24 hours after the old players returned to the national service MapleStory, they finally chose to uninstall

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It is said that MapleStory officials are attacking the studio recently, and the game environment is much cleaner. Doubtful, but decided to go back and

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Some time ago there was a news that the MapleStory official was attacking the studio recently and the game environment was much cleaner. I was skeptical about this news, but decided to go back and experience it to see if there is any fundamental change in the national server adventure island.

24 hours after the old players returned to the national service MapleStory, they finally chose to uninstall

To be honest, I'm tired of playing fast-paced games like League of Legends and DNF. The real world is already so anxious. I don't want to live so anxiously in games, so I always want to find a game for retirement. I have always had a deep obsession with MapleStory, and immediately downloaded the game installation package up to 40GB, intending to relive my childhood memories.

After entering the game, I saw a familiar interface and a warm BGB. After the great change, Adventure Island has added many new professions, and has also carried out a comprehensive rectification of the previous old characters. The most significant change is that all classes have double jumps, range damage, and various auxiliary skills, with almost no shortcomings.

Take warriors as an example: the attack skills have been reduced to slashes that can cause high damage at the same time and damage in the AOE range, with double jumps, and various auxiliary skills such as attack speed and automatic blood return.

24 hours after the old players returned to the national service MapleStory, they finally chose to uninstall

Due to occupation The comprehensive enhancement of skills, the difficulty of upgrading in the early game has been greatly reduced. As long as it is a monster of the same level,Basically, they can be killed in seconds, and the mob spawning efficiency is very high. In addition, the equipment explosion rate has also become very high, and it is still suitable for this professional equipment, basically there is no need to go to the market to buy it.

To sum up, MapleStory is now more like a "single-player game of countless people". I found that even if you don't find teammates to form a team, you can easily go down alone.

Although fast food has become available, the classic elements of MapleStory are all present, such as mini games, dressing systems, pets, character skill trees and so on. Although I have lost that feeling now, it can still bring people the fun of "slowly becoming stronger". When I got to level 30 from monster farming, and when I used the weapons and equipment of level 30, I started to find this game fun.

Don’t say anything else, the job transfer system is definitely the essence of MapleStory. The moment you suddenly become stronger, you have new skills, and new equipment, you can feel your soul deep.Joy came from everywhere.

24 hours after the old players returned to the national service MapleStory, they finally chose to uninstall

When I reached level 60, I suddenly discovered MapleStory’s biggest problem: the studio. In fact, I have played MapleStory as a stand-alone game. It is not hateful to open and hang. What is hateful is that these studios have cleaned up some high-level pictures in order to sell gold coins.

These studios all have a feature, that is, they apply for a level 10 career as soon as they are registered, and then open invincible, full-screen attacks, and full-map gold coins to occupy the 60-level map. For example, the warrior tribe has a map called "Wild Boar Territory", which is the main leveling place around level 70. I cut 20 channels, and almost every channel has 2-3 studios on the screen. This is the helplessness of an ordinary player: after reaching a certain level, we have almost nowhere to go except to earn experience by doing quests, and sometimes we can't even find quest props.

As for the social functions, the "friendship" in MapleStory has completely changed. If you don't buy skins and no panel, it is not rare for people to add your friends. In Glory of the King, the dishes you play can match a bunch of innocent teammates. In MapleStory, there is really no sense of accomplishment without charging money, and the game experience is not as good as a stand-alone game.

Totally playOne day and one night, it can be regarded as a tribute to the years of youth. Today's MapleStory is really different from before. Except for some diehard players, most returning players will stop before level 100-because of the existence of the studio. The old players left are either the local tyrants of the krypton-gold ratio panel, or the studio that has no brains to brush gold coins.

24 hours after the old players returned to the national service MapleStory, they finally chose to uninstall

I can't say MapleStory is not good, I can only say: This is an extremely unfriendly game for novices. As an outdated 2D horizontal casual game, there is no outstanding battle scene, it can not attract cute new; the game environment is so vicious, the studio is rampant, and the official does not think about rectification, and naturally it can't keep returning players. He can only eat his old foundation, constantly update various krypton gold businesses, and rely on the vanity of this small group of local players to survive.

Although MapleStory is still supporting its operations, it is only a matter of time before it is completely abandoned. A game with no future and no sincerity, why should I waste time on it? When there are no civilian players in the game, where does the vanity of the local players build? Looking at my 67-level gun battle, I hesitated for three minutes, and finally chose to uninstall.

Goodbye, MapleStory, goodbye to another agent.

24 hours after the old players returned to the national service MapleStory, they finally chose to uninstall

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