Why does LPL lose? Three teams made the same mistake: Three details review the game

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I hope that the LPL team will not be discouraged and will continue to work harder, because there are still a lot of games waiting for them. Congratula

I regret that the LPL Division failed to successfully defend the Intercontinental Championship. I hope that the LPL Division will not be discouraged and make persistent efforts, because there are still a lot of games waiting They, at the same time, congratulate the LCK division for winning the intercontinental championship, because in terms of the game, it is indeed the LCK playing better.

Throughout the four rounds of the Intercontinental Finals, the LPL Division has a very good chance of winning. IG has an advantage in the first round of the first round, and the second round The advantage was also slowly restored. The early stage of the last game was even more advantageous, but the three games of these three teams all made the same mistake: impatient, upper hand, and a wave of good games.

The IG team, the TES team, and the JDJ team were caught after a mistake, and then they couldn’t stand up completely. It is not so much that the LCK is too strong, but rather that the LPL has not improved or even regressed: If you can’t keep up with the version, you can only fight.

Why does LPL lose? Three teams made the same mistake: Three details review the game

This is the first game of IG. At that time, the IG team's advantage was 4 to 1. In addition, because of the heroes of the crocodile, IG's early combat ability was very strong.

However, I never expected that after a wave of superior team battles in IG, the czar of rookie started directly entering the tower and wanted to cross the tower to kill Mr. Dai EZ also had Tam. Finally, Tam’s golden body broke the game perfectly, and finally was killed by EZ. At this point, EZ took off completely, and IG ended the game without any power.

Why does LPL lose? Three teams made the same mistake: Three details review the game

It’s difficult Imagine that a wine barrel wants to kill the spear of revenge, although this wave can also understand that the wine barrel is seeking wealth and wealth, because as long as the spear of revenge is killed, then the next dragon can be in the bag. But it’s a pity that the barrel failed.

The chain reaction of the barrel failure is the loss of the dragon, the dragon, the defensive tower, and the leading economy of TES was instantly overtaken. So far Faker Lee led the team to win the second game. TES is also very hopeful to win this game. This wave of barrels is really too urgent., There is still a chance to be steady and steady.

Why does LPL lose? Three teams made the same mistake: Three details review the game

JDG lost in this wave of team battles The key teamfight of the game was lost. The premise of the teamfight at the time was this: the mid-laner toothpaste Syndra had three heads dead, and the striker imp had two heads and three assists. This data was not played at all in this wave of teamfights. , JDGDWG made dumplings, Niu Tau found an opportunity to cooperate with his teammates and lost Syndra in seconds, and had a single-zero role in the early development, and JDG was defeated.

If JDG doesn’t want this Canyon Pioneer and fights at the same time, the DWG team will basically have no chance. After all, the development gap between the two sides is too big. , Think about how miserable Kai'Sa is.

Summarizing the three games, we have lost the impatience and lack of stability. If we are all stable, we still have a great chance of winning. However, it is understandable to think about it carefully, because these teams all want to win and their desire to win is extremely strong. It is just that they failed to calm down and think more in that situation, which made those mistakes. If you lose at the end, you lose. I hope to add it after the lpl divisionOil, you have to work hard to keep up with the LOL version, you don't have to learn things from other regions, but you must have your own characteristics, engine oil LPL!

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