Faker Chosun Ilbo Interview: Be humble, honest and friendly as a role model

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There is nothing I really want to wear. This is the daily life of a boy who plays games all day long. He aspires to be the strongest professional e-sp

There is nothing special to eat, nothing to buy, nothing to wear very much, this is the daily life of a boy who plays games all day, he aspires to be the strongest e-sports in the world Pros. In an interview with Korea’s most influential news media, Chosun Ilbo, Faker, the SKT mid laner, Faker said that he was very lucky. “I can see many young people paying attention to me. I try to show my abilities. I know An idol’s responsibility."

Lee Sang Hyuk is a shy big boy. He lives with his grandmother, father, and younger brother in 15ping apartment in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, while in elementary school. In the first grade, he first touched the computer at home and then started playing games with his friends. In the third grade of elementary school, he started to get in touch with StarCraft, and in the second year of junior high school, Faker began to play League of Legends like his peers.Alliance. In the second year of high school, Faker received a message in the chat window, "Do you want to become a professional player?" After careful consideration, he decided to drop out of school and set foot on the road of professional e-sports players.

And we all know the story later, he boarded the professional arena under the name of Faker, won the highest bonus in the League of Legends, and established his own historical position. The Guardian compares him with Ronaldo, while ESPN compares him with Jordan. As a big e-sports country, South Korea experienced a trough last year. In the recent Asian match, Faker and other LCK teams defeated their rivals and helped South Korea return to the top of the world.

In this interview, Faker was wearing a white T-shirt. Six years after his debut, Faker had many nicknames. One of them was "White T-shirt collector" because of Apple’s JobsAlways like to wear a black T-shirt.

Faker Chosun Ilbo Interview: Be humble, honest and friendly as a role model

Q: Why do you always wear a white T-shirt?

A: I don't care what I am wearing, but if there are colors or other patterns on the clothes, it will be confusing in the base. So I just involuntarily chose a white T-shirt. I recently discovered that all white T-shirts look like mine, so they are very comfortable.Easy to find, so I wear a white T-shirt every day.

Q: Like Jobs, do you have a favorite T-shirt brand?

A: No, no, I don’t buy any brands. Most T-shirts are received as gifts.

Q: You look like a model student without any tattoos or dyed hair.

A: Many fans like me and regard this as the image of Faker. Many young people pay attention to me, so I must appear gentle and polite. If I do bad things, they will be affected. I have some basic principles, which are to be humble, honest and friendly.

Q: What are the best compliments and worst comments you have ever heard?

A: "You are not good at playing games" makes me feel angry, and "You play games well" makes me happy.

Q:How do you relieve stress?

A: I like reading and thinking. I have no hobby of smoking or drinking.

Q: Are there any impressive books?

A: There is a sentence in "나를 모르는 나에게 (Unclear Self)" that impressed me, that is, "It is important to have a habit of examining yourself at any time." I was reading game theory and I felt the same way because the game was always changing.

Q: How much do you spend every month?

A: About 200-300 US dollars a month, I am not a person who likes shopping. I always save my money, but when I have dinner with my friends, I probably spend 200-300 dollars to pay the bill.

Q: What is your biggest expense?

A: Four years ago, my family moved to a spacious new house, My house has changed from 50 square meters to 160 square meters. Although I rarely go home, I am proud to see that my family can live comfortably.

Q: You recently shot an advertisement with Sun Xingmin (famous football player).

A: SKT team members filmed this for 5 hours, but I only appeared in the ad for 1 second. I am the one who made the most mistakes, probably NG 20 times.

Faker Chosun Ilbo Interview: Be humble, honest and friendly as a role model

Q: When you decided to become a professional player, you were only 16 years old. How did you feel at that time?

A: I was thinking that it was time. Because I hit the first place in Hanbok, I look forward to the professional arena very much.

Q: So you immediately decided to become a professional player?

A: No, I thought deeply. The main issue was money. At that time, the income of professional players was not much, and people had negative opinions about it. I was worried if I failed, if I didn't make enough money, but I think the life of professional players is very special, so I decided to join.

