“Banana Sister“ may quit the main role of “American Fear“

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Those fans who became fans of "Banana Sister" Sarah Paulson because of "American Horror Story" are probably disappointed. She may not return to appear

“Banana Sister“ may quit the main role of “American Fear“

Mtime NewsThose fans who became fans of Sarah Paulson "Banana Sister" because of "American Horror Story", I am afraid they will be disappointed. According to foreign media reports, she may not return to appear in the ninth season of "American Horror Story: 1984" in the FX "anthology" "American Horror", at least not in important roles. Banana Sister has appeared in the first eight seasons, the least of which appeared in the first season, only appeared in 3 episodes, and she may only appear in a cameo in the ninth season. And "fast silver" Ivan Peters also said that he will no longer return to the ninth season.

Sister Banana was nominated for 5 Emmy Awards for her performance in "Terror of America".And because of her role in the first season, she won the "Best Actress" award in an Emmy Award-limited series. Regarding the rumor that Sister Banana might withdraw, neither the producer of the series 20th Century Fox TV nor the spokesperson of Sister Banana responded.

“Banana Sister“ may quit the main role of “American Fear“

"Gold Wings "Finch"

Sister Banana is currently filming the new drama "Mrs. America" ​​also from FX, telling the story of the approval of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Later, she will continue to collaborate with Ryan Murphy, the executive producer of "America Terror", on the new Netflix series "Ratchett".It is her origin story and has been booked for two seasons.

In terms of movies, Sister Banana will star in Lionsgate’s new film "Escape", and the new film "Goldfinch" co-released in September this year with Nicole Kidman, an animation co-dubbed with Wang Keying The film "Snowman" was also released in mainland China in October this year.

“Banana Sister“ may quit the main role of “American Fear“

Ivan After Peters quit, his ex-girlfriend Emma Roberts joined "American Horror"

"American Horror Story: 1984" will premiere on September 18 this year. The plot of the ninth season is not yet known. , But it should be the horror film style of the 1980s. Before Ryan MurphyAnnounced that Emma Roberts (Isn’t this the ex-girlfriend of Ivan Peters, who had "domestic violence" over him...) is about to join. Although Murphy has ended his contract with Fox TV and switched to Netflix, FX has renewed the ninth and tenth seasons of "America Terror", which is also one of FX's most valuable and highly rated episodes.