The founding battle

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The historical war film "The Moment of Rising Sun" with the background of "Battle of Hengbao" was finished in Hengdian on June 14, 2019, and on June 1

The founding battle

The actors are filming the last scene. (Southern Weekend reporter Weng Huan/photo)

The historical war film "The Moment of Rising Sun" with the background of "Battle of Hengbao" was finished in Hengdian on June 14, 2019, and in June On the 16th, it made its debut at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival "Night of China Film".

"The Moment of Sun Rising" was jointly produced by Guangdong Shengshi Culture Film Co., Ltd. and China Film Co., Ltd., and the former deputy director of the "August 1st" film factory and national first-level director An Lan served as the general manager. Director, an executive team composed of Anlan team members who have won the "Five One Project Award" of the Central Propaganda Department for many times, Tang Guoqiang, Liu Zhibing, etc.The actors will star and will be released in the National Day file in 2019 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Republic.

The founding battle

On the set, the makeup artist is making makeup for the actors Fine adjustments. (Southern Weekend reporter Weng Huan/Picture)

The Battle of Hengbao, also known as the Battle of Central South, liberated most areas of southern Hunan and western Hunan. The Great Battle is the only battle that spans the founding ceremony of the country.

Due to the special time of the Battle of Hengbao, director An Lan was deeply touched by the battle. "The salute on Tiananmen Square sounded unanimously, and the artillery fire on the battlefield here roared. The picture at that time has been hauntingIn my mind. The soldiers rushed to the battlefield amidst the salute of the Republic, marching forward with firm belief, and ushering in the birth of the Republic at the cost of their lives. "An Lan said that he strives to create a war scene in which the warriors are raging and the soldiers are advancing bravely, trying to make the audience not only shocked by the senses, but also feel from the heart that the hard-won era of peace.

The founding battle

Director An Lan uses a walkie-talkie to guide the actors’ performance details. (Southern Weekend reporter Weng Huan/ Figure)

In order to truly restore history, the main creative team interviewed war veterans and many experts in war history. An Lan has filmed more than 30 war-themed movies and television works.Have a soft spot. But this film has its own unique features. The highlight is to explore the real emotions of young people on the battlefield from the perspective of young people. In order to make the film more youthful, An Lan has revised the script several times, and he wants more young people to watch the main theme movie.

"Under the iron discipline of the army, young people still have different living habits, different hobbies and ideas. The film tries to show the young people's outlook on life and death and love in that era." An Lan hopes, Through this movie with young people as the main line, they show their desire and pursuit of dreams, and let later young people know how this country was established. "The path of the growth of the Republic is the common use of blood and flesh by countless young unknown soldiers. Pave the way."

The founding battle

In order to truly restore history, the main creative team interviewed veterans who participated in the war and many experts who studied war history. The workmanship of the actors’ costumes was also very particular. (Southern Weekend reporter Weng Huan/Photo )

Liu Zhibing, the former head of the Bayi Factory actor troupe and a national first-class actor, plays the villain No. 1 Bai Chongxi. "Bai Chongxi is a very important figure in modern history. He is just different from the ideals of our regime at that time. , Belong to two camps. "Liu Zhibing said. Liu Zhibing's years of study, accumulation, and precipitation laid the foundation for him to grasp this aspect in the future.

Liu Zhibing grew up on the border between China and the Soviet Union. A lot of things were buried in the young mind, "It made me feel insecure and that the country would be attacked all the time. At that time, I had the idea of ​​being a soldier, because soldiers can be in the country when the country is critical.Contribute instantly. "Liu Zhibing said that it is precisely this kind of thought that has led him along the way, hoping to influence more young people through his own performance and works to pursue their direction in life.

Actor Lan Fei Yang plays a sharpshooter named Liu Sanzhu. This is his first time shooting a war scene, experiencing the rain of bullets and wild bombing on the battlefield. He said that the most difficult thing in filming is shooting. Due to lack of experience, he was loaded. The speed is not fast enough, and his shooting posture is not standard enough. He practiced every day for a month before starting up, and finally "has what a sharpshooter should look like".

The founding battle

The final shot of the movie is being shot, and Director An Lan is watching the screen carefully. (Southern Weekend reporter Weng Huan/photo)

The actor Ma Ziluo plays a warrior, nicknamed "glasses." From the timid and weak scholar when he first joined the army, to the PLA soldiers fighting bravely on the battlefield. In Ma Ziluo's view, his role is not a perfect person, and he is afraid of death, but in the end, why is he willing to dedicate everything for the birth of the Republic? This enabled him to think more deeply about the outlook on life and values.

The founding battle

The crew finished in Hengdian and took a group photo.

Chen Yingwen, an investigator from the Propaganda and Education Office of the Propaganda Department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, is one of the screenwriters of this play. He and Zhang Fuhua, a senior military writer, devoted five years to the script.creation. After the script was revised and polished many times, Chen Yingwen convened a number of writers in Guangdong Province to review the script, extensively collected revision opinions and suggestions, and then made two or three creations based on the revised suggestions. "In order to make the film not only limited to war, but to intersperse family and country feelings and revolutionary romantic love into the war, highlight the glory of human nature, and impress the audience with delicate and humane emotions." Chen Yingwen said, "Don't forget. The original intention is always the same. Only by knowing how the past came can you know how the future should go."

The founding battle

The main creative staff boarded the stage of the Shanghai Film Festival. (Southern Weekend reporter Weng Huan/photo)

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