MSI and Rivals lost one after another, IG and JDG were abused

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According to his ID, netizens gave him a nickname: "Brother Dice", and used "99999" in the barrage to swipe the screen, hoping that he would have the

MSI and Rivals lost one after another, IG and JDG were abused

For the failure of the intercontinental game, people who follow China’s e-sports have more or less expected it.

Even the IG mid laner Rookie, who just returned to the team, said bluntly in the schedule: "I think our team is in a normal state, and it has not reached a particularly strong level." IG lost in the finals. , Although FPX has pulled back a city, but is powerlessHuitian, LPL lost to LCK 1:3.

Among the many ridicules born in this year's Intercontinental, there is a lineup of 369 TES top laners.

According to his ID, netizens gave him a nickname: "Brother Dice", and used "99999" in the barrage to swipe the screen, hoping that he would take the highest performance of "9", but In the end 369 did not play.

The entire LPL competition area is also contrary to popular expectations. Using the analogy of a dice roll, it only throws a "3" for the worst result.

After the S8 championship, the MSI and the Intercontinental have lost one after another. The Chinese team has so far failed to win the next international championship. The world's strongest division, just dream broken?

The decline after the peak

Satisfactory, hard fight, narrow victory...... LPL's performance in this intercontinental game is always accompanied by sighs.

The IG first game of the finals failed, and his own intercontinental match was not a win. After that, the young TES lost to SKT. In the third game, the "Coin Brother" FPX mid laner doinb led the team to play bravely, but it was difficult to recover the disadvantage.

In the end, JDG was defeated, and LPL ended the intercontinental tour with 4 matches and 3 losses.

As early as DAY2, the e-sports fan Xiao Z predicted: "Looking at playing LCK, the winning rate may be less than 40%."IG lost the first game of the finals. Later, Xiao Z said helplessly: "I have a bold idea, it may be 0:3." Although in the end he scored one point, the defeat cannot be changed.

MSI and Rivals lost one after another, IG and JDG were abused

FPX vs GRF, exciting barrage

What is the basis of the prediction? In the eyes of Xiao Z, the four teams participating in the Intercontinental Tournament, except FPX, are the best The performance in the summer game, which reflects the recent state, was mediocre, and the performance of the intercontinental DAY1 also proved that the LPL did not cheer up.

The most watched IG team, after the peak of S8, the players The negatives of private life, rotation and absence of personnel, fans andThe conflicts in the club occurred one after another, and I have to say that there are too many distractions.

The Intercontinental Tournament seemed to confirm this. Many teams were unstable and excited, which eventually led to frequent mistakes.

After S8, the champion support player baolan even became a substitute for a period of time. The performance of the new support Lucas was not impressive, his record in the spring split was poor, and MSI missed the final after nine consecutive victories. .

For a time, Internet rumors broke out, fans questioned the club, and conflicts between the two sides intensified.

Fans have an obsession with the S8 champion lineup, but after MSI, the champion five has never collected it. On June 13, the mid laner Rookie temporarily returned to South Korea due to family issues. It was not until 22 days later, on Intercontinental DAY2, that the IG soul figure finally returned to the team.

MSI and Rivals lost one after another, IG and JDG were abused

Although Rookie quickly recovered his status, fans repeatedly called "You can always trust Song Yijin!", However, the competition in the competition area will test the overall strength of multiple teams.

After tasting the defeat of the intercontinental game, LPL did not have time to immerse in the sentimental. After 3 months, the world championship trophy will decide its next place and leave it to LPLTime is really running out.

How far is LPL from "covering the sky with one hand"?

It’s only 9 months since IG won the first S championship on behalf of the LPL division. In the world of e-sports, it’s a length of time that people can remember "the year" . The game version has been updated many times, and the thinking and style of play have also undergone tremendous changes in a short time.

As for the remarks on the Internet about "S8 winning the championship has luck and the IG foundation is unstable", Xiao Z said: "It is not. It was unstable before. The group stage lost the FNC twice, but the knockout stage won. After KT, the state is getting better and better."

In his opinion, the current IG has failed to give the opponent a sense of despair that "you can't win no matter how you fight."

The performance of young players in international level competitions greatly influences the overall performance of this team, "especially JackeyLove".

Little Z feels that after S8, the 18-year-old star player sometimes "feels persuasive, old mistakes." But he also admitted that Ah Shui has become more and more stable in his performance, becoming more and more like a "contest-type player."

Another player, baolan, was "spoken with mentality problems" caused by internet remarks. On November 29 last year, he suddenly announced on his Weibo that he would leave the team, but was "persuaded to come back only one day later." "Again.

It is said that Wang Sicong also personally participated in the comfort. On the morning of November 30, IG's official Weibo announced that it would renew its contract with Baolan for three years.

