This mobile karting game is really too exciting

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The track map setting is wonderful. In fact, the definition and standard of casual games are not difficult. They can relax players in the game and all

I used to like to play some large-scale games, such as "Devil May Cry". The graphics are fun and cool, and the impact is strong, which is very interesting.

This mobile karting game is really too exciting

But as I get older, I have gradually lost interest in such games. The editor now feels that since it is a game, it can bring players a relaxing experience and relax in a busy life. This is the bestgame.

This is not the mobile version of "Running Kart" recently launched. This casual racing mobile game is indeed the game I need, but it took a while to play. I found that this game is not easy and casual at all.

Wonderful track map settings

In fact, the definition and standard of casual games is not difficult, that is, it can let players relax in the game and allow players to easily complete some of the challenges and challenges in the game. Mission, so, as a casual game, the difficulty of the game shouldn’t be too difficult and it’s just a little bit challenging. Casual games like "Plants vs. Zombies" and "Fruit Ninja" are simple but varied, and at the same time a little challenging casual games are great.

This mobile karting game is really too exciting

The editor thinks "Karting "The gameplay of the mobile game version should be racing. Players run faster than who else is running. It’s as simple as that. But the editor was wrong. After playing for a while, I found out that the mobile game "Running Kart" Version is not a casual game at all, but a very livery game.

This mobile karting game is really too exciting

The track of the game is really dazzling. Suddenly a turn was placed in front of you as you ran, and the opponent player suddenly jumped out from an unknown mechanism and immediately left you behind. Of course, I can bear all this, but I can’t bear it the most. The design of the game track is really outrageous. There is a very wide straight road in a certain map. A few pillars must be placed in the middle. Novice players who are not familiar with the track will crash if they don’t pay attention. To the top of the column, and the consequence is that it has completely changed from the first to the last one!

This mobile karting game is really too exciting

I’m so angry!


Redundant system reduces experience

Not only is the track dazzling, but the various systems and attribute bonuses in the game are also really confusing. What pet system and what decoration System, what kind of driving license system, each system has corresponding routines, players must also learn these routines to stand on the same starting line with other players.

Because if you don’t understand these systems, If there is no numerical training in these systems, then you will be at a disadvantage in the racing mode. The factors between novice players and veteran players are completely unfair. New players gradually become old through constant liver or recharge. Players, then go to abuse the next wave of new players. The ecological environment of the game is really not very friendly for novice players.

Where are the real casual games

I prefer casual games, but although the current games on the market are titled casual games, when you really play, you find that unless you charge up.If you continue to play, you need to invest more time in various systems in the game that are irrelevant to the main gameplay. This kind of game editor really cannot be played.

Is there any casual games that I can recommend to the editor? Players are welcome to leave a message.

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