Game innovation and cultural classics “Minecraft“ creates an immersive experience of “The Riverside at Qingming Festival“

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The game innovation and cultural classic "My World" creates an immersive experience of "The River on the Qingming Festival" Recently, an original vide

The game innovation and cultural classic "My World" creates an immersive experience of "The River on Qingming Festival"

Recently, a three-dimensional reappearance of "The River on Qingming Festival" in "My World" The original video became popular on Bilibili. In just a few days, the number of views successfully exceeded 1 million, and the real-time barrage reached more than 10,000. Many netizens even left comments in the comment area, admiring the high quality of the work and the creator's ingenuity. The completion of this large-scale national architectural art work is the star developer team of "Minecraft"-"National Architect Cthuwork".

Game innovation and cultural classics “Minecraft“ creates an immersive experience of “The Riverside at Qingming Festival“

Learning Chinese and Western, a group of architectural arts keen to createTechnical enthusiasts

"Guojian Cthuwork" is one of the few content creation teams in "Minecraft" that uses voxel art as the form of expression, although the team members are from the north and the south, and the age ranges from 15 to 28 Years old, but because they have a common love for architecture and art, they got together. They hope that with the joint efforts of the team, more architectural art will be presented to the public in a more unique way, and to enhance everyone's architectural aesthetic ability.

Game innovation and cultural classics “Minecraft“ creates an immersive experience of “The Riverside at Qingming Festival“

This group of young people with grand ideals is extremely prosperous The creativity represents the richness and diversity of architectural works and covers the East and the West, and Chinese architecture has always been their preference and good at architectural styles, and therefore have the Forbidden City, MicroThe birth of many high-quality masterpieces such as Beijing City in the Qing Dynasty, Yinhe Naval Master, and Mojia Shenji. And this three-dimensional restoration of "The Riverside Scene on Qingming Festival" is also a new national style project developed by Cthuwork in keeping with the construction concept of promoting traditional Chinese culture and ancient architecture in "My World".

Inheriting the classics with ingenuity, the netizens’ reputation for national style works bursts

The "Shanghe Tu during the Qingming Festival", known as the "No. The prosperous and lively scenes and beautiful natural scenery on both sides of the Bianhe River (Kaifeng City, Henan Province today) can be called "Song Encyclopedia". However, Guojian Cthuwork's "Qing Ming Shanghe Tu" built based on the original restoration in "My World" is not only a 1:1 re-enactment in terms of content richness and screen similarity, but also unique light and shadow materials and dynamics in the game Mod technology has made the whole Bianjing become full of life. BianThe strong human fireworks in the downtown area of ​​Beijing have been perfectly "reproduced". Markets large and small are crowded with pedestrians on the road, and the harmony is full of antiques.

Game innovation and cultural classics “Minecraft“ creates an immersive experience of “The Riverside at Qingming Festival“

In the work "Surfing the River on Qingming Festival", Guojian Cthuwork used the creative modules of "Minecraft" and powerful light and shadow technology to design the scenery of "thousands of sky lanterns slowly rising from both sides of the Bian River" in the night market. This moving scene also directly pushed the emotions of the audience to climax. The friends who watched the promotional video at station B instantly filled the entire screen with a barrage of various poems and famous sentences: "East wind blows flowers and thousands of trees at night, and the stars are like rain." Full of clear dreams over the galaxy","Three thousand bright lights, flowers blooming in the city"... All sceneries are love words, and the frank expression under the true feelings is not only the high affirmation of the quality of the ancient architectural works of "My World" by netizens, but also reflects Chinese people’s personal sympathy for traditional culture. If you also want to dream of returning to the Northern Song Dynasty and experience the prosperity of Bianjing, you might as well download it and experience it in Minecraft. This work has been put on the shelves for free in Minecraft "PE version [Resource Center]-[Guojian-"Shangming River Picture"] topic, the topic also contains a series of Guojian past representative works for everyone to freely explore and experience.

This work is the first Chinese painting by the Guojian Cthuwork teamFor this large-scale restoration project, the scattered perspective of the Chinese paintings has greatly increased the difficulty of the original three-dimensional restoration. In the long creative process, in order to ensure the rigor of the finished product, they extensively consulted related research papers and repeatedly compared and adjusted the details of the work. The team members have experienced various difficulties such as the original painting’s original angles, the picture is difficult to be coherent and even the work is stopped in the middle. Finally, after a year of unremitting efforts, they finally completed the "Ching Ming Shanghe Tu" in "Minecraft". Three-dimensional presentation.

From "The Forbidden City" to "Miniature Beijing City in Qing Dynasty", and then to the "Surfing the River at Qingming Festival", the Guojian Cthuwork team upholds the consistent concept of promoting traditional Chinese culture and constantly launches new challenges. It is hoped that by reshaping the Chinese style architecture in "Minecraft", more people can experience traditional culture in a new and interesting way.

Build a benign game studentState, "Minecraft" is committed to promoting traditional culture

After years of unremitting hard work, the Guojian Cthuwork team has become synonymous with "national style architecture" in the hearts of many players and fans, and is a strong predecessor in the circle. The success of the National Construction Cthuwork team is inseparable from the team's own love and dedication to the art of construction, and it is inseparable from the general trend of the ecological environment of the creators of "My World".

Game innovation and cultural classics “Minecraft“ creates an immersive experience of “The Riverside at Qingming Festival“

As a functional game for young people, " "My World" has always been committed to cultural heritage, helping young people to experience the charm of traditional culture by experiencing the original works of the Great God. Last year, "Minecraft" united inThe eight ancient villages of the country jointly launched the "Pixel to See China" ancient village cooperation plan, which aims to convey the connotation of traditional Chinese culture to adventurers through the combination of games and cultural tourism. In addition, "Minecraft" also held a "Textbook God Restoration" activity for players in the summer, encouraging everyone to build unique village works based on the ancient poems they have learned, and restore the artistic conception contained in the ancient poems. "Minecraft" leverages the unique advantages of the game itself with high degree of freedom, high creativity, and high exploratory nature, and actively links with authoritative organizations, developers, players and other resources, and continuously contributes new power to the spread and innovation of traditional culture. The charm of ancient culture touches every corner of the circle of young people.

It is this innovative spirit of persevering in traditional culture and breaking conventions, which has promoted the evolution of "Minecraft" into a diverse content ecology with profound cultural heritage, and has also inspired one image after another. The team is so passionate about creating and paying attention toThe birth of a team of young developers whose works have positive spiritual values. "Minecraft" is based on players and guides young people to realize precious traditional culture through digital methods that they love to hear, and use games to continuously reshape the charm of ancient culture, thereby giving the entire game ecology more vigorous vitality and making the society of functional games The value and connotation are more abundant and profound.