Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

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Since the 1950s, outstanding rural-themed movies have accompanied generation after generation through those unforgettable years. Shanxi writer Ma Feng

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The countryside is the foundation that nourishes the local culture, and is the homeland of many people's dreams. Since the 1950s, outstanding rural-themed movies have accompanied generation after generation through those unforgettable years.

In the 1950s, the Shanxi-themed rural film "Young People in Our Village" made Jindi one of the most popular actresses at the time. With the help of the film’s influence,Shanxi writer Ma Fengtong’s "Yam Egg Pie" is well known to more people; in the 1980s, the rural film "Xiyingmen" produced by Shanghai Film Studio created a movie watching myth strong>; In the 1990s, Director Zhang Yimou's "A Lawsuit Against Qiu Ju" became famous in Venice.

These are just a few representative examples of many outstanding works.

In the current film and television dramas, it is difficult for us to see the real and vivid rural stories. In the Chinese film scene in the 1980s, the number of rural themes was still considerable. These rural films not only have a wide range of materials and diverse artistic styles, but more importantly, they really enriched people’s cultural and entertainment life and have become spiritual food for generations.

In the 1980s, major film studios focused on shooting several rural films. Among them, especially the "Southern Country Trilogy", "Nostalgia", "Country Voice" and "Countryman" directed by Hu Bingliu from Zhu Film Studio, and "Xiyingmen" and "Our Niu Hundred Years Old" directed by Shanghai Film Studio Zhao Huanzhang , "Our Veterans"The most representative. If the former is director Hu Bingliu’s exploration of aesthetic pursuits and artistic forms, it has been recognized by experts and critics, and these rural films directed by Zhao Huanzhang further demonstrate the popular artistic attributes of the film.

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

Zhao Huanzhang’s three films have won the popular film Hundred Flowers Award for the best feature film,This is the proof. Especially "Xiyingmen" and "Our Bull's Hundred Years Old" caused a particularly strong response. The Honor Award of the Golden Rooster Award and the Excellent Feature Film Award of the Ministry of Culture also prove that Zhao Huanzhang’s series of rural films are loved by groups of different aesthetic habits and different angles of appreciation.

Here I want to focus on the production of this Shanghai Film Studio, directed by Zhao Huanzhang, starring Liang Qinggang, Wang Fuli, Qian Yongfu, Ding Yi, and Chen Yude "Our Bull Hundred Years Old".


"Our Niu Hundred Years Old" continues the advantages of "Xiyingmen", its story is complete and rigorous but rich in plot, diverse characters and individuality Unmistakable, this is also the movie catches people’s heartsThe key is that it is real and vivid.

Take "Our Bull Hundred Years" as an example. Its authenticity is reflected in one aspect. It closes to the characteristics of the times and reflects the appearance of the times, and the theme of the story reflectsIt is people's real thought changes and spiritual outlook in life. This is also the core theme that runs through the growth and change of each character. In the movies, it is reflected in the fact that after the implementation of the contract responsibility system in the new era, the thinking, concepts and behavior habits of many characters are still lagging, and the dramatic conflicts in movies are reflected in these different personalities, In the process of advancing with the times, characters with different encounters experience collision and friction with each other.

On the other hand, it is reflected in the film’s precise capture of the breath of rural life, which is also attributed to the screenwriter. The movie Based on Yuan Xueqiang's novel "Footsteps of the Cropman" published in "Liuquan" magazine, Yuan Xueqiang himself is a farmer, and his experience of rural life is naturally unique and profound . In the process of adapting it into a movie script, Director Zhao Huanzhang also knew well that art creation should respect life and not change the original taste of the work.

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

The vast countryside in the 1980s has also become a natural carrier of text filming. The film portrays the scene space in a meticulous manner, the vast natural space-the landscape of Jiaodong, the living space of the countryside, the courtyard of different families The spaces are displayed in an orderly and hierarchical manner.


As mentioned in the previous article, the film is close to the times and rooted in rural life This makes the movie have distinctive characteristics of the times and rustic flavor.

and Any profound theme and realistic story to be displayed on the screen needs to be conveyed to the audience through technical film methods. In this regard, this film is a successful model.

First of all, the movie is to take narration in order, that is, narrate exactly in the chronological order of the story’s occurrence, even in the past of characters such as Chrysanthemum (Wang Fuli) Encounters in the movie are also naturally simple confession through memories, which undoubtedly reduces the threshold of viewing the movie to the greatest extent.

The story The protagonist’s setting is more clever. Five people the 16th group of "lazy guys" formed by people "disliked" by the work group, and the "good guys"Baisui took over this group. This aroused the audience's interest to a large extent, because Those who are "disliked" are not necessarily "bad guys", but they are usually "wonders" with their own characteristics.

The story of the movie is deeply rooted in the five seemingly "strange" characters. They all reflect very profound problems. Their unique personalities are broadly representative and there are profound historical and social factors behind their personalities.

