Shanghai Film Festival was successfully held

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Recently, under the guidance of the National Film Administration, the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, co-sponsored by China Central Radio a

Recently, the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, under the guidance of the National Film Administration and co-sponsored by China Central Radio and Television and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, kicked off at the Shanghai Grand Theater. Tencent Pictures CEO Cheng Wu and Hua Brother Wang Zhonglei, Chairman of Beijing Youyinghua Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. Fu Xu, General Manager of China Film Co., Ltd. Jiang Ping, Chairman of Light Media Co., Ltd. Wang Changtian, Founder, Chairman and President of Bona Film Group Co., Ltd. Yu Dong and others went to participate in the film festival.

Shanghai Film Festival was successfully held

Shanghai International The film festival builds dreams with light and shadow. It not only provides a communication platform for industry insiders, but alsoSome filmmakers have built the stage of dreams. In the mutual communication between filmmakers and film culture of various countries, we will continue to absorb the essence of the times, sow the seeds of film culture, learn from each other, and deepen the understanding and appreciation of each other between countries and industries, and better display and spread civilization The beauty of this is to consolidate the humanistic foundation for co-building an Asian community with a shared future and a community with a shared future for mankind.

The Shanghai International Film Festival was born for cultural exchanges, prospered by industrial development, and prospered by mass participation. It has become the most influential film event in the Asia-Pacific region and Shanghai’s most iconic cultural business card one. Promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and foreign countries, and make movies an important link for people from all over the world to enhance understanding and communicate their hearts. "70 Years of Light and Shadow · Building a Dream of a Powerful Country", in order to allow the audience to relive the extraordinary development of the motherland in the past 70 years, this film festival received 3964 films from 112 countries and regions around the world, more than 500 films Chinese and foreign filmThe film will be screened in 47 theaters in 16 districts of the city. Efforts will be made to create a public sharing platform for movie achievements. A large number of participating films will be shown free of charge to the public in theaters, and crews at home and abroad will also appear on stage to interact with movie-loving audiences.

China’s film industry has gone from blindfolded to the rational development of today, which has accumulated many experiences and lessons for the industry. At the 22nd Shanghai Film Festival, you can see practitioners who insist on film dreams, Under the general trend of market tightening, we still maintain strong creative enthusiasm and ensure the quality of works. This persistence is bound to become the cornerstone of future outbreaks, allowing every filmmaker to realize his movie dream.