Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

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The first domestic court food culture inheritance exploration program "I'm a Chef in the Palace", jointly produced by Toutiao and Shangcheng Youpin, w

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"Gong" is for modern people It has always been a mysterious and impenetrable existence, which is the reason why costume dramas are so popular. The palace "Royal Dining" in the play is full of mystery. The delicious, delicious, delicious, small and exquisite dishes make the audience in front of the screen coveted.

In order to satisfy the audience’s "snooping" psychology, authorized and supported by Baigongzao Office, Toutiao and Shangcheng Youpin jointly produced the first domestic court food culture inheritance exploration The program "I'm a Chef in the Palace" was broadcast strongly on June 21. The program combines record and variety creation techniques to break everyoneThe stereotype of the palace diet not only presents the exquisite palace diet to the audience, but also focuses on the palace secrets and food culture behind the diet.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​The program is on the air After the second period, the cumulative video playback volume has exceeded 30 million, and the reading volume of the main topic of Wei Toutiao has exceeded 5,000Million, of which #苏有朋魔性笑声# is on the top search list on Weibo, which can be described as a double harvest of word of mouth. The video volume of just 15 minutes can explode with such great influence and energy. "I'm a chef in the palace" has given the "Culture +" program and variety show model with new content creativity and profound cultural connotation. Thinking about the direction. During the dialogue with the reporter of the new drama, Ma Xin, the chief producer of the show, talked about the production model and development prospects of the gourmet micro variety show.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

"Food +"Variety Show Mode

Programs need to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

When it comes to food culture on TV, perhaps the first thing the audience think of is the 2004 TV series "Man and Han Quan Xi" starring Xu Zheng. Although the TV series has some dramatic interpretations, Zhang Dongguan played by Xu Zheng is a real historical existence. , This character is in "I'm a Chef in the Palace"It also appeared in the second issue, and there is a detailed introduction and explanation in the section.

In today's increasingly vertical segmentation of entertainment content, any IP derivation and incubation needs to be as specific and vertical as possible. As a topic of national concern, food itself has a large number of fans and audience bases. The program is based on the first-hand Qing Palace meal files and explores the court’s hard-core food culture. It is also a new attempt in the court food field.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​The royal cuisine itself is full of mystery Behind every palace dish is the inheritance and embodiment of culture. Bazhen cake, Su-made meat, chrysanthemum hot pot, etc. are mysterious from the name alone, and the historical stories behind them can attract the attention of the audience. The "Mysterious Palace Food Tour" created by the Palace Chef for the audience is also successfully distinguished from other gastronomic shows. "Curiousness" is one of the reasons for the success of Palace Chef, and the cultural inheritance responsibility carried by the program is of special significance. Variety shows, as one of the types of artistic expression, should bear the social responsibility of spreading excellent traditional culture and inheriting beautiful and excellent quality. Behind the production of "I'm a Chef in the Palace", the chief producerRen Ma Xin also tried to give palace cuisine a unique spiritual and cultural connotation.

From project preparation to project broadcast, the program group of "I'm a Chef in the Palace" only took two months before and after, so short and efficient production The process also shows the rich experience and professional skills of the two producers, Ma Xin and Xu Yang. Ma Xin said frankly: "Food will be a continuing topic." As a palace food culture program, the Palace Kitchen series will continue the topic of food, and even explore the food culture of foreign courts in the next few seasons.

Star immersive performances, how documentary and entertainment coexist

As a record and comprehensiveHow to ensure the coexistence of documentary and entertainment is the primary consideration for the program group of "I'm a Chef in the Palace".

The program is mainly divided into two parts, one is a documentary exploration of food, and the other is an immersive interpretation of celebrities and guests. The first part is documentary The second part is the filling of entertainment, and the combination of the two has successfully realized the function of "entertainment and fun" in art aesthetic education.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​In order to ensure the documentary, the historical allusions and the royal delicacies appearing in the palace kitchens are all based on a first-hand palace delicacy material called "The Qing Palace Meal Record", in which the delicacies of the Qing court are recorded in detail Practice and evolution history. The "Bazhen Cake" mentioned in the first issue does have historical basis, and it is scientifically proven that the exquisite process of making Bazhen Cake and the ingredients are directly related to Qianlong's longevity. In the words, “This is a real historical record.”

The program also invited Mr. Yang Yuan, a postdoctoral fellow from the Institute of Manchuria, Beijing Academy of Social SciencesThe meal seekers, together with guests of the royal meal experience such as Su Youpeng, Hui Yinghong, Huang Shengyi, etc., visited the royal meal, and interpreted the production process and historical background of the meal. In the show, the "Royal Kitchen" who made the royal meals are all inheritors of the Imperial Kitchen. The production process and the selection of ingredients have been reviewed by Baigongzao, as well as on-site investigations and endorsement of historical materials by the expert advisory group.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​In order to enhance the entertainment attributes of the program, Toutiao and Xingyoupin have innovated the content and form of the program, using the immersive experience of stars to restore and reproduce the history as much as possible , Allowing the audience to more intuitively feel the real scene of the production and invention process of the royal meal. For example, Zhang Dongguan, the inventor of "Su made meat", was because Qianlong loved going to Jiangnan, so the ministers voted for the Jiangnan celebrity chef recommended by him. Under Yang Yuan’s interpretation, the audience knew more clearly that Zhang Dongguan entered Gong Er completely changed Beijing cuisine, but the chef has never entered the palace establishment regrettably. After the interpretation of stars such as Su Youpeng, this historical story can be more intuitively presented in front of the audience, increasing the entertainment visual effect of the program itself.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​"When discussing immersive performance with celebrity guests, they all recognized it, because one of them can fully substitute the audience into the situation The second is that contextualized interpretation can attract the audience's attention. "Although it is only a single episode of more than ten minutes of micro-variety, but the chief producer Ma Xin still strives for the richness and fullness of the content. It is the production team's rigorous and innovative production attitude that can present such novel and successful excellent works.

