Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

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The Four Undead and Six Hunting is one of the primary beneficiary lineups of the Two Wizards. Although the Four Undead and Six Hunting lacks the Pries

The shotgun range attack of the End of the World Mok + Musketeer makes the editor who has never seen the world secretly refreshed, but in fact the role of the two wizards is more to make up for the multiple fetters that cannot be triggered by insufficient population, and then Improve the strength of the late lineup.

Four Undead and Six Hunting is one of the primary beneficiary lineups of the Dual Wizards. Although the Four Undead and Six Huntings are missing the Priestess of the Moon, the existence of the Dual Wizard still makes it not very difficult to form. I think this version It is a lineup with chicken. I hope everyone will criticize and correct the deficiencies in the following discussion.

Four undead and six hunting

Ultimate lineup is formed

Death Prophet, Necromancer, Drow Ranger, Dwarf Musketeer, Medusa, Tidehunter, Beastmaster, Grimstroke, Great Magister, Alchemist (Mystery, Bomberman).

jiugongge station

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

Tianya Moke quickly amplifies the damage when the opponent’s formation is not dispersed

Quality of the lineup

This lineup has a lot of fetters. Late detentionKizuna can have four undeads, four skills and six hunts or four undeads, four naga and six hunts. This is destined to have extremely high population requirements for this lineup-a mid-to-late lineup.

Seven and eight population lineups: Drow Ranger, Beastmaster, Undead chess pieces, Dwarf Musketeer, Windrunner (Medusa), any high-quality front row

Transformable lineup: Eight Population hunting (Hu warrior purple card), eight population, three elves and six hunting (Hu hunter, druid). population.

Board population: 9 population

Selection of wage earners

Death Prophet-Necromancer; Medusa-Windrunner; Early Clockwork, Timbersaw, Xiaoxiao, Mars and other high-quality front rows are excellent transition options.

The wage earners must go up when the quality of the chess pieces in the waiting area is excellent, and the blue outfit will give priority to the working style.OK, two-star popular + sapphire early explosion! There will be a second-star Medusa before replacing popular.

Don't worry about getting together the four undead BUFFs. Be sure to give priority to the front row quality in the case of three hunting and two stars. Before the formation of the four undead and six hunts, the frankness of the front row is the most important, and both Tianya Moke and Rubick can stand aside first.

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

Samsung death knight’s death sickle is really handsome

Tips: The Necromancer is careful in the early stage. The combat power is weak and the card interest is available. The death knight can get it, but don't get the interest when you have a high-quality front row. Take the second death knight in the waiting area, but directly two stars If you do, you can still get interest!

Summary of lineup operations

In the early stage, catch low-cost cards such as Mars, Xiaoxiao, Clockwork, Timberjack, etc., brother Three hunters don’t need to be strong. The same strategy as other lineups is based on strong two-star cards. At least one two-star hunter will then go to three hunts.

When we are wrong, especially at the beginning of the sixth roundAt the moment, he hasn't come out, and if you want to sell the non-strong decisively, you must pay interest on the pair, and then observe the incoming cards.

If there are more electric souls, you should use the wizard to lock the blood, if there are more trees, you can lose the elves in a row, the queen and the phantom thorns can be six thorns, and the hunters can go to the brother three hunting fake game. Popular should not take more unless directly promoted to two stars. When encountering Kongcheng, if you have a little combat power, you can't fight against the sky.

Don’t go to the same lineup, take the K card and pay attention to the direction of the players on the field. Don’t play the same lineup as Tianhu Liansheng, this is very important.

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

But no matter what the lineup loses in a row, remember to grab a pair of elements to fight wild monsters.

The main task in the mid-term is to increase the population of prostitution. , Observe the lineup and decide to take the hunter lineup. Doomsday Captain Hu Ze will go to fight and hunt, and Druid Hu of the tree will turn to three elves and six hunters. These transformation lineups are formed by 8 people, which can be killed in advance!

In the later period, it is impossible for the four undead and six hunting to kill the eight people. The nine people must try to find all the chess pieces in the lineup except the death prophet., Keep money depending on the situation-you can search for 20-30 gold coins if you are not blooded; if there are one or two on the field especially strong, you can just search directly.

If the knights and warriors in the late finals can rise by 10, the mystery will make up the recovery and the damage should be side by side; in the later stage, there will be no more people left after a bomb of the elves and trolls; To make up the four naga, the musket must be aligned with the wizard diagonally; the later civil war alchemy and bombs can be used.

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

Hunter’s feast!

For the chess piece to chase 3, Musketeer and Xiaohei are the chess pieces that are necessary to chase 3, aiming at the shortcomings and less front row of the undead hunting The enhanced advantage of the death knight version, depending on the situation of the card, the death knight chase 3, as the main tank does not work. If the death knight is not bad, the Beastmaster chase 3 is inevitable in the later stage. In today's environment, the death knight and the other lineup of the Beastmaster will not Take more, chase 3 is theoretically possible.

Brief review of the lineup

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

Sufficient control + enough output + enough frankness = victory

The reason that the one-star black is because the previous two-star black has a cannon on his body, and there is no hope for the three-star black, so he sold it to the Samsung Musketeer, plus A one-star black pendant.

In the later period, I still have 12 gold coins after the 10th rise, but in any case, D is not popular to gather six hunts. This story tells us that the waiting area must remember to put spare chess pieces in case of emergency


Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

Luna was picked up by three authors at once, but one of the other knights was missing? ? ?

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

Suddenly two trees came in the middle, take the bottom directly and planThe fawn of the fortune came together to work

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

The arrival of the second death knight allowed the author to sell the tree for just interest, and the death knight is still harder than the tree

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

26 rounds synthesized Samsung musket, 33 rounds synthesized Samsung death knight, then the lineup is formed

Dota2: The new version of the four undead and six hunting

The Death Prophet came from a lot, and there were extra sapphires, so he went to Rubick, but he couldn’t find it, which made people feel ironic

Concluding remarks

The current version of Six Hunts is difficult to take shape, and it is generally improved in addition to facing the elves. Before the two-star tide, the control is slightly insufficient, and the front row is even more difficult, so I recommend everyone Don’t worry about the transition from three-hunting to six-hunting. Sapphire is popular in the early stage. After the second-star Medusa comes, it can be popular., Leave a place for the front row of pawns, we can abandon the weak and blue pawns of Fengxing this late stage through the effect of the double wizard. If you still have unique insights about undead hunting, please share with the baboons in the comment section. The baboons must be humbly taught

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