Why don“t I recommend playing “October Traveler“

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In fact, it's totally boring. Although it's an old game, critics feel that this game is too famous and the price is too high, so that it has become th

Why don“t I recommend playing “October Traveler“

The character creation is actually totally boring

Although it’s an old game, critics think this game is too famous and the price is too high , So that it has become the current game pricing unit, for example, "Cyberpunk 2077" only needs six party travelers (ie 300).


  1. It’s not attractive at the beginning. Be patient with each character after reading the first two chapters.I don't want to know their follow-up story at all. They are all very independent and second-year stories. It's a bit like a primary school student's composition. It is obviously a very plain story. It feels embarrassing to have to set the atmosphere very feel.
  2. The development in the middle and late stages is also very good. The plots of the roles actually have no intersection. When a character develops a plot, other characters basically disappear, and there is no interaction at all. The relationship between the characters does not have a plot that converges, is it worthy of the title of "October Traveler"?

Combat System

Some JRPG works are system-oriented, and the plot is optional, but it’s just a little bit trivial. (The Octopath Traveler did not even do this), let me talk about the combat system next.

Independently, the battle system of this game is excellent, but if you look at the previous work of the same production team,In the "Shilu" series (on 3DS), you will feel that the Bafang Traveler's combat system is a bit reversed.

Why don“t I recommend playing “October Traveler“

Apocalypse of Courage, a must-play RPG on 3DS

Let me analyze the different parts of the Apocalypse of Courage in the combat system. I won’t elaborate on the same parts, but objectively speaking they are excellent.

  • BP system

The BP system of the Apocalypse of Courage, usingIt is a pre-borrowing mechanism, that is, you do not need to accumulate, you can owe debts first, that is, the value of the BP value becomes negative, and the cost is the multiple output of the current round that cannot be acted in the next few rounds.

I think this mechanism is the magic touch of "Apocalypse of Courage", because as long as you can kill the enemy in one turn, there is no price to advance. In other words, as long as you can solve the enemy in one round, you can level up and spawn monsters at a very low cost. To get this kind of experience, players need to find a way to match a set of tactics that can kill enemies in one turn, and then they can easily level their characters!

In Octopath Traveler, this BP system cannot be borrowed in advance, but is accumulated round by round. Once a BP burst, the BP value cannot be accumulated in this round. Compared with the fine-tuning of "Courage", I think it is full of maliciousness. The advance loan in "Courage" can greatly reduce the liveriness of the game. And "Eight Directions", It just doesn’t respect the player’s game time. It can be said to be against the trend of the times.

  • Weakness Mechanism

This is a system that Apocalypse of Courage does not have. .

Each type of attack in the game will have a type, either physical type, marked with the type of weapon (sword, bow, etc.); or element type (fire, ice, etc.).

Every monster has a weakness shield and a set of weaknesses. Once attacked by the attack type in the weak point set, the value of the weak point shield will be -1. After the weak point shield is reduced to 0, it will enter a stun state. In this state, the current round and the next round can no longer act, and the damage received will be increased.

But this setting lacks the fun of tricks and tricks. Instead, every time you go to a new map and look at all kinds of pseudo-monsters, you must rediscover your weaknesses one by one.Very repetitive.

Not to mention, in the later stage, the boss will disgust you by switching weaknesses. The main reason is that this kind of behavior to test the enemy's weakness is mechanical and repeated, and there is no sense of accomplishment after trying it out, because this is a puzzle-solving without clues, and there should be as few such designs in the game as possible.


The static picture is very bluff, and the force is too high. But in the game, it feels like high-definition pixels and low-frame animations are actually the same. The Bafang travellers can have the current evaluation, I think it mainly depends on art. But this art can't stand to watch in the game, the publicity static picture gives people a kind of high pressure! Don't be fooled.

Why don“t I recommend playing “October Traveler“

Static pictures bluff people, but in fact, it’s like that when you move

<>Why don“t I recommend playing “October Traveler“

The battle is actually all static frames + gorgeous special effects switching, which feels abrupt


I don’t recommend everyone to spend a lot of money on Octopath Traveler. If you have the conditions, you can play the 3DS's Apocalypse of Courage. It will definitely give you a better gaming experience, although the plot of this game is not interesting. , But the system is definitely the best among JRPGs in recent years.

In addition, "Apocalypse of Courage" fully understands the precious time of players in this era, and provides a variety of mechanisms to accelerate the process of traditional JRPG liver. It is very, very friendly. I feel that it comes from the production team. Love.

Privately, if JRPG wants to revive, we must remove or weaken the liver element. There are two directions to achieve this:

  1. Make a really interesting system and plot, just as good as CPRG like "God World" and "Radiation", of course it is very, very difficult.
  2. let playHome is relaxed, "Apocalypse of Courage" and "Final Fantasy 12" are very good examples. As the work of the same group, Octopath Traveler drove backwards, which is really a pity.

Why don“t I recommend playing “October Traveler“

Apocalypse of Courage, full 3D action of the character is smooth, and the combat experience is better

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