Talking about the selection criteria of celebrity guests, the chief producer Ma Xin said that one is to match the setting of real historical figures, and the other is to have Qing palace costume drama The mature acting experience, because this can guarantee a strong sense of substitution. For example, the role of Qianlong is not a serious king in historical records. However, Su Youpeng’s performance did not reproduce Teacher Zhang Tielin. Because Qianlong played by him was younger, he added some entertaining elements of "self-deprecating", but there is also a strong historical basis behind the "joking". Qianlong's pursuit of poetry, his affection for Empress Fucha, and his obsession with health preservation are all clearly recorded in history books.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​"In order to take into account the integration of historical restoration and modern audience preferences, our program mainly put some effort on lines and editing. "Ma Xin said. Because the documentary part can easily cause aesthetic fatigue to the audience, there will be some "self-deprecating" or "modern buzzwords" in the interpretation part of the star. For example, Qianlong will use confession to mock modernity. People’s views on “oneself”. Among them, “big trotters” and “Xia Yu on the shore of Daming Lake”"Lo" are all fabricated in modern film and television dramas, but such self-deprecation can not only correct the misleading of the film and television dramas to the audience, but also give the audience a strong sense of substitution.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​In terms of editing, "I'm a Chef in the Palace" will also add some special effects modernization Elements, based on the modern public aestheticsCultural inheritance is a production model that cultural programs should learn from.

Today’s headline marketing closed-loop, micro-variety show’s "breaking circle" trick

From the perspective of the project layout of each platform in 2019, the "small and sophisticated" micro variety show is gaining momentum. The micro variety show is short, concise and rich in content, and its characteristics are very in line with the audience attributes of today's headlines and watermelon videos. The rise of short videos is enough to show that people's entertainment time is becoming more "fragmented", and the short video attributes of Toutiao and Watermelon Video are suitable for the production and distribution of micro variety shows. It has successfully launched micro variety shows in various fields such as "List of Happiness on the Road", "Other People's Company", "Gravity of the Time" and other fields, and the main content is "With the characteristics of "light" and "fast", content producers dig deep into social hotspots and entertainment topics, and cater to the audience's tastes with "short and precise" high-quality content.

"When making this micro-variety show, we specially considered the preferences of the audience on Toutiao and the watermelon video platform, and chose the food field, because food itself is also a topic of national concern. "In the eyes of the producer Ma Xin, Gongchu’s creative concept is fully adapted to the user groups of Toutiao and Watermelon Video. A stable audience group has guaranteed the broadcast volume and popularity of the show.

For marketing, the “gong kitchen” exceeding expectations and the volume of discussions are entirely the credit of the “tap water” marketing. Su Youpeng’s daily Weibo recommendation, from the star effectThe angle has brought a lot of enthusiasm to the palace chef. There are also many KOLs in different fields including star Su Qin, gourmet food from the media "No. 1 Gourmet", "b", "Winter Solstice Snowy Night", cartoonist Fei Li, media person Zhu Xuedong, historical writer Yuan Tai, and others interpreted the program from different angles to help the second dissemination of related topics, and the volume of discussion continued to soar.

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​Today’s Toutiao with diversified attributes is easy to form a closed loop in marketing. The closed-loop model of "watching + topic fermentation + interaction" can also meet the consumer needs of micro variety shows. "I'm a chef in the palace "Ma Xin, the chief producer of ”, interprets the program’s marketing "circle breaking" strategy from the dimensions of diversified products and the content ecology of different groups of people.

"From the product dimension Said that the company has a number of products, including today’s headline, watermelon video, and Douyin. If you don’t worry, you can see the show in today’s headline and watermelon video. You can also participate in the program challenge in Douyin, and at the same time in today’s headline. There are many celebrities, KOLs, and celebrities participating in the topic discussion. The content co-creation of the many PGCs of Watermelon Video. Through today’s headlines and other products, we hope that every fine micro variety show will be more than just oneIt can form a truly diversified IP".

Interview with Ma Xin, Chief Producer of “I“m a Chef in the Palace“: The program needs to bear the responsibility of cultural inheritance

​Toutiao, who has rich experience in micro-variety production, will continue to focus on the production and exploration of micro-programs in the next few years, with short duration, fast pace, high topics, low viewing threshold, fast fermentation, etc. Characteristics are also very consistent with the current audienceAesthetic needs. However, Toutiao’s micro-variety shows are not simply focused on entertainment audiences as the primary purpose. Instead, they hope to promote positive values ​​and the inheritance of traditional culture through the content of the show. Change the direction of thinking.

According to Ma Xin, Toutiao will soon launch a topic interview micro variety show "Life Card Game", which will invite first-line celebrities with high domestic topics The "second choice" of life is to make choices and thinking about life through different results after the choice. There will be some topical disputes and exploration of human nature.

From today’s Toutiao’s project reserves, it can be seen that the short video industry will develop in the direction of quality, and micro variety shows are also one of the important choices for content upgrades.Only high-quality and valuable IP content can truly gain a foothold. At the key point of aesthetic fatigue caused by long variety shows, if micro variety shows want to rise quickly to keep pace with long variety shows, it will inevitably make new breakthroughs and innovations in content and form. Today’s headline/watermelon video is expected to be featured in fine micro variety shows. The field creates popularity.