Watching the Chinese version of the musical “Uncle Long Legs“, can you harvest fairy love outside the scene? it is true

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The 81 unanswered letters were strung together in the Chinese version of the musical "Uncle Long Legs", which also linked Qiao Ruosa and her long-legg

If you want to like someone who is out of reach and has never met, how long will you stick to it? If you want to keep writing to someone who won't reply, how many letters will you stick to? The 81 unanswered letters were strung together in the Chinese version of the musical "Uncle Long Legs", which also linked Qiao Ruosa and her long-legged uncle, Jervis.

Uncle Long Legs, which you don’t know, comes with marriage physique

If you haven’t watched the 2015 Broadway version of the musical "Uncle Long Legs", then you may not know that the male and female protagonists who starred in the 2015 Broadway version are also a pair in real lifechild. Fans often joked and said: "The male protagonist is simply showing off his wife and baby!" Because his ins are basically related to his wife and children from the avatar to the content. The sweet energy outside the scene seems to be the long-legged uncle and Qiao Ruo. The continuation of Sha's story.

If it’s not uncommon to say that the starring role is because of drama, but the Chinese version of the musical "Uncle Long Legs" also comes with marriage physique. At the signing of the Beijing show on July 8th, there was such a couple of audiences who knew each other through the show. They met during the first round of the performance of the Chinese version of the musical "Uncle Long Legs" last year. This year, when they revisited this musical that gave them fate, they already had a happy family and their lovely baby.

Watching the Chinese version of the musical “Uncle Long Legs“, can you harvest fairy love outside the scene? it is true

All the coincidences are put together and become destined." "Uncle Long Legs", it is really sweet, in everyone's heart.

Heal those who dare not love, and to those who do not believe in love. With confidence

The love story of "Uncle Long Legs"It’s not too complicated. To put it simply, it’s just a girl who grew up in an orphanage who was funded by a mysterious philanthropist, and then grew up, chasing the story of her dream, and then embellished it with the form of intersecting letters in time and space to create a sweet heart. Romantic love. But the simpler the love is, the easier it is to move people's hearts, because it is easy to understand, and the sweetness of such a commotion can easily evoke the audience's beautiful longing for love.

Qiao Ruosa is like the self that many girls will live in their hearts. Her innocent and playful character can never hide her thoughts and emotions. Therefore, , Is brave to express love and give trust than anyone else.

Snippets of "His Eyes" lyrics He reminds me that your young appearance is a little weird and nervous, but how can I know if I haven’t seen youDo you really look like I imagined in my heart, PS If we become friends, we can meet you someday, PS When I miss you, I will think of your gentle eyes

Some viewers said that looking at Qiao Ruosa, they seemed to see the self who “could have been”. In real life, I have experienced too much disappointment, so I become more and more concerned about the gains and losses of love, and I am less and less daring to give easily. Sometimes I think that I can take a risk for love again, but I just want it. And "Uncle Long Legs" is so warm, it just cures the sadness of this reality.

Both facts and musicals prove that love belongs to those who have the courage to speak first.

If "Uncle Long Legs" is only a silly love musical, the audience may sigh "Wow~" and then forget it, but it is not, so it will let more audiences remember For a long time.

Although it is not a story that frequently happens around you, the details in the story are close to the truth everywhere. Qiao Ruosa’s growth experience written through letters, like It is a growth problem that everyone will encounter in their lives: how to better integrate into an unfamiliar environment, how to reinvigorate after a frustration in chasing dreams... In her passages "Graduation Day", "Like Other Girls", "The Secret Of" In the self-narration of "Happiness", the audience can also find a trace of their own shadow, and those girls have nothing to worry about.After being exposed in detail, it is particularly moving.

Snippets of "Things I Don’t Know" LyricsJERUSHA I don’t know how many marriages King Henry had, Shelley would write poems, I don’t know Alexander conquered Greece before The Garden of Eden is a myth. I don’t know that humans and monkeys once belonged to the same family. I have never read Dickens’ novels Aesop’s prophecies or ancient Greek plays. I have never heard of Shakespeare. Many legends have never read "Winter's Tale." JERUSHA & JERVISOh, I is like the girl named Alice lost in a dream

The reason why the musical "Uncle Long Legs" Will give people a delicate emotional experience because of danceThe station puts two characters from different places in the same space. Although they "cannot see" each other, they create an illusion of "accompaniment" and "listening" through uninterrupted solo and harmony singing. Never saw each other, but as if never left. All the trivial things described in Qiao Ruosa's letter will appear warm and healed with the company of an "observer" long-legged uncle. Occasionally, the uncle's just right "jealous" plot also inspired the audience's aunt's heart that "you two must be together for me".

Lyrics fragment of "The Secret of Happiness"I finally understand that happiness is to strengthen oneself to follow your heart. I wish to believe that happiness is to keep running in the right direction. After wind and rain, I will feel peace in my heart. And happiness and happiness has quietly come. Happiness is actually right in front of you. Happiness will always stay with you. Happiness will always be in your heart

At the Beijing show the night before, Zhao Hanjun ushered in "Zhao Ruosa"’s "Graduation Ceremony", and last night, Ding, who was called "Uncle Long Legs" by fans Hui also ushered in his final round of tour.

But the love of "Uncle Long Legs" and the "Secret of Happiness" will continue to be staged......

Watching the Chinese version of the musical “Uncle Long Legs“, can you harvest fairy love outside the scene? it is true

Chinese version of the musical "Uncle Long Legs" tour 2019

City time and venue information

Beijing Station

Performance time: July 4th-July 12th, 2019

Venue: Beijing Damai·Super Theater

Shenzhen Station

Performance time: July 16-20, 2019

Venue: Shenzhen Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater Small Theater

Guangzhou Station

Performance time: July 24, 2019-28th

Venue: Guangzhou Zhengjia Happy Twist Theater

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