Q: Do your family members have any negative opinions about this?

A: No, my father is very supportive of me doing whatever I want to do. Most parents hold a negative attitude towards their children becoming professional players, but my family does not think so.Maybe it's because I am also very good at reading, haha.

Q: Are you also good at reading?

A: My grades in middle school were very good, maybe the top 10% of the whole grade. However, when I was in high school, I fell into the top 20-30%.

Q: Does your father like to play games?

A: No, my grandma likes to watch games. I am a single parent family, so I often stay with my grandma. Sometimes when I practice until 4 am, she will cheer for me until the end of the training. Sometimes she will give me some advice about the game, and she still watches every game of mine.

Q: You mentioned that your family is a basic income type (10% of families in South Korea need government support in terms of finances).

A: This situation is not important to me. I can go to play games at any time, so I don’t think my family is verypoor. I am not a casual spender. When I want to go to an Internet cafe to play games, I will save money on the bus.

Q: Have you ever felt that you are really good at playing games?

A: I didn't put too much effort in League of Legends, but I was ranked first in Hanbok. I was thinking at the time, I am suitable to be a professional player, I am not easy to get crazy. Everyone asks me how to control my emotions, and I can only answer that I am born to be so. In a recent personality test, the answer said I was a robot.

Q: Is your brother also good at playing games?

A: We only have one computer at home. He couldn't play with that computer at the time, so he often went outside to play.

Faker Chosun Ilbo Interview: Be humble, honest and friendly as a role model

Q: If you My child also wants to become a professional player. What advice do you have?

A: I’ll say please feel free. I can give some game suggestions, but if my child doesn’t have my personality, This will be a very difficult road. Professional players have no free time. We only have about 30 days in a year. In addition, it is very difficult to get good results and the competition is very fierce. If you need all-weather practice, then It’s impossible to take care of your studies. It’s not easy to become a professional player. You have to be very good at playing games and have a suitableCharacter. If not, I suggest that they learn to expand their horizons.

Q: You said that you refused the generous invitation from China.

A: I always choose a better way for my future life. I chose the SKT team because of my loyalty, and I chose to stay in Korea because of my patriotism.

Q: The Korean team did not perform well in recent international competitions.

A: To reach the top of a certain field, investment and talent pool are very important. South Korea has a fast Internet and Internet cafe culture, and many young people have been playing games before. But since 2010, other countries have also invested in many e-sports bases. In addition, I think one of the reasons for the narrowing of the gap is that they have tapped a lot of talents from Korea.

Q: Why are Koreans good at playing games?

A: They are very suitable for this, focusing and competitive in the gameWhat is important. Moreover, Korean players, like enjoying the game, value victory more.

Q: Some people criticized that Faker is not as strong as before.

A: I was very sensitive to this before, but I can handle this. Life as a professional player is like a roller coaster ride. When I look back on the past year, I have encountered many failures. I think I am definitely not as good as the previous season, but I will do my best to try to overcome the difficulties.

Q: You have debuted for nearly seven years, and most of the players who debuted with you have retired.

A: I haven't considered retirement yet. I think it's time to work harder. After retiring, there are many possible ways out, but I am not good at being a coach. I think I might do what I want to do.

Q: Recently, WHO has regarded game addiction as aKind of disease.

A: Well, the game is really addictive, it's true.

Q: Many parents agree with this view.

A: If children play games for too long, parents will naturally worry about it. I think it’s best to talk about the allowable game time between parents and children. If your child really likes playing games, I think parents should at least try to find out why. In addition, they should realize that games are also part of the culture, and they can learn something in games. They can learn something in the process of thinking about how to win in the game. I think this is much better than forced to learn.

Q: You spend a lot of time in the game.

A: So far, I am very lucky. When I was young, if I could play games, I could do nothing. But after becoming a professional player, I always think likeHow can we do better. When I stood on top of the world, I also received a lot of criticism. To be honest, I am the one who knows my strengths and weaknesses best, so I haven't read comments about myself on the Internet in the past two or three years, and I have not been affected by other people's evaluations. I think my assessment is the most accurate, no one can give you the answer.

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