Fish chain: a fun and profitable crypto game

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1. Introduction to crypto games Crypto games, namely Crypto

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Summary: Encrypted games are the new engine for the development of the game industry in the future, and FishChain is the best encrypted game currently made one. If you want to capture the fish chain, follow in the footsteps of Xiao Z to take a look!

1. Introduction to encrypted games

Encrypted games, or Crypto Games, refer to new online games based on blockchain. At present, encrypted games are in the ascendant and will become a new engine that will change the game industry in the future.

Fish chain: a fun and profitable crypto game

Encrypted games have gone through such a development process.

In the first stage, the obsession with cats opened the door to the world of encrypted games.

Encrypted cat, also known as obsessive cat, is the first blockchain game. It is a pet raising game that also includes the purchase, breeding, breeding, and sales of cats. Within a month of being online, it has attracted millions of users.

In the second stage, a large number of capital games emerged.

As soon as this game appeared, it became a plusThe popularity of the secret game world, even now, is enduring.

In the third stage, game public chains have emerged one after another.

As encrypted games increasingly become an important field and a key industry, game public chains designed purely for games are also born. The representative game public chains now include LOOM, MagnaChain, GCC, GAIAWORLD, etc.

The fourth stage, that is, the current stage, is the stage of transformation of traditional large-scale game institutions to blockchain game platforms.

For example, under the influence of the wave of blockchain technology, Chukong, the traditional super-block forest game platform, is also preparing to transform to a blockchain game platform and upgrade to Cocos Blockchain Expedition, or COCOS for short. -BCX, aiming to build a global blockchaingaming platform.

It can be seen that although encrypted games have not been born for a few years, they are becoming the next important outlet in the game industry.

Two. FishChain: a fun and profitable encryption game

FishChain is the best-made encryption game today One, this is not an exaggeration.

Fish chain: a fun and profitable crypto game

1. Introduction to FishChain

FishChain (FishChain) is a fish-growing game made by the original team of "Bubble Fish". Here, you can raise fish, breed, fish, trade, fight fish... There is also a unique "fish tank + fish = fish coin" mode.

2. Fish chain strategy

The fish chain game is a trinity of fish coin, fish, and fish tank. Research on its strategy can also be carried out from these three aspects.

(1) Fish coin strategy

There are FISH, NFISH, BIRTHDY, NNC and other kinds of fish coins in the fish chain game. The most important one is FISH. FISH is currently listed on the FCoin exchange, and the price is stable at around 0.01 yuan. The total circulation is 4.2 billion, of which 40% is produced in the game. To put it bluntly, we play the fish chain game,The ultimate goal is to earn coins and then exchange them for money. So, is there any way to earn more FISH coins?

You can buy fish coins directly.

You can register and get real-name authentication to obtain fish coins. Currently, you can reward 1,000 fish coins.

You can become a partner in society, promote the fish chain, and get the corresponding share of fish coins.

You can get fish coins through the daily lottery. The lottery draw refers to the chance to win a lottery draw in the "Treasure Treasure of the King of Octopus" every day if you hold more than 500 fish coins in the "activity" link. There is a chance to draw 10 fish coins, 50 fish coins, 100 fish coins, silver fish, golden fish, and fish tank.

You can speed up other users to get corresponding fish coin rewards.

You can set up your own fishing field, and other users can fish in your fishing field, pay a certain amount of fish currency, and get other people's fish currency.

You can put the fish in your own fish tank and wait for the fish to produce coins. However, the conditions for obtaining fish tanks are relatively high, so let's talk about it below.

You can get official rewards from Fishchain by writing essays. There are a lot of rewards for the essay activity, and everyone is welcome to participate.

(2) Fish Raiders

Fish is the basic activity unit in the fish chain game. With fish, you can both entertain and earn coins, which is really multi-purpose. Let's talk about how to get fish in the fish chain game.

You can register, and the system will give two fish for free.

You can buy fish in the market. Under normal circumstances, the token used is FISH. Of course, there are tokens in other situations. You can also sell your fish in the market in exchange for corresponding token rewards.

You can get fish by fishing.

There are two types of fishing grounds, one is publicThe fishing ground is called the Sea of ​​Dirac. There are a lot of fish there, and basically every shot will be rewarded. The other is a personal fishing ground. It depends on your luck whether you can get fish. Whether it is a public fishing field or a personal fishing field, you have to pay a certain fee for fishing.

You can use your own fish to reproduce a new fish based on the original gene after paying a certain amount of breeding expenses.

(3) Fish tank strategy

Fish tank is a great thing in fish chain game. The fish tank is equivalent to mining. With the fish tank, you can mine, that is, produce coins. Of course, in the fish chain game, the fish tank is relatively difficult to obtain. Because its total volume is only 20,000. The following little Z will teach you how to get a fish tank.

Can be obtained through purchase first. It can be purchased in the fish chain market and at official events. of courseYes, fish tanks are more expensive. If you don’t want to recharge, there is no need to buy it.

Secondly, there is another way to obtain a lottery with a relatively small probability, that is, to draw a lottery every day, with a probability of winning in the "Treasure of the King of Octopus". Of course, in this case, the probability is relatively small, so you can ignore it.

Okay, this is the beauty of the fish chain game. Interested friends can come and have fun!

3. Other shining points of fish chain game

Fish chain game has three shining points, grasping these three shining points will help you play this better game.

The first shining point is fishing related.

Fishing is an extremely important part of the fish chain game. Knowing how to fish is equivalent to mastering a sustainable gold mine. Next, Xiao Z will give you a detailed introduction to fishing related issues.

