“World of Warcraft“ nostalgia: memories of a 60-year-old priest

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There is only a deep memory, and the general idea is: this is an immersive MMORPG playing game, so please play your own role in the game and do things

Author: NGA-moonwater

This is my first posted nga hair. Thanks to nga, I haven't logged in for more than ten years, and my account is still intact.

It's like I haven't played Warcraft for more than ten years, and it is still there.

I am a priest, a very good priest.

The reason why I chose the priest at the time was because I, who had never played a magic game, knew nothing about professions other than warrior mages. After reading the description of each profession on the official website of Warcraft, I still looked dazed, thinking that since the profession of the priest can be healed, he can at least protect himself.

I can’t remember the other instructions on the official website at that time, only a section of memorization is deep, to the effect: This is an immersive MMORPG playing games, so please play your own role in the game, do things that suit your identity, and if possible, give your partners as much help as you can.

So, then I was immersed in it.

From the time I was born, I patiently strengthened everyone around me, even if he was passing by, I was very proud of having such a skill at the time.

The game atmosphere at that time was really good!

I will give you a toughness, the mage will give me an intelligence, the Xiaode will give me a paw, and the Paladin will give me a blessing. Most of the professions without buff will say "thank you".

In Ironforge, the way everyone greets each other is to brush the buff.

When I was more than ten levels, on the way to find the Elf City, I met two dark night druids,

They asked me: "HumanHow to get to the city? "

I asked them "How do I get to the city of elves?" "

So we spent half a day walking that day. First, I took them to Stormwind and Ironforge, and took them on the subway. Then they took me to the Fairy City and took me on a boat. Go through the portal.

Seeing the guards riding the leopard in the Elf City, I shouted in surprise: I want a leopard, I want a leopard, it’s so handsome.

The next second, I There are two more leopards around, running with me, like my pet.

Hahaha, happy childhood.

The person who chooses the priest in the server Rarely, I did not realize the difficulty of this class upgrade at all, because my fun is not in killing monsters and upgrading, but in running maps to explore the unknown world.

I love the vastness of Azeroth. Continent: cliffs, dense forests, valleys, snow-capped mountains, lakesPo....... They are mysterious and beautiful, full of unknown dangers and endless temptations.

Also, I was crazy about fishing and cooking.

To put it bluntly, I am a collector. I like to collect all kinds of interesting fish, and collect all the food recipes.

For a while, the bank was full of the rare fish I caught from the various copies of Azeroth and the ponds of high-level regions. If I caught a bigger one, I would replace the previous one. Small. In order to fish safely, I spent a lot of time feathering, just to float on the water and fish.

The first green outfit I got in the game was drawn from a treasure chest from fishing. It was a level ten lock armor.

Others are fighting monsters, and I'm collecting medicine.

Others are doing tasks, I am fishing.

Others are making copies,I am practicing cooking.

I like watching a group of night men dancing wretchedly at the gate of the Ironforge Bank

I like watching thieves standing on tall pillars posing coquettishly and shouting: "Free unlock"

I like to listen to the mage while rubbing the water and yelling: "1g open the door, to the storm"

I like to watch the engineering madman show off his newly made toys on the open space in front of the bank, and then bang Blew up with a sound.

I like to watch thief hunters plant flags at the gate of Ironforge.

I like sitting in a pub listening to music and chatting with friends.

I like to stand in front of the bank and send my food and potions to my friends.

I like to open a trumpet, trade him hardware, listen to him say thank you.


My friend said that I played an MMORPG game into a gathering game.

If it weren't for the little pig, I might always play this game as a vegetable harvesting game.

Little Pig is a human female warrior, several levels higher than me. At that time, I was gathering medicine nearby and saw him knocking on a gong, and then a big monster came out, watching her There was still one third of the blood lost. I give her a recovery and a healing technique. After the monsters were dealt with, Xiaozhu added my friend.

Before I met the pig, I was a dark animal husbandry (in fact, most of the time later, but I did not open the shadow form) alone.

The next copy of this kind of thing, Xiaozhu took me there, and taught me by hand.

How many dishes did I have?

I was treating OT, the blame rushed to me, pia slapped me half of my blood, scared me to turn around and run (usually like this in the wild).

I am aheadRunning face to face, the blame was chasing me behind, and the piglet was chasing the blame behind with the axe. The three of us rushed in the dungeon. I did not dare to look back, and finally I ran out of the dungeon in desperation.

Piggy can't laugh or cry.

"Don’t run, don’t be afraid, remember, I am a soldier, no matter what happens, I will use all my power to save and heal, so you just need to add blood to me. , Unless there is a situation, I am down, you can run as soon as possible."


