The highest level of emotional intelligence: speak softly and do things hard

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Be smart and make three points, Qianren Jianfeng. Click the green mark above to listen to the audio of the insight anchor Zhou Zhou reading aloud. Two

The highest level of emotional intelligence: speak softly and do things hard

Being smart and deciding three-pointers, the swordsman is Qianren.

A gentleman wants to be insensitive to words but sensitive to actions.

Two skins on the human mouth.

Although the tongue is soft, the words spoken can go to two extremes.

Two-sided meat with hands.

Although the palm is strong, what you do can get different results.

Speaking and doing things are exactly the trajectory of a person’s life.

Speaking, spit lotus at the mouth, gentle breeze and drizzle, with its own fragrance, which makes people feel like a spring breeze;

When doing things, you should be determined and resolute, with your own aura, which makes people happy and convincing. .


Speak softly.

Speaking slowly, the still water flows deep.

An old saying goes: Don’t chase the horse without a sound;

It is better to speak thoughtful than to fail.

In "Dream of Red Mansions", when Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden for the second time, Daiyu was afraid of losing.

Anxiously, he blurted out "No matter how beautiful the beautiful day is" and "There is no matchmaker in the screen window", it easily revealed the feet of reading "banned books".

When she was talking, no one else noticed, but her rival Baochai noticed.

But Baochai did not "disclose" immediately, but later called Daiyu aside and talked about it with her.

Baochai's thoughtful success has attracted Daiyu, making Daiyu very grateful to herself.

The highest level of emotional intelligence: speak softly and do things hard

There is something to say, this step, Baochai is very clever.

Since then, there has been no conflict between Bao and Dai. Daiyu said that Baochai was good, even Baoyu was puzzled.

Shakespeare once said in "The Futility of Love":

Your tongue is like a fast horse. It runs too fast and will run out of strength.

Many times, we are eager to express, let the tongue preemptive thinking.

Just like what Mr. Lu Xun said:

The source of the disease of'anxious but undecided' is not done without thinking, but without thinking when there is time.

Before speaking, always slow down to three points. Language will naturally become our best business card.

The words come out softly and tricklely.

Cai Kangyong said: Being yourself and being rude are often between the lines.

The Qingwen girl in "A Dream of Red Mansions" is a typical example of "speaking hard".

The highest level of emotional intelligence: speak softly and do things hard

She is astute, dare to speak and scold, never Considering the consequences, talking can easily offend people.

As the attacker said: "She speaks with a gun and a stick".

In the thirty-first episode, Qingwen dropped her fan and smashed against Baoyu. Xiren helped persuade him, and Qingwen sarcastically responded back to Xiren:

"Since ancient times, you have served the Lord alone,We didn't serve before, because you served well, so I was so heartbroken yesterday. "

"Ouch! You are alone in this room and remember him. We all ate for nothing? "

In the seventy-fourth round, Wang Shanbao’s searched Grand View Garden. Qingwen not only dumped the contents of the box, but also publicly exposed Wang Shanbao’s pain Scolded, it doesn’t save face at all.

In order to retaliate against Qingwen, Wang Shan’s family took advantage of the embroidered sachet incident to slander Mrs. Wang.

As a result, Qingwen was seriously ill. At the time, he was ruthlessly expelled from Jia’s Mansion and died as a result.

Speaking to others well, warm to cloth; hurting othersIn other words, it is deeper than the spear.

Qingwen is suffering, her words are always like swords and swords, and finally paid a huge price.

Say the same.

When speaking, always soften the three points, and language will naturally become our most beautiful neon clothes.


Do things hard.

Cleverly and wisely to make three-pointers, Qianren Jianfeng.

Speaking softly may sometimes give people the illusion of low thunder and little rain.

While speaking gentle and gentle, it is essential to act smart and decisively.

Although Baochai speaks softly, he does things without ambiguity.