One, the sea of ​​Dikla. This is a maleA total of big fishing grounds. You may catch a good fish here, or you may spend a lot of fish coins, but the fish you catch are not satisfactory. Anyway, this is a place for luck. It's just for fun, so you can try it here.

Secondly, how do you attract others to fish by opening your own fishing grounds and earn handling fees?

First, you have to set a name for your fish pond.

Secondly, set relevant attributes in "My Fishing Ground".

After opening the "My Fishing Site" interface, set the head fish and companion fish, and configure the number of fish coins per shot. This is basically set up. In fact, this is very simple. The key lies in how to adjust the relationship between the number of fish in the pond, the price per rod, and the number of fishing rods.

The normal setting is that the number of strokes/number of fish is 1/2. In this case, you can set a price equivalent to the price of a fish.

ExampleFor example, if you put a fish in your fish pond, the cost of each fish is about 500 fish coins. Then, you can set 8 shots, and the price of each shot is around 500 coins.

The advantage of this is that it not only attracts users to phishing, but also guarantees that they will not lose money. Because, one shot down, you only have a half chance of being caught a fish, and the price of each shot is basically equal to or slightly lower than the price of your fish. This kind of fish pond configuration method is generally a steady profit.

The second shining point is to participate in activities.

Fish chain officials generally hold many activities to attract users. This kind of activity, like the IEOs of major exchanges, has certain thresholds, but if you grab it, you earn it.

There are many forms of activities, such as lottery, auction, breeding competition and so on.

The same sentence, if you don’t want to spend too much time,If you don't want to invest in the cost, let's participate in the bottom daily lottery safely.

The third shining point is related to reproduction.

In the fish chain activity, the fish in your hand can produce a new fish by paying a certain amount of breeding waste. However, this kind of reproduction also has certain tricks. Specifically, it must be optimistic about the genetic attributes of the fish's parents. In this way, good fish can be reproduced.

The rules are too complicated. Little Z will talk more about it here. Maybe everyone can't understand it.

Just remember these two points, you can say that you can grasp the secret of fish reproduction.

One is that fish with this attribute should try to mate with fish with the same attribute to breed.

Currently, the fish in the fish chain game have a total of 4 attributes, namely: Tuanjin, Lingyu, Xunfeng, and Panji. Fish with different attributes are easy to identify, and you can tell by looking at their appearance.

The second is to try to match the fish with high computing power to breed.

Well, this is the introduction to the relevant strategy of the fish chain game that is currently in the ascendant and will inevitably be popular in the future. Let me just say that the fish chain game is both complicated and simple. It is a very fun blockchain casual game, and emotional friends can play it!

3. Looking at the future of encrypted games from the fish chain

The reason why encrypted games will change the game world in the future is at least based on the following four points unparalleled Advantage.

Fish chain: a fun and profitable crypto game

1. The incentive effect of digital currency

Compared with traditional games, encrypted games not only have the attraction and incentive effect of the game itself, but also have the incentive effect of directly obtaining encrypted currency.

Some people may ask, traditional games can get virtual currency, or get equipment can also be bought and sold, so is there any difference between them?

The difference is not small.

First, the digital currency incentive effect of encrypted games will become a norm.

In traditional games, most of the users invest money, and the project party makes money. There may also be individual users who make money. But most people who play games just have fun and hope to make money through games. There are not many people.

Encrypted games are not the case. The economic model of encrypted games is that the project party and users share the benefits of the game. Therefore, most players can share the value and profit generated by the game from the encrypted game.

The second is that cryptocurrency is different from the virtual currency used for traditional game incentives.

For example, Happy Landlord can reward you Happy Beans. Of course, Happy Beans can also be converted into RMB through layers. About 10,000 Happy Beans cost around seven or eight yuan. However, if you say that you want to use Happy Beans to buy things in the store, then people will think you are crazy.

Encryption currency is not the case.

Take Bitcoin as an example. Currently, more than 4,000 large commercial organizations worldwide have opened Bitcoin payments.

Attention, it is a large commercial organization, such as Wal-Mart, not a small business in front of the schoolshop.

This is not false news. The reason why you don’t know this news is just because you don’t have Bitcoin in your hand, so you would not even consider paying with Bitcoin.

Secondly, some other mainstream cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple and Ethereum, have more or less opened direct payment functions in some merchants.

So, the cryptocurrency you get through the crypto game can be used to pay directly. Of course, it is very convenient to convert into legal currency. After all, there are more than 18,000 cryptocurrency transactions in the world. So.

2. The connection function of the blockchain platform

Traditional games are all single games, even large games, they are all separate. It is impossible to say that the characters, props, and virtual coins in the glory of the king can be used in the game of eating chicken.

but encryptedGames are not the case.

Because some encrypted games are built on a game public chain, technically speaking, there is no technical barrier that prevents these games from being connected together.

Therefore, future encrypted games will open a new application scenario where different games are combined.

3. The uniqueness and immutability of the encrypted game itself

For example, if you play a king of glory, or eat chicken, in case one day, the project team is confused, give You have logged out of your account.

Then all your previous efforts to play this account were wasted.

What about encrypted games?

This situation is impossible.

Because encrypted games are based on blockchain technology, blockchain technology is an unchangeable technology that is locked in layers.

Unless 51% of users agree, that is to say51% hashrate attack, otherwise, no one can do anything to your account.

4. Fight against piracy

Because blockchain technology is a real and reliable technology, encrypted games play a great role in combating piracy.

At least, until now, I have never heard of any pirated encrypted games.

So, I predict that when encrypted games are really popular, pirated games will no longer exist


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