Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

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For veterans of the Ultra Marathon 2D series and platform jumping enthusiasts, it is definitely recommended to buy, buy and buy, and those ordinary pl

For veterans of the Ultra Marathon 2D series and platform-jumping enthusiasts, it is definitely recommended to buy, buy and buy, and those ordinary players who are still on the sidelines are particularly recommended to start after the online mode of friends is online. late.

While WIIU is undoubtedly a commercial failure, it still has a lot of excellent Nintendo first-party masterpieces, including the predecessor of "Super Mario Creator 2" that I will talk about today. "Mario Creator" (hereinafter referred to as Ma Zao 2, Ma Zao), Ma Zao is very suitable for live broadcast because of its full M content. Many domestic players and audiences are mostly confused about Wii and WIIU. WIIU spells WILLU, but they like to watch horse-made live broadcasts. There were even some people who bought the same version of WIIU made by horses for a while. Of course, they soon found out that the anchors who made fun of real dishes with barrage every day turned out to be very strong.It's a very intensive game, so selling second-hand bundles has become a wave of enthusiasm.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

First-generation horse-made

However, Kengo exploded for a live broadcast effect, and the live broadcast became popular There are still few people who buy a "violent death" console for the game, but now the Mazao 2 on sale is logged on to the popular NS platform. It already has a good number of users, so everyone has been doing it for so long. horseIs it worth buying a cloud player or ordinary NS player?

Story Mode

Like most Nintendo games, this game has a tradition of "writing stories with your feet and making levels with your heart", so the story mode of this game is actually 100 Many official levels are decorated with a simple story of rebuilding the castle. Of course, although the story is simple, it is still the usual fun of Nintendo, and there are many stalks.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

The overall difficulty of so many levels is not high. The commissioning tasks of individual NPCs will be relatively difficult. Although the overall difficulty is not high, For players who have been out of touch with the Super Mario Brothers (hereinafter referred to as Super Mario) 2D series for too long, it may take some time to adapt to some basic operations and Super Mario’s consistent inertial feel. If the hand is slightly disabled, Then the levels in the story mode may be able to play for a lot of time.

The levels in the story mode are actually a set of large-scale teaching levels. In addition to enabling players to master various basic operations, they are also various The introduction of organs, props, mechanisms, and enemies not only helps players play, but also provides a basis and reference for creating levels by themselves.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

Some levels will also have special costume rewards. These costumes can change the player’s own image in the global level. If I have a level that can’t survive, I’m not good at it. At a certain point in the game, do you have to miss this costume or get stuck? Nintendo is still more benevolent. In addition to choosing to quit or restart when you run out of the game and GAME OVER, you can also look at it. Once I select the Luigi mode, I only hear Duang in the black screenDuang, after a while, you will pass the level, and there will be no shortage of rewards. Of course, players who are strong and want to help don’t have to choose such an extreme way to pass the level. After dying twice in a level, Luigi’s brother will run out. At this time, the player can press the "-" sign to build something for himself. Some state props or lay some bricks to assist yourself. It can be seen that Luigi is much stronger than his brother, and it makes people take a breath, jealous and terrifying.

Creation level

Super Mario creators, of course, must have creation. Handing over the creation level to the player is one of the core of the first generation, and of course it is also one of the highlights of this work. Put aside a lot of plump elements, let's talk about the operation method first. Due to the particularity of the NS home console two-in-one and the feature of switching at any time, the operation logic and UI have undergone major changes and adjustments.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

In the host mode, all operations rely on the handle. Because there are many elements that can be placed and adjusted, except for some, you can return to the previous step. There are not many common functions such as shrimp eraser, movement, trial play, copying, etc. There are not many left in my family, but even so, Nintendo has made some puzzling behaviors. The eraser occupies the Z/R two buttons. Copying occupies the two keys of ZRZL, which is really a waste of feeling. Many elements are carried out through the cross keys.The choice, fortunately, there are 12 recently used places, which makes it a lot of convenience. When entering all the elements that can be placed, the design for the handle operation is quite satisfactory. The cross key selects a large disk in a large category. The large disk is divided into 8 small cells and directly selected by the right joystick. In the handheld mode, without the inconvenience of selecting elements with the cross key in the big interface, you can choose what you click on the screen directly. The 12 recently used placement objects are more convenient. The combination of the handle and the touch screen is also Very good, the only pity is that all the placeable objects are still in the form of roulette in the host mode, which is obviously not convenient in the touch screen mode. It can certainly be seen that a little sacrifice has been made for the seamless switching between the home machine and the handheld and the convenience of the two. Obviously, the sacrifice in the host mode is greater. On the whole, compared with the particularity of WIIU’s built-in PAD, the ease of creation is definitely better, but it’s not bad.Not bad.

Of course, players don’t have to worry about getting confused after entering the creative mode. The funny dialogue guides the most basic operations.

The first special code of MaZou 2 is an exquisite capacitive pen. Because it is a passive capacitive pen, it has a metallic inner part, and its cheapness disappears when it is handed. It is also very easy to use. , It’s definitely better than using your fingers directly, without worrying about fingerprints and greasiness on the screen after drawing the picture.

In terms of the content that can be created, Mazao 2 is an improvement over the previous work, completely correcting the 2 in the title. In this work, not only the maximum size of the map is much larger, but also the map can be vertical, which makes some ideas possible. Just a few days after the game was released, the levels in "downwell" and The junk game "tiger tiger" in "Excalibur 2" is really rubbishJunk game mo.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

There are also many changes in the scene, and the sun and moon are added. In the moon mode, Different maps will have different changes, such as low gravity environment, ghosts, anti-gravity and so on. The sun will always chase the player, harassing it from time to time.

