shot in European and American countries, this exciting and exciting zombie movie, created by the environment and atmosphere, gave me the greatest shock It seems to be true! It was also shocked by the thoughts of Koreans.

Recommend everyone to watch another Korean directed TV series "Lee Shi Chosun", which is equally fun.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Superbody Lucy (2014)

Douban score: 7.4

Although the score is not high, this science fiction movie that allows me to watch the film The process is almost certain to think that "this is possible". In fact, one of the "molecules is recombined into arbitrary shapes." Today's science has freely sorted samples of objects at the molecular level. What's more, the current technology has begun to penetrate into the quantum level. .

Every time I review it, I feel that behind this movie looks like a god, it has deep scientific skills.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Wolf Warrior 2 (2017)

Douban score: 7.1

It’s not Wu Jing’s "Those who violate me China will be punishable even if they are far away" to boost people’s hearts, nor is it the first halo of Chinese-language movies at the box office, but the opening of the movie In one scene, Leng Feng kicked the bully who demolished the house in front of rows of GAGJ with guns and nuclear bombs.

My first feeling was that "the sky has changed". Sure enough, that kick was the horn of "SHCE" for the past two years.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Avatar (2009)

Douban score: 8.7

It’s so called "Fake the real". This is Cameron’s film technology. Now it has made the animal husbandry industry, pigs, cattle and sheep are used for traceability." Facial recognition" technology.

In the past, no one knew that you were "a dog behind the computer"

In the future, no one knew that you were "a pig under the skin"!


I think the ten most shocking movies

hacker Empire The Matrix (1999)

Douban score: 8.9

Don’t believe me, look at the Internet cafes who deliver meals to us, the plant-like staff of Internet companies , The cranial netizens who stay awake late at night, and the information terminal with one hand. We are already a generation led by technical information. In the future, we will only have to integrate the screen into the palm of our hand and insert a tube into our brain.

We can seamlessly switch between dirty driver brothers and sisters at any time.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Titanic (1997)

Douban score: 9.4

From that era to the present, it has been so shocking!

Whether it’s disaster scenes, spatial scheduling, or a moving love story

It is heart-warming, unforgettable, and sighing!

I think the ten most shocking movies

Interstellar (2014)

Douban score: 9.2

Because of promise Lan made a serious and dazzling exploration of human beings embracing the starship civilization.

So, fans of the three-body system don't have to worry about the film version being sloppy! Captain Zhang Beihai, Hines the Wall-facer, High-dimensional Fragment, Bronze Age and AllGravity ship space wars, hibernation and interstellar voyages, the barrenness of the Trisolaran world, the appearance of the high-dimensional world, Yun Tianming’s fairy tales, Nolan gave us hope!

I think the ten most shocking movies

Wandering Earth (2019)

Douban score: 7.9

Hollywood space science fiction movies, when mankind is facing the disaster of extinction,

all heroes run away, orThe elite successfully escaped

Bringing the earth wandering and Jupiter pushing the earth...

Like Liu Cixin’s "Three-Body", its mind, pattern and technique

It is a dimensionality reduction blow to other fields of science fiction art on the earth.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Douban score: 8.4

The best costume movies

The battle between Jerusalem and Saladin, the cross and the new moon, lasts for thousands of years.

Majestic and magnificent.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Inception (2010)

Douban score: 9.3

Can make layers of dreams,Such an intuitive, vivid and cool presentation

It is simply the dreamy God of Nolan.

It can be understood from another perspective: a year in the world is born a day.

I think the ten most shocking movies

Three fools make trouble in Bollywood 3 Idiots (2009)

Douban Rating: 9.2

Liberate your mind, "be yourself", maybe lifeThe ultimate success.

The Indian "Asan", they have caught up.

Watching this movie, you can really understand why the Indian software industry is so awesome!

I think the ten most shocking movies

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