At that time, Daguanyuan established the Haitang Poetry Society. Because it was too late, Xiangyun offered to do something.

At night, Baochai and Xiangyun said:

"Although it is a gadget, I have to look forward to it, make myself cheap, and not to offend others, and then everyone will be interesting."

Next, she took advantage of the trend to help Xiangyun Agent banquet:

"My brother and I said, I want a few baskets of extremely fat crabs, and then I will pick up a few jars of good wine in the shop, and prepare four or five tables of fruit dishes, wouldn’t it? It saves trouble and everyone is busy."

Xiang Yun was convinced after listening.

But what Xiang Yun didn't know was that Baochai's family path had already fallen.

From Jia Baoyu's visit to Baochai, the two "semi-old" descriptions of Baochai in the article show one thing or two.

One is the soft red silk curtain in Baochai's room, and the other is the "half new and not old" cotton-padded jacket worn by Baochai.

Ke Baochai is still generous and decent to the outside world, and there is no hesitation and no ambiguity about what should be done.

This is Baochai telling everyone that the Xue family is still the Xue family whose "pearl is as earth and gold as iron".

The highest level of emotional intelligence: speak softly and do things hard

The crab feast arranged by Baochai for Xiangyun was very successful .

Of course, everyone understands that this banquet is on the surface of Xiangyun, but it is actually sponsored by Baochai. Naturally, he has a good impression of Baochai.

Jia's mother also praised Baochai: "I know that this child is prudent and thoughtful, and reliable."

If you dare to go, it is a disaster for all things.

If you can't act decisively and execute decisively, it is the bane of failure.

Bao Chai is tough and powerful in his work, and has won him valuable social assets.

When doing things, Always on three points, action will be our most powerful blade.

The bottom line is three-pointers.

The writer Liu Tong said: "Rationally know when you should be emotional, and when you are emotional, you know where your bottom line is."

56 Back, Tanchun's new official took office, and reforms were in full swing.

At the beginning of the reform, Baochai and Tanchun were on the side.

But she has repeatedly emphasized that it is not possible to "lost the general system" because of the reform, and that the Grand View Garden cannot be "turned to the sky". The existing system must be maintained.

She knows well that if Jia Mansion loses the majority of the big family, all reform measures will be meaningless. This is a "bottom line."

Later, she became less and less motivated to reform. She felt that Tanchun had crossed the "bottom line".

Bao Chai advocated that not only contractors should have their heads, but non-contractors should also have small benefits. Everyone said again and again:

"The girl's grandma loves us like this, we should not be empathetic, heaven and earth Not tolerate it anymore."

Bao Chai, who holds the bottom line, is more popular than Tanchun and less grievous.

The same is true for Baochai in dealing with Baoyu.

Bao Chai really has a good impression of Baoyu. If Baoyu's attitude is not clear, she will do her best to fight for it.

But she heard Baoyu yell out in her dream:

"How can you trust the words of the monk and Taoist priest? What is the marriage of gold and jade, I say it is the marriage of wood and stone!"

She understood Baoyu's thoughts and gradually alienated Baoyu.

The highest level of emotional intelligence: speak softly and do things hard

In this way, it will not embarrass others, and it is another kind of protection for yourself.

You have a bottom line in doing things, and guard the guard Yes, insisting on what you should insist on is not a kind of great wisdom.

Sometimes, "heart cruelty" is also a kind of kindness, but without a bottom line, it is a kind of evil.


When doing things, always keep the three points. Actions will naturally become our strongest shield.


Speak softly, do things hard, hard and soft. Complementing each other is the best state for a person.

Speaking is like water, still water flows deep, trickling, gentle and gentle;

Doing things like a mountain, the sword is strong, the mountain is high Water is long, you must keep it.

Being in the world, doing both soft and hard, your life will become more stable and stable.It will get smoother.

Speaking and doing things, the outer circle is square inside, the circle has a degree, and the square is perfect.

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