The addition of functions such as water, lava, automatic scrolling, etc. enriches the scenes and games, and there are alsoWith the addition of multiple enemies and organs, this article mainly introduces two interesting new organs, and the rest is waiting for players to explore by themselves.

ON/OFF switch. It can control the switching of the state of certain blocks and organs. For example, a platform is invisible in the ON state and becomes an entity when it is OFF, and the opposite is also possible. Turning ON/OFF through some means can realize the non-stop switching of the platform between display and non-display. Of course, this is just a simple application. In fact, this switch is very suitable as a two-person cooperation level. One person actively controls the switch and the other jumps on the changing square. Think about it, it is a beautiful picture. Picture.

Grappling hook. The grappling hook can grab the player, and after shaking it left and right, it can swing the player farther or higher. Of course, the time of the jump is also critical. Although it’s fun enough to just grab the player, Nintendo’s innovationThe meaning is obviously more than that, the grappling hook can also grab various creatures and props. Therefore, the claw machine is a very easy to think of and implement.

In this work, an interesting element is also added, that is, the clearance conditions. Players need to meet certain conditions to pass the level, otherwise it will not help even if the end is reached. The existing conditions are roughly collecting XXX, and two special conditions: no injury, and the feet cannot touch the ground after they leave the ground. Whether it is a puzzle-solving diagram or a highly difficult poisonous diagram, there are great ideas for guidance.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

Like the original and various other games with editing functions, it can make In addition to the editable elements provided by the game itself, the height of the map depends largely on the player. In the first generation of Mazuo, there were various automatic maps that were unexpected by the producers, and even simple implementations appeared. The god-level map of addition and subtraction appears. How can you play in Mazuo 2 or the black technology, or the map of the test operation depends on the players themselves. Of course, if you want to successfully upload your own maps, you still need the players themselves Clear the level once. Therefore, the ability to upload the difficult maps depends on the player's level. Of course, to make a certain difficulty map also requires the player to have a deep understanding of the game and proficiency in various skills.

Global level

The global level is also an online mode, where players can play various maps. Players can not only choose levels from three types: expected levels, popular rankings, and new levels, but they can also search based on more detailed search criteria, specifically the game style (Ultra Marathon series), scene type, difficulty, creator region ,label. Among them, the label plays the most important role. Players who like challenges can choose timed challenge and one pass, and of course there is super difficult difficulty. Players who like puzzles have a very suitable label for solving puzzles, of course, they can also occasionally Appreciate the map of automatic clearance and the amazing music level made by the great god, all have corresponding tags. Of course, these tags need to be filled out truthfully by the author.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

Players can also search for levels or craftsman IDs directly by ID. Every player is a craftsman, but if you haven’t uploaded any pictures, of course you won’t get any craftsman experience. Craftsmen also have a level system, depending on the players’ The evaluation of the uploaded pictures, etc. The craftsman system is a good setting, so that the cartographer can have greater motivation, and the interesting boutique pictures that are not poisonous can also be more popular after they are more popular. A picture that ordinary players can play happily. High-quality pictures and excellent craftsmen can make it easier for players to play fine works through the rankings in the search systemProducts, a virtuous circle of communities.

In the multiplayer mode, players can choose online multiplayer clearance and multiplayer battles. These are random matching forms. Multiplayer clearance means multiplayer cooperation. Because the map is also random, plus At present, there are many pictures that are really suitable for multi-person cooperation, so it is easy to encounter pictures that are not suitable for multi-person cooperation. The same is true for multiplayer battles. Therefore, in the multiplayer mode, if you encounter a situation that requires a key to open the door or collect conditions to pass, it is easy to work for others as a result of hard work. However, due to the nature of multiplayer battles, the requirements for tailor-made maps are lower than that of multiplayer cooperation. Of course, I still hope that there will be more maps dedicated to these two modes in the future.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

In the multiplayer confrontation mode, there are also ranks from C to S. Except for the first place score, points are deducted according to the distance from the end point. At this stage, the score of winning is far more than losing. There are a lot of hands. I don’t know if it’s just the current situation. The existence of ranks also gives ordinary players who are not anchors and fans have a greater driving force.

This game is quite different for the delay when the player is online. It is not whoever gets the card and let the person get stuck, but whoever gets the card, all the players will be playing PPT, butSo it's very fair.

However, it is a pity that the online multiplayer mode that should have become more viscous and driving force has not yet been launched. At this stage, there is only a local multiplayer cooperation and confrontation mode. Players can choose a certain Zhang pictures. For most domestic players, this obviously cannot replace online room opening. Fortunately, the official confirmed that the friend online function will be added in the form of a patch in the future. Online tearing is just around the corner.

Although the live broadcast is interesting, you need to be cautious when entering the pit-“Super Mario Maker 2“

The Mario endurance challenge is the Mario endurance challenge, which is still simple, ordinary, difficult, and super difficult. There are more than 4 males, but no longer The fixed number of levels and hundreds of lives are still relatively few initial lives, and then you can see how many levels the player can break. Compared with the Hundred-Man Group, this solution is more mature and can more arouse the player's desire to challenge. /p>


Mazao 2 is a very good sequel, with more creative elements and more powerful creative functions, so it brings more to both artisans and barriers The possibility of multiplayer cooperation and multiplayer confrontation makes the online mode a lot richer. Mario Endurance Challenge can indeed increase the challenge. The temporary absence of the online function of friends is a bit regrettable. Although not all high Difficult poison map, but normal micro-manipulation can still kill the handicapped party. Therefore,, For the old players of the Super Marathon 2D series and platform jumping enthusiasts, it is definitely recommended to buy, buy and buy, and those ordinary players who are still on the sidelines, it is not too late to recommend the friend online mode to start.

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