Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

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"Attack on Titan 2" was released in March 2018, landing on PC, PS4, PSV and Nintendo Switch. The plot story at the beginning of the release covered th


"Attack on Titan 2" is a comic action game produced and published by the famous mowing warrior KOEI TECMO.

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

"Attack on Titan 2" was released in March 2018, landing on PC, PS4, PSV and Four platforms for Nintendo Switch. hairThe plot story at the beginning of the sale covered the second half of the first and second seasons of the "Attack on Titan" animation. The initial plot of the game is that Alan, Mikassa, and Irmin joined two years after the city wall collapsed. The 104th training corps learned to fight against giants. In late June 2019, the third season of "Attack on Titan" ended. On July 4, KOEI TECMO released the expanded DLC "Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle Upgrade Pack with Bonus" on Steam. It will be released on July 4, 2019. From May 5th to August 1st, 2019, you can also get 4 unique costume bonuses by purchasing this plot upgrade DLC. The game can control more than 30 characters. According to the follow-up "Attack on Giant" plot development, there will be new characters added, rich game system: friend system, equipmentSystem and skill system and so on. Although this game can't let you experience the refreshing feeling of Mowing Wushuang, the super-reduced three-dimensional maneuvering operation allows players to experience a different combat mechanism. The exquisite cutscene CG and familiar CV greatly increase the player's empathy. This work is remarkable for the reduction of "Attack on Titan" comics. During the plot mode, you are an original character who walks with Ellen, Mikhail and Elmin. The spectator looks at the development of the plot, but does not destroy the original plot.

Game experience

1️⃣Super restored story plot and mechanism:

Personally, if you are a story party and want to play this "Attack on Titan 2", you can add "Attack on Titan" first."Ren 1", because the operating mechanism of the two works is not much different, the second step of the work is only a brief description of the plot of the previous work, and it will directly jump to after Allen and others joined the 104th training corps, so you If you want to make up the complete plot, you can buy the previous game and play it.

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

The game uses 3D modeling, I thought that 3D modeling would be like Bandai Namco production Part of the comic game will also appearThe face is sluggish, but this is not. This can give the manufacturer a thumbs up. In the game, the player plays the role of a refugee whose family members all died after the city wall collapsed. Two years later, you, Allen and others joined the 104th training corps to learn the techniques of fighting giants. In the three years of training the corps, you have a strong mental power that no one else can match in the training corps during the same period. Even if you have seen hell with your own eyes, you still bravely challenged the giants. You got your wish and joined the long-awaited investigative corps. Then you started yourself. It can also be said that Allen’s "revenge" and secret journey...

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

The game is used in combat It’s a third-person battle, and first-person narratives are used in the cutscenes CG and branch plots. In this way, you are both the protagonist of the game and the bystander of the story. The benefits of this not only increase the player’s sense of substitution, but also Will destroy the original plot. The branch plots that are interspersed from time to time are mainly to enrich the game system (favorability, etc.), and secondly, it is a conversion that allows the player to change from a bystander to a protagonist. Otherwise, it will be inevitable to be a bystander for a long time. Will make the game boring.

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

One of the biggest features of the game is the three-dimensional mobile combat. In fact, when I was watching anime, it was difficult to imagine adapting this operation into a game. If it succeeds, the operation must be very complicated. When playing In this game, after a simple novice operation training, I found that the operation is very simple. The player only needs to control the joystick and a few buttons to make you show the gorgeous posture like a soldier in anime and kill the ugly. The giant brought the giant’s career to an end. The details of the game are also in place, the giantAfter being killed, it will slowly turn black and disappear. After killing the giant, your whole body will be red "liquid of life".

2️⃣Equipment system? It's actually a reinstallation system.

The game equipment is divided into slashing equipment and shooting equipment. The slashing equipment is divided into blades, cylinders and three-dimensional mobile devices, all of which are prepared for battle. The shape and attributes of each equipment are different. For example, there are three attributes in the blade series, sharpness, blade length and durability. Sharpness will affect your penetration of giants. Low penetration may result in bombing. Knife. Needless to say, the length of the blade is literal, and the durability affects how often you change blades on the battlefield. The gas cylinder also has three attributes, gas capacity, gas pressure, and the number of blade changes. The three-dimensional mobile device mainly affects the winding speed of the steel wire, the shooting distance and the hook strengthdegree. Shooting equipment is similar to slashing equipment, except that the attack method of the weapon is different. The different appearance of weapons means that you can change part of your character's appearance through different weapons and devices,

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

If you want to change the appearance of the character's clothing, then in accordance with the glorious consistent style is to buy the clothing DLC, this work is no exception.

Equipment can be obtained through weapon development, openWeapon development requires a certain amount of materials and gold coins to develop. In addition to development, you can also strengthen and synthesize weapons. Strengthening requires more materials and gold coins, while synthesizing requires more weapons as auxiliary products.

3️⃣Rich and diverse game modes:

The game has a total of story mode, another attack mode, role chapter mode and Recapture the off-wall mode, the plot mode allows players to experience a very restored comic story. Another click mode is a mode in which players choose their favorite operating characters to conduct investigation tasks. In this mode, players can choose to play online, so that they can enjoy the fun of multiplayer cooperation and multiplayer battles. The role chapter mode allows players to experience a new story through the perspective of each role.

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

Recapture outside the wall mode, allowing players to become the leader of the new corps, fighting for the recapture of the territory outside the wall (while increasing partners, expanding strongholds, while nurturing a powerful corps ).

4️⃣Integrated friend system and skill system:

In the game, you can communicate with various NPCs to increase your favorability. The way to increase the favorability is to complete the plot together and finally settle the settlement.The promotion is obtained through dialogue with the NPC in the daily state. When the NPC's favorability is upgraded, there is a chance to unlock the corresponding skills. The so-called skills are special abilities that can exert various effects in battles or daily parts. There are various effects such as adding new actions, improving the status value of the machine, and benefiting daily parts.

Summary and recommend crowd


❤️ Rich gameplay: skill system, Equipment system and favorability system

❤️ Super restored story plot

❤️ Easy to get started, simple to operate

❤️ It feels refreshing to hack and kill

❤️ Diverse and rich game modes


- Some DLCs are expensive

Really original comic game-“Attack on Giant“

No discount for Wannian.

Recommended crowd:

Players who like manga games

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