Strict and cruel netizens’ comments, especially irrational fan comments, undoubtedly affect players’ mentality, club operations, and evenThe development of LPL has had a big impact.

The rumors about the infighting of the IG management team surrounding the baolan player’s substitute incident were rampant. Finally, the vice president of the IG club, Cang Ma, issued a long post on Weibo to clarify, and said: "The imagination of the rumor makers The richness and the distortion of thinking are incredible."

MSI and Rivals lost one after another, IG and JDG were abused

In fact, it is not just players and clubs, teams, Management team, commentary, media, logistics, and the picture surrounding the e-sports industry are facing more and more attention and supervision.

The idolization of players has brought about a burst of traffic, and has also ignited the anti-fan circle. The club has been favored by capital, and it has also suffered from the ridicule of losing each other.

During the intercontinental game, the commentary Long Mao, which conflicted with irrational fans, had more feelings about this: "The road we are walking is actually It’s the place where the predecessors haven’t been."

The largest professional e-sports league in history, so many fixed venues, overwhelming sponsorship and capital attention, a huge number of fan groups and teams ——"We are all in this unprecedented ecosystem, and everyone can't stay out of the way."

E-sports is more than just the level of the game

As capital enters the game, e-sports has already moved from using love to power generation From the competition of individual game levels to the level of industrialized competition in the game industry.

Competition has previously reported that in October last year, Forbes released the "World's Most Valuable E-sports Club Rankings." North American giants Cloud 9, Team Solo Mid and Team Liquid dominated the list. The top three of the single.

Cloud 9 ranked first with a valuation of US$310 million; Team Solo Mid ranked second with a valuation of US$250 million; Team Liquid ranked third with a value of US$200 million.

According to the corresponding revenue data, the three clubs of C9, TSM and TL are expected to reach 22 million, 25 million and 17 million US dollars in revenue this year.

And for Asian e-sports clubs, only South Korea’s GEN.G ranked seventh. According to previous reports from Jinghe, industry insiders revealed that most of the top domestic e-sports clubs have revenues of around 50 million to 100 million yuan, and the overall revenue scale is comparable to that of European and American clubs.

IG currently has six sponsors including Douyu, Bixin App, CORSAIR China, Netfish Internet Cafe, LABSERIES and Lilbetter. In addition, recently, in the recommended places such as the opening page of Weibo, you can also frequently see IG's ads for Chevrolet Chuangku.

MSI and Rivals lost one after another, IG and JDG were abused

The four teams participating in the intercontinental game, TES It belongs to Top Sports, FPX belongs to the game publisher FunPlus, and JDG belongs to Jingdong. In addition to the above sponsors, IG has the most loyal gold master Wang Sicong.

But the gap still exists. European and American clubsThe high valuation of, lies in the richness of their e-sports project participation and the diversification of business revenue sources. The first international event after S8, the mid-season championship MSI, was won by European team G2.

China’s S8 champion IG, lost to the US team TL upset, but G2 defeated the Korean team SKT and had the last laugh.

After MSI, many e-sports fans said that "the old Asian dynasty will be overthrown" and that the European and American teams will undergo a "Renaissance" (S1's FNC and aAa are both European teams).

On the other hand, the addition of new blood from the LCK division has improved the overall offensiveness. The former league hegemon is confident of regaining his dominance.

After the long-standing rivals in the LCK division were unwilling to be reconciled, the European and American divisions also showed a dark horse posture. After the S8 won the championship, the LPL lost twice in international competitions.Obviously, we are still far from securing the position of "world number one".

Like Little Z, who thinks that the chance of winning the LPL in this Intercontinental Championship is not high, and there is another e-sports fan, Xiao L. From a fan perspective, she thinks: "LPL is a bit swollen."


In her opinion, even though LPL was elated in S8, it did not show an absolute advantage, "You see, no matter which region dominates, it is because there is a team that blocks the gods and the Buddha blocks and kills the Buddha. Now It's all half a catastrophe, so there's nothing to play." The results of the intercontinental game seem to confirm the views of the fans.

For e-sports teams, to maintain a period of "invincible" state, in addition to the five players on the field, it also depends on the maturity of the entire e-sports industry.

SKT’s invincible heyday is the result of the continuous evolution of the Korean game industry from "StarCraft"."Faker is also known as the master of the Korean e-sports industry.

The young blood and the traffic it brings can make e-sports explosive, but the output of high-quality content , Complete industry standards and industrial chain, can make e-sports itself young forever.

Maybe e-sports does not have a permanent champion, but it will give birth to classic strong teams, even if the glory is no longer, But the peak will still be celebrated.

Only when such a team can be born can the LPL and Chinese e-sports win.

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