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

Chrysanthemum (played by Wang Fuli) is more dismissed because of In rural areas where people were still conservative in their thinking, as single mothers, the status of "widow" would always be criticized too much. The problems reflected in the line of chrysanthemums are very worth pondering, because Encountered she was burdened with too many moral shackles, and she was often the target of rumors. The movie unabashedly presents people’s inherent stereotypes and "traditional tastes" in traditional rural society. It is also because of this, The movie shows such a real and comprehensive view of the countryside.

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

The role of Niu Tiansheng (played by Qian Yongfu) is even more representative. He is one of the few scholars in the village, a little lofty and arrogant

Strong>. He was separated from his lover due to the obstruction of his father’s generation. His lover Lanhua’s father kept calling for returning to the countryside but he was unable to act as a role model and eventually created a tragedy. He tossed around and eventually returned to the village. Niu Tiansheng was also the city at that time. A generation of rural intellectuals in the process ofOn the one hand, they can’t break free from the shackles of their parents’ traditional ideas, on the other hand they are also at a loss in the fusion of the dual culture of urban and rural areas. (Of course, the line of Niu Tiansheng in the movie is basically to stop, and more details are not explained, only the audience can understand the hidden stories in their lines. Now it seems that this may not be regarded as " Disadvantages", leaving more imagination to the audience is not a good thing.)

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

The character of Niu Qi is more typical. Every friend who has lived in the countryside must have this kind of role. He is kind-hearted, and although he is not well-cultured, he is full of energy, full of justice and hatred. In the movie, he will inevitably be caught The audience compares it with Ye'er (Chrysanthemum's daughter)'s changed boyfriend.

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

In this set of stories, the motif of urban and rural culture is still not absent. Niu Qi is a loyal and honest young man in the country. Ye'er’s boyfriend puts on a formal and civilized style and then abandons her. (It’s just that the movie still hasn’t explored too much on this level. After all, the theme of this film is not like "Life "So, not every character is Gao Jialin and Liu Qiaozhen.)

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

Tian Fu (played by Chen Yude) is a typical food A lazy guy who eats a big pot of rice, he is lazy, he is lazy, he has no good head, and his heart is not bad. The role of "Three Hands" Xinliang can not be regarded as a typical villain to a certain extent. He is not a big evil person, but they Their behavior needs to be regulated, and their ideological level needs to be improved.

As members of the "lazy group", they were brave and unwilling to be ashamed. Soon they played their own advantages. Niu Tiansheng used it. I have led the team to do a good job with the knowledge I have learned. With the help of the team, Chrysanthemum gradually strengthened his confidence, and Tian Fu and Xinliang got rid of the old problems.


Director Zhao Huanzhang People under the cameraThe close, lively and appropriate interaction is also a major feature of the film. Chrysanthemum (played by Wang Fuli) and Qiushuang (played by Ding Yi) face the noise and reconcile again across the courtyard wall. The plot where the children often make trouble in the house is still fresh in memory. Such life-like plots and precise interactions between characters are everywhere in movies, so I will not list them one by one.

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

Because the film’s overall tone is relatively relaxed and lively, the director has basically controlled the atmosphere of the film throughout the film. Although there are some characters in the film With an unhappy past, the movie does not evade this. However, such plot movies are usually described lightly, without magnifying and rendering the sadness. It can be seen that the director's creation pays attention to the historical depth of the story. , But more emphasis is placed on the optimism and clarity of the current character’s heart to infect the audience and give people an optimistic mood.

As for the protagonist Niu Baisui in the title, the audience is mixed.

Some viewers believe that he is still an old-fashioned, old-school character in essence, representing a kind of mellowness. Traditional values ​​do not have the characteristics of a model in the new era.

This argument is not unreasonable. After all, Niu Baisui is not standing at the forefront of the times, he has the most keen cognitive ability. He doesn't know how to write the word "love" in love; on the other hand, he still uses the traditional old method to deal with problems, and he uses a certain degree of self-sacrifice to deal with the various roles that generate conflict.

But I think, from another perspective, it’s not a movie.A major feature.

Just like Niu Baisui's "who has no dust on his neck?", ordinary people with typical personalities are portrayed in the movie, and they also have their limitations. Niu Baisui is a traditional character. This is true, as evidenced by his keep insight into the sophistication of human relationships. But we it’s hard to require a character to have insight that transcends the times and a vision beyond his vision.

The highlight of Niu Baisui’s role is his kindness, thoughtfulness, self-knowledge, and he understands and considers any role, and he can’t understand what he sees and hears. Report with awe (he thinks he is not literate and encourages everyone to learn knowledge). Maybe he can't break away from some traditional habits in his behavior, but he neverIt's not that kind of self-proclaimed character. Although he usually looks like "joy", he is open-minded and tolerant.

Another classic after Shanghai Film Studio“s “Xiyingmen“, real and vivid rural films are now hard to see

Speaking of the movie itself, most of the characters in the movie are Lively and lovely, even if it is a "bad guy", the director has never given a strong praising attitude.

MovieThere is no fixed criterion to guide the audience, but an inclusive and dialectical attitude to show the concept changes and ideological development of various characters in the changing times, allowing the audience to think and experience by themselves , This treatment makes the movie more meaningful.

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