France fought a “talent war“, digging into the walls of the British game industry

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The Anglo-French War was the longest-lasting war in history. This also made the two countries a feud, and they did not reconcile until after World War

The Anglo-French War is the longest-lasting war in history. This also made the two countries a feud. They did not reconcile until after World War II. However, recently there has been a battle without gunpowder between the two countries in the game industry. "War", in order to snatch game talents, the French government used policies to openly dig the walls, which naturally caused a counterattack from the British game industry.

The source of the Anglo-French War was due to the same group of people. The pirates from the north seized a piece of land in France and forced the King of France to recognize their autonomy. This was the later Duchy of Normandy. The name Normandy was very Directly-the territory of the Normans. These Norman knights killed Britain across the sea and established the Norman dynasty. After 200 years, the Norman dynasty began to claim that they were the queens of France and compete for the throne of France. The country began a century-long war.

France fought a “talent war“, digging into the walls of the British game industry

From 1337 to 1453, it lasted for 116 years. Finally, Britain withdrew from the mainland and France won a great victory. But then in the Napoleonic era, Britain joined other countries to form The encirclement of France...

Now these have become clouds, but the struggle has stopped, but the battlefield has changed from a bloody way to a more elegant way. Both parties are wearing suits and drinking coffee. And to talk, instead of pulling out a knife and gun, to fight to death.

The UK is a world-class gaming center and the sixth largest gaming market in the world. It ranks behind China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Germany. If you consider that the UK has a population of only 60 million, this data will be even more terrifying. The British spend £5 billion on games each year. The UK also has the most mobile gamers in Europe, but it is slightly lower than Germany and France on the PC and console.

France fought a “talent war“, digging into the walls of the British game industry

The famous RThe star is a British company. The recent fire "Total War: Three Kingdoms" is also produced by the British. A large number of game developers are concentrated in the UK. Although there are more players in Germany and France than the UK, the UK has more game talents than the two countries combined. There are more than 10,000 senior developers, and tens of thousands of computer college students who graduate every year. Coupled with excellent communication technology, many multinational game companies have their headquarters in the United Kingdom and use it as a bridge to the European continent. And often through the UK to test new technologies, it is like a shrinking American game market.

But after Brexit, all this has changed. First of all, the various systems and review mechanisms that the game industry needs to follow need to be redrafted, because the current European general system must be changed. Separation from Europe also means that the import of related equipment from Europe requires tariffs, and the cost of developing games increases. It is also not only more expensive to import, but to export to Europe.The play will not be so easy anymore.

For game companies in the UK, the UK has become less attractive to them. As early as 16 years after the UK planned to leave the European Union, many large game companies moved their European offices. Leaving the UK, for example, Sony moved from the UK to the Netherlands. Sony spokesperson Takashi Iida said this was to avoid the cumbersome procedures after Brexit. The prospects of those small game companies are much more difficult. They cannot move to other countries and can only choose to find another way. Some small well-known independent studios have frozen their funds and want to find another way.

France fought a “talent war“, digging into the walls of the British game industry

At this time, the French government naturally threw an olive branch. Launched the game project, written in English on the Internet: With deep historical accumulation, France is committed to becoming a leader in the game industry and becoming a world game development center. The government will provide the best for foreign developers coming to France. Development environment.

In the past few days, the French government has decided to provide 30% tax cuts for game developers, and provides up to 2 million euros in equity loans for each game manufacturer. These are all to support games In the industry, the French government will not show mercy to the UK, which has a worrisome game prospect, and the environment in France is much better than that of the UK, which often rains.

The French Business Council said: "In just a few minutesDuring the years, games have become France’s second largest cultural industry, ahead of the film industry, and this industry has become the most dynamic and important part of the French economy. In addition, the game industry can provide citizens with more than 5,000 direct jobs. "In Europe, France’s biggest competitor in the game industry is the United Kingdom. Although the game market in Germany is also very large, in terms of game development, Germany is much weaker, and there is no market. Your own strength can also weaken the British game industry.

France fought a “talent war“, digging into the walls of the British game industry

It’s not just the French government’s stark policy seduce. French game companies have taken many actions, such as Ubisoft, the largest game company in France. The location chosen for the new work "Watch Dogs: Legion" is the post-Brexit United Kingdom, which seems to be of interest. Although game director Clint Hocking denied that the game has anything to do with Brexit in an interview after the E3 live conference, it was also received by many The media used it as a hint for France to dig a wall.

TIGA, the British game industry trade organization, requested the British government to counterattack, to improve the treatment of the British industry after Brexit and prevent the French government from continuing to dig in. TIGA’s primary request is to reduce taxes in the gaming industry, from the original 25% tax cut in the UK to 30%, which is the same as the French policy, and the investment policy that followsCreate other game investment funds on the game fund.

France fought a “talent war“, digging into the walls of the British game industry

TIGA assures the British government that thousands of game posts will be created. Although the tax is reduced, the overall Provide tax revenue of close to 200 million pounds, and finally hope to leave the European Union in time, and continue to absorb talents in games from Europe, instead of completely cutting off from Europe.

Ukie, the British game and interactive entertainment trade agencyChief Executive Jo Twist, she said in a statement: A plan to poach British talents and companies has emerged, and policy makers should pay attention...because the uncertainty brought by Brexit may lead to game talent and With the constant loss of enterprises, we must talk to the government to safeguard the game industry.

France fought a “talent war“, digging into the walls of the British game industry

These are just suggestions. The British government has not yet taken action.Companies won't give them so much time. Once France offers good enough conditions, I believe they will embrace France as soon as possible and contribute to the French game industry. Perhaps next year, the world's sixth game market will be France, not Britain.

But this is not the end of the British game. Choosing to Brexit will certainly lose part of the European market, but also gain more international markets. The success of "Total War: Three Kingdoms" has proved this. . The only thing that can be foreseen is that the battle for talents started by France will not stop like this. Just like the "British-French War" that has lasted for a hundred years, the French, like their ancestors expelling the Norman knights, will hit the British game industry in Europe. Influence.

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