"Also, you can't get rid of the blame in the copy , Unless you run out of the dungeon to get out of the battle."


Since then, I have never ran the dungeon again. Sometimes I was besieged by several blames, blood When the measurement falls below the safety line, I will calmly put a shield on myself and run towards the piglet.

Little Pig’s skills are very good, and he finds that I’m in danger, and can always blame it in timeTow away.

Sometimes the machine gets stuck, and you will find that he can save me faster than I can add blood to myself.

I suspect that the piglet has been staring at my health bar, just like I have been staring at his health bar.

If the piglet falls, I will quietly wait for death to come.

He will not give up on me, and I will not give up on him.

My skills are bad, my level is low, and I am easy to add. When the group is destroyed, I will often be scolded by my teammates. Stop you."

In the second half of the copy, no one dared to whisper to me.

After the group is destroyed, everyone usually goes to the toilet, drinks water, and then waits for the priest to run back to resurrect.

But I am a road idiot. I often cannot find the door of the dungeon after looking at the map after resurrection, or I can’t get back to the position of the team even after entering the dungeon.

Listening to the urging of other teammates, I was anxious and frightened. I didn't dare to say that I was lost for fear of being scolded by my teammates.

When I lost my way again, I heard the pig whispering to me: "Follow me."

Then, a familiar figure ran past me , I will stop and wait for me every time I run.

The teammate asked: "Warrior, why are you resurrected? Just wait for the priest to come back and save it."

Little Pig did not speak.

Only I know, he was to take me back.

“World of Warcraft“ nostalgia: memories of a 60-year-old priest

Later, when I hit a copy, Little Pig will be resurrected and take me back every time, even if I have You can find your way.

He said: "The monsters on the road will refresh. I'm afraid you won't be able to make it by yourself. "

At that moment, I was sitting in front of the screen with tears streaming down my face.

Before the 60th level, the pig and I went to the plague to play Runecloth. , The eyes are full of 50-level red undead.

Suddenly saw a pool of hero’s blood on the ground, the pig curiously opened it, and suddenly a few elite monsters appeared in front of him, and the pig rushed to withstand it. Blame, use the last strength to type the word "Run".

I didn't run, I didn't take a step, I frantically brushed her blood and set a shield, although I knew it was useless.

I watched him fall, then stopped all movements, stood beside her and fell with her.

"Why don't you run?"

"I will not leave you."

The priest and the warrior, live together and die together, this has Become a habit.

When I was just 50, Piggy was already 60. I think she was still riding a 40 horse.

"Poor, no money" Little Pig made a crying expression.

It took me a long time to find out that it takes so much money for a soldier to repair a piece of equipment.

"How much is missing?" I pulled out the trading window and traded her a few hundred gold.

"Why are you so rich?"

She was shocked.

Little pig must have never expected that a little pastor who is not doing his job properly, collecting flowers, fishing and cooking all day, is actually a low-key little rich man.

I hadThere are several green outfits, which look rather shabby.

The main reason is that I don’t need to wear particularly good equipment if I have not reached the level.

I still remember that after buying a golden horse, Xiaozhu excitedly rode around me for several laps.

"I will pay you back if I earn money in the future."

"It's okay, I don't need money"

"You will also buy it when you reach level 60 Golden Horse"

"Don't worry, I'm still early, at least one month"

"Or, I will accompany you to level up every day, so that you can reach 60 early"


"What are the benefits of reaching 60?"

"Let me tell you, being at level 60 is very boring, so come and be bored with me."

"Hahahahaha...then I don't want to upgrade"

"Hurry up and upgrade, come, today I will help you clear all the tasks of jjgUp. "

Little Pig sent you a request to form a team.

Later, I didn’t play the game for a while. When I played the game again, Little Pig returned me gold coins.

"Why did you make money so quickly? "

"I go to the Jintuan to work every day, when T has subsidies"

I looked at the chat channel and heard that many Jintuan were recruiting people. This is my first time. Once I heard that there was something like Jin Tuan.

Later, we had less and less opportunities to download books together, and less and less time for me to play games.

We convinced that there was a shortage of pastors at the time. Many trumpet pastors trained by the trade unions had not grown up yet, so they were often asked about copies. When they were short of people, even the dark shepherds needed milk.

For the invitation to the next group book, most of the time I refuse it,

mainly because the child was still young and the family also neededTake care, I can't guarantee that I can stay in front of the computer for several hours without leaving.

If the priest is distracted, the T group may be destroyed. I don't want to cheat my teammates.

At that time, Xiaozhu had become the leader of the guild. He was full of gold and gleaming. The guild had subsidies for T, and he was no longer short of money.

