One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

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The TV drama industry, as far as Hong Kong dramas are concerned, the most rapid development period was in the 1980s and 1990s. ATV and TVB flew togeth

As far as Hong Kong dramas are concerned, the most rapid development of the TV drama industry was in the 1980s and 1990s. ATV and TVB flew together. Although they are competitive, they have jointly created the glory of Hong Kong dramas, especially TVB. "Star Making Factory", which is the artist training class. Later, many celebrities, queens, kings and queens were created.

Until the beginning of 2008, Hong Kong dramas began to show a refreshing viewing model. Many high-scoring, high-quality Hong Kong dramas were released and quickly spread across the country. The fire of classic dramas made the audience call "not enough fun". TVB took the opportunity to shoot, but did not shoot a sequel, shooting a "sister".

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

The masterpieces of classic Hong Kong dramas include "The Princess Is Married", "The House of the Heart of the Storm", etc., When the popularity of the previous work was not declining, filming took advantage of the trend and showed its elegance in the tour film. The final result is that the sister article surpassed the previous work and became a high-rated and well-reputed TVB ace drama.

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love "sisters" so much?

Let’s first understand what a "sisters" is

Sister articles generally refer to related works created by the author, divided into upper and lower articles.

It is also pointed out that the companion article is the author created two works, namely Work A and Work B. In these two works, the supporting role in work A is the protagonist in the other work B. While in work B is a supporting role, in work A it is the protagonist.

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

However, the "sisters" I will talk about today is different from the above two points of view. The "sisters" in Hong Kong dramas refers to the "sisters" that the production team has created a work that is different from the previous one after a short lapse of time. The series starred by the original cast becomes a "sister" .

"Sisters" can't be created casually. The production team creates a film and television work. After the series is broadcast, it will finally decide whether to shoot the "sister" of the film and television series based on the word-of-mouth and ratings presented in the series, combined with market and public opinion.

The highlights of the companion chapter

Since the companion chapter is a derivative of the classic drama series, it usually uses the original team. And it won't make the audience wait too long.

To TVB ace dramaThe episode "Gong Min Ji" as an example, TVB hit a high ratings after the "Gong Min Ji" was broadcasted. Charmaine Sheh and Yang Yi, who starred in it, were very popular among audiences. "Scheme of the Palace" has been popular all over the country, and the popularity has not diminished. TVB pursued the victory and started filming the sister chapter of "Scheme of the Palace" "The Princess Marries."

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

quoted a large number of original crews, and urged many headed Huadan students to participate in the performance, "The Princess Marries "The lineup still does not lose "Gong"Scheming" satisfies the audience's reluctance to "Scheme of the Palace", and the comic style "Princess Gets Married" gives the audience a novel feeling.

There is no doubt that TVB has been very successful in producing the companion article. Its wonderful feature is that it does not affect the previous work, but also meets the needs of the audience and makes the audience "very enjoyable."

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

The "good and bad" of the companion chapters

There are good and bad companion chapters. Not all film and television works are suitable for shooting companion chapters.

The advantages of sister articles

The production is frugal. Sister articles usually use the scenes and backgrounds of the previous works, of course, some works are exceptions. The "Princess Married to the Princess" mentioned by the author earlier quoted many scenes from the "Princess Scheming", and even the costumes of the four divisions of the Shang Palace Bureau appearing in "Princess Scheming" are also at the beginning of "The Princess Married to" .

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

Such a production not only saves money, but also allows the audience to recall the wonderful scenes of the previous work. The plot of the previous work seems to have happened in Yesterday, this was also the wonderful and ingenious setting of the production team.

The character contrasts are large. Audiences who have seen the sister works, it is not difficult to find many TVB sister stories, usually The previous work is serious and upright, but the sister part is completely opposite. It is more relaxed and happy, and the family carnival theater. The characters' personalities are also very different.

Still taking "The Heart of the Palace" and "The Princess Marries" as examples, In the two works, Charmaine Sheh's Liu Sanhao is kindLiang is gentle, but becomes the overbearing and unreasonable princess Zhaoyang in the sister chapter. Such a contrasting personality will not make the audience feel that it is contrary to harmony, on the contrary, there will be a sense of freshness.

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

The popularity will not diminish, and the ratings will be even higher. The production of a sister chapter will be broadcast before the popularity of the previous work is weakened, so that it can use the hot spots of the previous work to gather more talentsGathering together, the ratings can naturally be improved. The audience is refreshed and the ratings can continue to rise.

It is reported that the TVB drama "The Heroine of Yihai" broke the ratings, and even became a high-scoring drama on Douban. In the year that the drama was broadcast, the crew of "The Heroine of Yihai" Won multiple awards.

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

The inferiority of the sister articles


After so many years, the enthusiasm is gone. Many episodes will follow the sequel route after many years, but the sister story route will not work. After many years, the enthusiasm for the previous work has disappeared, and it is quite difficult for the sister works to take advantage of the previous work to go up.

There is not much linkage between new works and classic works, the audience will feel strange. The shooting interval between the two works is too long, and the audience will have an idea of ​​the new work. This is a brand new work, and even most of the plots of the classic work have been forgotten, and they will think that there is not much linkage with the classic work.

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

In summary, most of the inferiority of the sister articles will be reflected in the time. Too long a time interval will lead to the series viewing, Word of mouth is affected. Therefore, the sister articles will not be too long apart from the previous ones. Of course, some works are not excluded.

Why does TVB love "sister articles" so much?

In addition to the points I mentioned above, TVB loves "sisters" so much, there are actually other reasons.

In a workAfter the filming and broadcasting, there have been high ratings and good reputation, such as "Gong Minji", "Heart Storm" and "The Heroine", these dramas are undoubtedly all of the best ratings and reputation. If you rashly announce the shooting of the sequel, the audience will have higher requirements for the sequel, and even break through the previous one.

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

Broadcasting sequels of classic dramas, it’s easy without long and careful polishing Will come outCurrent failures, BUG and other reasons, eventually destroyed the good reputation of the gold medal works, so that the gain was not worth the loss.

But if there are sister articles, it is another matter. If the companion chapter is presented to the audience in a relaxed and cheerful rhythm, the audience will not feel a sense of disobedience. Although it will be compared with the previous work, there will be no high requirements for breakthroughs in the companion chapter.

What is the difference between the companion article and the sequel?

Sister chapters are generally not sequels. Like the content mentioned by the author, the sister chapters are completely different stories from the previous work, and the sequels often follow what happened in the previous work The story, and generally this kind of sequel will be opened after a lapse of many years, which is completely different from the companion chapter.

One is not enough to make two, why does TVB love “sisters“ so much?

Of course, the sequel may be completely different from the story of the previous game, but the title of the previous game will still be adopted. Not all sequels must continue the story of the previous game for development. The sequel can also develop a new timeline, new plot and content, and even replace the original crew, but the core of the sequel is still consistent with the previous one, such as TVB's "Forensic Pioneer" series.


To sum up, TVB loves sister chapters so much. In addition to being popular with the audience, it can also take advantage of the relationship between the previous works to increase the ratings and reputation of the sister chapters, like the sister chapters broadcast by TVB. "The House of the Heart of the Storm" and "The Princess Gets Married" are undoubtedly both breakthrough ratings and good reputation.

In recent years, TVB has also been shooting sister episodes, and it has also confirmed the development of the sister episodes, which is still in demand in the market. If the sister article can be made properly, it can also create a brilliance that belongs to it.