Later, I felt embarrassed because of the long-term persistence. I even retired from the guild. I washed the commandment pastor into a dark pastor and became a full-level pastor without a guild.

Every time I receive N invitations to join in Ironforge, I can only refuse and say, sorry, I don’t have time to go online stably.

Most of the time I would stand in a daze in Ironforge, and occasionally I would sit alone on the cliffs of Azshara and watch the sea, or go to the Twilight Forest to take a trumpet for missions.

I remember when I downloaded the copy, Xiaozhu introduced me to a mage.

MyShi was thin-skinned, and I was embarrassed to ask the mage for water. He bought morning dew in the tavern. After forming a team with me, he took the initiative to trade me several sets of water every time he met.

The operation of the mage is very good. For a while, the three of us bought the book, and then we randomly formed two people. I followed the picking up money almost the whole process, and occasionally lost a recovery. If I do not wait for the warrior to respond, the wizard will immediately control the monster, or the speed of light will pull the monster away and put it in the refrigerator to buy time for the warrior. Only then did I know that a good wizard is for the priest. , How safe is it.

Following them, the sense of security doubled. The three of us cooperated tacitly, and I gradually became proficient in my methods. Most of the things I hit, the wizard and I gave up and sold money to the poor soldier, the piglet, and cloth armor. We both discussed the allocation and were modest to each other.

It was really a happy and joyful time.

The most impressive time, The three of us were playing in the wild, the mage said, let's plant the flag.

Little Pig refused. In my impression, Little Pig has never planted a flag with anyone.

I said, I will intervene with you.

The mage refused and said, I will not fight you, you are too bad, and I will be ashamed if I win.

Me: 囧.

The mage said again, why don’t we play Jumping the Cliff, they are all level 60, to see who will fall to death.

Me: Okay.

Little pig said:

"Mage is not allowed to use slow fall."

Mage: Good.

"Priests are not allowed to float,"

Me: OK.

The little pig took off his plate armor, fearing that it would cost him repair costs.

The mage and I laughed.

Form a team, follow, and the little pig leads us on a train towards the cliff.

II set myself a shield in mid-air,

The mage turned on the refrigerator when he was about to land, and then used a flash,

Little pig-just fell straight down. I lost more than half of his blood.

"You shameless!"Little pig is furious: "You steal skills."

Little pig raised his axe and rushed towards the mage, the mage flashed and fled.

I laughed as I chased the piggy.

However, after that time, the mage never went online.

I also have a paladin friend who habitually blesses me no matter where I meet.

One day he asked me, guess what the result of our Paladin duel?

Me: This question is so difficult, it is better to try.

So that day, as the only spectator, I watched him and another Paladin in the wild for 20 minutes, regardless ofThe trio ended up laughing.

After that time, the Paladin never went online again.

Later, watching the list of friends turned gray one by one, I gradually lost the motivation to stick to it.

Only go online occasionally to see if your friends are still there?

Or sit in Ironforge and watch people scrolling.

I heard that a new copy has been opened.

I heard that the new version is coming, and the upper limit of the level has been raised to level 70.

I heard that a certain guild yesterday The team has lost a handful of top-quality equipment.

I heard that someone had hacked the equipment and was screened.


But these It seems to have nothing to do with me.

I still wear a T0 set of priests who are not uniform, with commandments or dark shepherd talents.

In the whole 60s, I was a god and shepherd talentPastor of

It’s not that I don’t want to make a group book, it’s not that I don’t want to use good equipment, but reality does not allow it.

Envy those young children. It’s great to be young. You can stay up late without scruples, you can use your books day and night, you can check in to the group on time every week, and you can completely immerse yourself in the game. In the world, forget the troubles.

When the friends bar turned gray and no longer lit up, after I went online, I didn't know what to do at all. I just checked the mailbox and went offline.

The last time I went online, I remember that the Spring Festival was approaching, and I wrote a long letter to Xiaozhu, to the effect that, thank you for spending countless happy times with me in the game, in that letter , I recalled the bit by bit after we met.

"I'm leaving this game, little pig, I wish you a good time in Azeroth!"

The letter is sent out, I just want to click offline, mailboxWith a bang,

click to open it, and it’s Xiaozhu’s reply.

He said, "This winter is so cold. I wear gloves, but my fingers are frozen. , Can’t type words........ I want to tell you that I am very happy to be with you. "

I stood for a while,

click Exit,

Looking at the priest named Swing slowly sitting down in front of the Ironforge Bank,

Everything in front of you slowly blurred,

disappeared .

Never see.

“World of Warcraft“ nostalgia: memories of a 60-year-old priest

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